Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 6)


Hey guys! I’m really glad that you all are liking my ff. Thank you for your immense support! Though I had initially thought not to post an episode today, but your love and comments forced me to do so. Thank you so much. I’ll try to keep up to your expectations always. And dear silent readers, please do comment, even if you don’t like it. It will help me to write better in both cases. ???

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Swara worriedly tried to switch her phone on, in vain. Suddenly, she felt someone coming close to her. She put her hands into her bag searching for something. The man was coming closer. She knew she had to do something and really quick, and she also knew what was to be done.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!! Swaraaaaa are you mad?!” Cried a familiar voice. As soonas Swara opened her eyes, she was so shocked that she dropped her weapon at once.
“Tum yahan?” Exclaimed she.
“Water!!! Quick! Or I’ll be blind because of helping you!”
“Oh I’m sorry! In a minute!”
She took out bottle from her bag and splashed some water at his face. “Feeling better?”
“Still burning. More water.”
She splashed out some more. The man looked a bit relieved now.
“I swear on god I won’t even think of helping you ever!”
“Mujhe kya pata tha ki tum ho peechhe? I thought it was onne of them.” Swara exclaimed, pointing towards where the goons were, only to find them gone. “Where did the go?” Swara widened her eyes as she spoke.
“Well, tumhara attack dekhke bhaag gaye honge!” He said sarcastically.
“Ohh! I know I’m smart! But Sanskar, how come you’re here? Tum toh chale gaye thhe na?”
“Yes. But I thought it would be unsafe to leave you like this, specially when it’s dark. But I didn’t know it would be unsafe for me to search for you!” Sanskar stressed on ‘me’ as he spoke, to which Swara narrowed her eyes in anger.
“Now pick up your weapon, and head towards the car. I’ll drop you.”
“I don’t need your favor!”
“Stop this nonsense and sit! Come.”
Swara widened her eyes as she lookked at her watch. “Oh no! It’s already 8! I had promised to reach there atleast by 7:30. Swara, maan le iski baat and sit in the car. That’s the only way to reach there fast.” She thought.
“Okay. I’m coming.”
She pickled up her pepper-spray and proceeded towards the car. Soon they drove away.

All the way, none of them spoke. One was angry, the other thought it’s better to keep her mouth shut as of now. Soon they reached the place.
“Orphanage?” Thought Sanskar.
It seemed Swara read his thoughts. “Why are you so surprised to look at this?” She asked, pointing towards the board.
“No nothing. You live here?”
“Are you mad? I don’t. But my friends do. I have a great family back at Bengal!”
“Oh I’m sorry then!”
“Okay thenn. Thank you so much! Hope we’ll meet again.” Swara said smilingly.
“Thanks to you too, but I do not hope to meet you!”
“Sanskaari! What do you mean?”
“I mean I do not wish to meet you. Mujhe meri aankh bohot pyaari hai!”
“Hahaha! Who wants to meet you then? Do you think I’m dying to meet you? Never!”
Sanskar shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the car. “Goodbye then!”
“To hell!” Swara screamed as she walked inside.
“Why is this girl always so angry or excited? Mazaak mein bhi gussa! Strangest girl!” Thought Sanskar as he drove away.

“What does he think of himself? Idiot! Huh!” Swara mumbled as she walked in. “Oh no! I forgot about Ragini and all others! Ragini toh aaj pakka Rageshwari maa ban jaaegi and she won’t leave me at all! It’s 8:30! Swara Bose, you’re an hour late! Get ready for the punishment!” Swara sighed, tensed, as she opened the door.

Precap: Swara shocked at what she saw and heard.

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