Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 4)

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Recap: Swara feigns illness at office. Later she slaps a guy.

“What do you think of yourself! Ladki dikhi nahi ki chhed diya! How dare you misbehave with her?!” Swara shouted on the guy whom she slapped a while ago.
“Yes. He first whistled at me. And then, he started following me. And then, on the pretext of crowd, he touched me inappropriately.” Sobbed the girl.
“This is all a lie! Trust me, I didn’t even looked at her ever! And there wasn’t any crowd here. She’s lying!” The man tried to explain the gathered crowd.
“She’s lying? Woahhh! Tum toh satyavaan ho na? Raja Harishchandra types? Listen, I know people like you really well. And I also know how to deal with such hooligans!” Swara exclaimed angrily.
“We’ll bring him to his senses. He’ll be treated in such a way that har ladki ko dekhke namaste bolega!”

“Yes yes! He should be punished! He should be punished!” The crowd started shouting.
“Exactly! He should be punished. I saw a few policemen patrolling over there. I’ll take him to them and then they’ll punish him.” Swara suggested.
“We’ll also come with you.” Someone from the crowd said.
“No no. I can take him myself. I have done this work a lot of time. So I’m well-experienced. The policemen aren’t far. I’ll manage. And dear,” now addressing the girl, Swara said, “don’t worry. I won’t let any innocent person get victimised.” She smiled at the girl and dragged the man along.

“Leave my hand! I said I didn’t misbehave! That girl was lying!!” The man yelled at Swara as he jerked his hand off hers. Swara fell on the ground due to that jerk but she still tried hard to control her anger.
“What is this? Do you behave in the same manner when anybody helps you?” Swara said whole still sitting where she fell.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes. I knew all the way that you were innocent. But I had to act in order to take you out of that mess.”
“Really?” The man questioned sarcastically.
“Yes. Actually, while I was proceeding to where all your drama was taking place, I saw that girl gesturing towards some guys who were standing at a distance. Those guys gave a nod to her gestures and that’s when I knew you were fixed!” Swara explained with a ‘see-I-am-so-intelligent’ look. Her eyes gleamed with pride.

“I’m not buying that!” The man exclaimed, looking straight into her eyes. Offended, Swara immediately got up, grabbed the man and took him somewhere. What they saw was something Swara was already prepared for while the man was totally unprepared for it. He looked at Swara, amused and shocked together. Swara smirked at the man and started walking back to where they were.
“Thank you.”
“I know.”

“But how did you know they might be still there? Specially that girl!”
“Do I look dumb? No na? Arey, I knew that after the failure of their plan, she’ll surely come back to them.”
“Why didn’t you expose her in front of all, rather slapping me and proving me as some hooligan?!”
“Do you really think her friends would have accepted that it was all their plan? And without any proof, do you think those people would have listened to me? You would have been beaten nevertheless.”
“But was the need to slap?” The man frowned.

“Awww I’m sorry for that. But as they say- ‘Kisi ko bachaane ke liye agar thhappad maara jaaye, toh wo thhappad nahi hota!’ Swara replied playfully.
“Yeah right!”
“What I don’t understand is what was their main motive behind all that drama? Maybe some stupid bet! Ahhh! Youngsters these days be so pathetic! Excuse me! What are you doing?” Swara snapped at the man as he held her hand.
“I’m sorry for this. Do you carry any first aid stuff?”
“What has happened to my hand? Is it bleeding?” Swara tried hard not to panic.
“Can’t you see it yourself?”
“Dekh leti, only if I wasn’t afraid of blood. Even the sight of it makes me feel all dizzy and giddy!”

The man looked at her, amused. “Yes, it is bleeding. But not much.”
“It’s all because of you! You’re an idiot! Who pusehes a girl like that? See? I’m hurt now!” Swara shouted.
“I said sorry na! It was unintentional. And I did not push you! I just jerked my hand off yours and you fell. Anyway, it’s not too serious. Just a few glass pieces got stuck. I’ve taken them out. I’ll tie this. Get it treated once you reach home. A medicinal cream might to as well. That’s it.” He said in a calm tone while tying her would with his handkerchief.
“Are you, by any chance, a doctor?”
“No.” After a pause, he said, “Thanks again. But an advice. Please do not slap anybody like that, even if you’re saving him or her, whomsoever.”

“Ahh. I’m really sorry for that! I’ll keep this in mind. Anyway, myself Swara!” Swara took out her right hand for a handshake, but frowned when she noticed it was wounded. Not that it hurt her, but the thought of blood made her frown.
“Sanskar.” The man smiled.

Precap: Swara tensed as some men approach her.

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