Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 3)


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“Excuse me sir, Swara has gone unconscious.”
“What?? But she was fine this morning.”
“Yes sir, but right now she’s unconscious.”
“Let’s go then.”

“Hello. Ragini this side.” The response from the other side made Ragini pale in horror. “What are you saying Kriti? Shona behosh ho gayi? But she was perfectly fine in the morning!”
“Yes Ragini. Even I’m thinking the same. She was perfectly fine just a while ago. Anyway, we’re taking her to the doctor. You reach there. Okay?”
“No no. Don’t take her to the doctor right now. Perhaps, you bring her to our flat. I’ll reach there in 10 mins. Maybe she’s a bit exhausted.”
“Okay. As you say.”
“Kriti, please take care of Shona till then.” Ragini pleaded, tensed.
“Sure, Ragini!”

Almost all the staff had gathered around Swara’s desk, each of them wondering what happened to her suddenly. And there, Swara was lying unconscious.
“What are you all looking at? Take her to the doctor!” Sahni exclaimed as soon as he reached Swara’s desk.
“Sir, I had a word with Swara’s roommate. She said to take her to her flat.”
“Okay, then take her there. I hope she’s fine.”

At Swara and Ragini’s flat:-
“Shona, open your eyes. Kriti, what happened to her?”
“No idea Ragini. She was alright. Don’t know what happened to her suddenly. I think we should call the doctor.”
“You’re right. I’ll call Dr. Sharma right now. Kriti, my phone’s on the table. Could you please ferch it for me?”
Ragini was visibly tensed. Swara wasn’t just a roommate for her. She was like a sister. Both had known each other since their college days when they had to share a room. Swara hailed from Bengal, while Ragini was a Marwadi. Both of them were new in Delhi and were searching for flats to stay in. Though they both studied in different colleges and pursued different courses, their bonnding had been strong since they started to live together. And now, seeing her best friend and sister-from-another-mother unconscious, Ragini felt worried and tensed.
Suddenly, she felt a pinch on her hand. At first, she couldn’t understand why she felt so, but the second one brought a shock to her. She saw Swara winking at her which made her understand something, if not everything.

“Here’s your phone Ragini. And, hey! Swara has gained consciousness. Swara, are you okay?” Kriti asked Swara.
“Yeah. A bit better. But I’m feeling too weak. Don’t know why.” Swara replied in the most feeble manner she could.
“You take rest. You know, we all were so worried for you! Thank God you’re okay!”
“Kriti, you may leave now. Or your boss may get angry on you. And about Swara, I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry!”
“Yes Ragini. I should leave now. Bye. Take care Swara. Get well soon. And Ragini, if you need any help, do not hesitate to call me.”
“Sure Kriti! Have a good day!” Ragini accompanied Kriti till the door. When she returned to the room, she was already fuming in anger.
“Are you mad Swara? Do have even the slightest idea of how mich worried I was when I saw you unconscious!” Ragini asked angrily.
“Sorry Ragu! But I had no other way! If I hadn’t feigned illness, I wouldn’t have got time to prove myself.”
“What rubbish? What did you have to prove now? Wait, did you create another mess?” Ragini asked suspiciously.
“No baba! I told you about my yesterday’s adventure, right?”
“Bas, usi ki kripa hai ye! I think I lost one of my books when that idiot came in my way and clashed with me. And my feedback reports were in that very book! And Sahni asked for those reports today. Sach bolti toh wo maanta nahi na. Isliye, to correct my mistake, I had to do this.”
“Swaraaaaa! You’re impossible!”
“Sorry na Ragu!”
“I love you too baby!”
“And I hate you!” Ragini shouted from the kitchen.
“Ragu, I need to go to CP right now. Feedback ka kaam ho jaaega wahan. So bye!”
“Bye idiot! Don’t mess up this time. And complete your work fast. I hope you remember your evening commitment!”
“Yes, I do remember! I’ll be there on time! Don’t worry.” Swara shouted as she grabbed her bag and went to catch an auto.

At CP:-
“Arey Ankush. I know only you can do this. Ek feedback hi fill karwana hai. Please do it for me!”
“Swara, it’s your work. I won’t do it. You yourself go and do it!”
“Ankush, Aggarwals live in Chhatarpur. And I have some important work in an hour. Nahi toh main tumse kabhi nahi kehti.”
“No. I won’t.”
“Yes you will. That’s final!” Handing over the papers to him, Swara left the place. She knew Ankush would be cursing her right now,but she also knew her work shall be done. Walking through the inner circle, she heard a commotion. She walked towards the place and as soon as she reached there, she slapped the guy hard on his face.

Precap: Swara tensed as some men approach her.

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