Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 2)


“Swaraaaaa get up you sleepyhead!”
“Let me sleep na! Raat ko sab sote hain. Main uthke kya karungi? Infact, tu bhi soja!” Swara mumbled in her sleep. There was a silence after that. Pin-drop-silence, as one may call it. And then, suddenly- *SPLASH*
“What the hell Ragu!” Swara screamed from her bed which was all wet, including her.
“Arey Swara! I’m helping you and you’re shouting at me! Not fair!” Ragini feigned an angry look but Swara didn’t seem to be affected by it. Instead, she was giving Ragini an ‘oh-really’ look.
“Ohho Shona! I swear I was helping you. Since you are already so late, I thought you won’t have much time left for shower. So, I gave you one! I’m sooo good!” Ragini patted her shoulders lightly in pride as she spoke. But Swara was still staring at her in anger and it only broke when Ragini showed her the time.
“Damn! I’m so late! Why didn’t you wake me up early Ragu!!!” Swara screamed in panic as she hurried out of her bed.
“Oh meri sleeping beauty! I’ve been waking you up since ages! But aap uthne waalo mein se nahi hain na! You know what? You’re no less than a sloth bear! Equally lazy and more sleepyhead!”
“You could have washed me way earlier idiot! Aaj toh Sahni mujhpe barsega zor se! Today I’ll lose this job too for sure! Swaraaaa.. Tu toh gayi aaj!”
“Yes, I could have done this way before, but then, tera ye dara hua chehra dekhne ko nahi milta na!” Ragini laughed as Swara went to freshen up. “You’ll pay for this one day Ragu!” Swara screamed from the bathroom.

“Shona! I’m leaving for my work. Eat your breakfast and then go! Mind you, if I find out later that you went empty-stomached, I won’t leave you then! And it’s a serious warning!” Ragini shouted as she prepared to leave. “Have a great day Swara!” “Ditto!”, screamed Swara while still hurriedly getting ready. “Swara, hurry up or you’ll lose this job today!”, reminding herself to hurry up, she got ready in the most casual way that she could afford at such a short time and quickly stuffed the food into her mouth. Then, grabbing her bag, she made a run towards the door and then towards the auto.


“Ms. Swara Bose, you never fail to break your own record! Congratulations! You are successfully late even today! Applauses please, everyone!”
Swara had become habituated to this same dialogue by now. She just prayed to god to make her boss busy. “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be on time tomorrow. Pakka!”
“Not in this birth! Achha listen, I had asked you for the feedbacks from the Aggarwals. I hope you’re done with it.”
“Yes sir. I’ll go and get it right now.”
Swara rushed to her desk and took out her books. She opened them up only to find the feedback paper missing. This was trouble. Now seriously tensed, she started fishing for the papers in her bag. Not even here. She again searched for them in her books. “Where’s my ‘Kite Runner’? Did I take it out? No, I didn’t even touch my bag yesterday! Then where did it go!” Swara panicked. She dug her head in her hands, tensed. She started to recall the happenings of the day before. “I was running the whole day. Maybe I lost it somewhere. But, I was running throughout. How could lose it then!” Suddenly, she remembered her clash with a man. She recalled further that her bag fell down because of that and her books too had scattered on the ground. “Did I forget it there only?” Swara speculated. “Maybe yes. No. Of course yes. There’s no other way I could have misplaced it! Urrrggghhh! Now this Sahni will against shout on me! All because of that idiot!” Swara fumed. “Think Swara. Think some way to escape it atleast for today. If I speak the truth, nobody’s going to believe it. Sahni will think ki maine kaam nahi kiya isliye bahaana bana rahi hoon. I’ve to think of some way.”

“Excuse me sir, Swara has gone unconscious.”

Precap: Ragini gets to know of Swara getting unconscious.

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