Knowing You- a SwaSan fan-fiction (Chapter 19)


Hey guys! How are you all? Missed me? No? Yes? Well, I did. A lot. But firstly, I’m extremely sorry guys for being unavailable for such a long time. Gosh! This really was long! But the credit for my unavailability goes to my phone which has gone (badly) kaput! Yup. My phone’s not working and all the episodes that I had written are gone with it. It’s not alright yet. Don’t know when it would be. Please forgive me if I go missing again. This update is a fruit of my successful attempt at begging my sister her phone. For an hour, though. But, still, I’m back again.
Someone had asked me through personal message what exactly this story is about. Well, it’s not just a story. It’s a journey. Ofcourse, it’s a journey where the characters in the ff are getting to know each other better and better and better as the journey of their life goes on. But, along with the characters, I want the readers too to embark on this journey, because life in real is nothing but a journey. A journey where we just know people. Better and better and.. You know it already, right? ?
A big thank you to all of you for commenting and appreciating my previous chapter. Mica, I’m most thankful to you for pointing out that my last chapter had a lot of Hindi. I really hadn’t observed it. But now, I’ll take care of it. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody. I love you guys. Now no more talking, only reading! The next part ?

Chapter 18 link: Chapter 18


“I think Swara will be a good match for Sanskar. Ab toh woh hi meri bahu banegi!”
As soon as these words reached her ears, Saloni felt her world breaking apart. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. She wasn’t able to believe her own ears, she couldn’t believe what she heard just a moment ago. She stepped back, stumbling all the way back to her room. As she reached her room, she sat on the floor with a thud. She was shocked beyond anyone’s imagination. She stared at the laptop screen, which flashed her and Sanskar’s picture. Slowly, she crept towards the bed and started crying incoherently.

“Sanskaaar! Please! Give it to me! Idiot!! Give it to me! Urghhh! Don’t behave like an un-sanskaari idiot! Give it to me!”
Saloni woke up upon hearing someone shouting. She didn’trealise when she cried herself to sleep. She cringed at the mere voice she had heard. Specially the name, from her mouth. The pain returned. The fear returned. And so did the insecurity. She got off the bed and walked towards the hall. And there she saw something that wouldn’t have bothered her much before, but now, it took her heart, her life away.

Swara was running behind Sanskar who held a phone in his hands. Both looked adorable. Yes. They do look adorable together. And that was exactly what bothered Saloni now. Never before had she felt insecure of Swara. She always found her to be a cheerful and jolly girl. A happy girl. She adored her. Yes, she did. But now, the equations had changed. Her adorable personality appeared as a threat to her. A threat to her relationship with Sanskar. A major threat.
“Sanskaaaar! I’m warning you! Give it to me, or else..”
“Else what?” Sanskar chuckled.
“I’ll show you else what!” Saying this Swara jumped over the couch and grabbed Sanskar’s collar hard.
Saloni smiled at their childishness. But then,
“Sujata, your decision is really good. They both look perfect together.”
“Even I believe my decision to be right now!”

Saloni came back into the reality. Reality that her Sanskar would be snatched away from her. Reality that she would be separated from her love. Reality that she now was insecure of Swara, whom she earlier adored.

“Saloni! Yes?”
“S.. Sanskar, I.. I need to talk to you. Something important.”
“Everything alright Saloni?” Swara asked, worried.
“What? What’s wro..”
“I mean yes! Yes! Everything’s alright, yeah! Just something.. Important. Very important. Sanskar, please?”
“Yeah, sure. Tanya, you take this.” Sanskar handed the phone to Tanya and whispered to her, “Don’t you dare give it back to that trouble-maker. Okay?”
Tanya nodded and Sanskar left towards Saloni’s room. All this while, Swara felt something was going wrong. Something was just not right. And she felt uneasy.

Saloni went and shut the doors to prevent any disturbance, and thus made Sanskar puzzled, and suspicious.
“Saloni, what happened? What’s the..”
Saloni instantly broke into unstoppable tears, which made Sanskar panic.
“Saloni! Now you’re really getting at me! I’m really worried! What’s the matter? Speak up something baby!” Sanskar cupped her face and asked worriedly.
“S.. Sa.. Sanskar! I.. I don’t.. I don’t want to.. To lose you! I.. I promise. I promise I’ll be the.. Best one for you.. Please.. I.. I don’t want to.. To get separated..” Before completing her sentence, she broke in her incoherent cries.
“What are you saying Saloni! Who’s separating us?”
“Swa.. No.. Nobody. I.. I mean..”
“Tell me clearly Saloni!”
“Nothing. I.. I just saw a dream. Bad one. That’s it!”
“Oh god! Saloni! You scared me! Don’t worry. I’ll always stay with you! Okay?” Sanskar hugged her tightly while she sobbed.
“Hm.” She nodded in approval, still sobbing.

I couldn’t tell him the truth. How could I? I do not want him to end his friendship with Swara. No. Never. I’ll have to handle it myself. I have to make the most special place in his mother’s heart. Yes. That’s the best thing. I won’t give up.
Saloni looked at the fields from her window while she thought about everything that happened this day. With a determined face and mind, she descended the stairs and went towards the hall. She had thought about everything and now was fully prepared to get what was hers.

Precap: Saloni tries to win Sujata’s heart. Later, she has a fight with Sanskar where she shocks him.


I hope you all liked the chapter. I know you guys might be disappointed since there wasn’t any swasan scene. But, this chapter was necessary in letting you know better about Saloni. She plays a pivotal role in this story and hence it’s very important to know her as well. I hope you guys understand.
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