Knowing You- a SwaSan fan-fiction (Chapter 18)

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“Sanskar! Tum yahan?”
“Haan. Actually, my girlfriend was hungry, so I thought to bring some food for her.” Sanskar kept aside the plate as he entered Saloni’s room.
“No Sanskar.. I’m.. I’m fine. Aisa kuch nahi..”
“I know what’s wrong with you! I know baby, you were uncomfortable. But, shaadi ka ghar hai, that too here in Jalandhar! It’s not Delhi ki sab easily available ho. There might be problems. Hope you’re okay?”
“Yes Sanskar! Till you’re with me, I’m completely alright!” Saloni hugged Sanskar, who smiled and hugged her back. “I’ll try to adjust. Hmm?”
“I know. Now let’s eat something, I’m starving!” Sanskar took the plate and kept it on the bed. The couple ate together, amidst lots of talks and smiles.

“Akki, I want to meet the bride once! Please na!”
“I will not go! Yaar you don’t know Meenu bua! She’s very.. Ajeeb!”
“Please na Akki! Mere liye itna bhi nahi kar sakta tu?”
“No! Never! Shoru, you ask me my life! I’ll happily give it to you. But ye nahi! Main nahi jaaunga bua ke paas! Never!”
“You’re such a coward Akki!”
“You’re very brave na! Then why don’t you go yourself?”
“I.. Haven’t met her.. Even once. Bas isliye! And anyway Akki, she doesn’t appear a man-eater to me!”
“You haven’t met her even once na, that’s why you don’t know her! She can eat even an alien!”

“What are you both doing here? Wait!! Akki! Any beautiful chic around? Bol na? Chup kyun hai? Shoru! Tu bata! Ye to goonga ho gaya hai!”
“Momo.. Actually..”
“Ek minute! Akashvani, aise gande ishaare kyun kar raha hai tu?”
“Momo, listen na..”
“Shoru tu chup!”

“Arey Mohit beta! Why are you talking with that pillar?”
“M.. M.. Mee.. Meenu aunty!! N.. No!!” Mohit’s eyes widened in shock, while Swara and Akash facepalmed.
“Mohit beta! I’m talking to you. What are you doing there?”
“Au.. Aun.. Aunty! N.. No.. Meenu darling! My baby! How are you?”
“Haaye main marjawan! Ye darling na bola kar! Mainu sharam aati hai!”
“What can I do! Instead of ageing, you’re becoming younger! No actress can match your hotness! You’ve become hotter babes!”
“Ye momo kya kar raha hai?”
“What he knows best!”
“He’s flirting with an aunty! He’s calling her hot! Wow! What am I then? A potato??” Swara spoke, fuming.
“This idiot can flirt with anybody! Only quality required for him is that the person should be female! Phir toh ye 70 saal ki aunty se bhi flirt kar sakta hai!”

“Bua ji, where should I keep these clothes?”
“Uttara ke hain na ye?”
“Toh uske room mein rakho na!”
“But bua ji, chachi ji needs my help right now. Aap rakh do na please!”
“Don’t you see I’m busy?”
“Meenu baby! You go! We’ll meet some other time! Abhi duniya ko ye manzoor nahi ki hum do-chaar baatein kar lein!” Mohit walks away, winking at her ‘Baby’.
“Momo! Teri shaadi ki baat karein hum?”
“Really shoru?? You’ve found a hottie for me! Kahan hai?” Mohit asked excitedly.
“Arey! You know her very well!”
“Achha? Kaun?”

“Who else, but she!” Swara pointed out at Meenu bua, which made Mohit frown.
“Are you mad? Ewww!”
“Arey! What ewww? She’s your darling, your baby! She’s so young! Infact, no actress can match her hotness! Hai na Akki?”
“Iske liye toh ye zero figure hi best hai!” Akash and Swara high-fived each other while Mohit walked away fuming.

“Hey bhagwan! Nobody cares for me here! I have to do everything! Gurpreet! Where are you? Who will keep these clothes?”
“Aunty, may I help you?”
“Arey nahi nahi beta! You’re guest here! You don’t have to work! We’ll manage!”
“Aunty, it’s okay. I’ll help you!”
“God bless you! What’s you’re name beta ji?”
“Waah! Such a beautiful name!” I’m..”
“Meenu bua. Hai na?”
“Haan ji. Tumhe kaise pata?”
“Aapko kaun nahi jaanta!”

“Woh toh hai!”
“Achha, I’ll keep these clothes in.. Which room?”
“Beta woh! Woh kamra hai na? Wahan. That’s Uttara’s room. Meet her also! She’s the bride!”
“Achhaaaa! Great! Thank you aunty!” Swara smiled widely as she thanked her and rushed towards the bride’s room.

#Next day, morning.

Swara was sitting with Tanya, Akash and Mohit. Sanskar had gone out to the market with his cousins and Saloni was busy in her room with her office work.
“Yaar momo! I feel something is not good! I mean, it’s about 2 weeks for marriage, everybody’s busy with that, ofcourse! But, the women. They are busy whole day! No entertainment! No leisure time! Kitchen-children-husbands and what not!”

“You’re right! That’s why I haven’t found my Simran yet!”
“Who’s Simran?” Tanya enquired.
“Iske khayalon ki malika! DDLJ ka Raj samajhta hai ye khud ko! Dreaming of some Simran! Idiot!”
“If you can’t flirt, then that’s not my problem! Ye talent bhagwan ne tujhe nahi diya, but mujhe toh diya hai na! Why should I not use it?”
“Guys! We’re deviating from the main issue! See, from the next week, everybody will get hell-busy with marriage functions and all! We’ve got just this week! Let’s plan something for the ladies!”
“Hmm. Sounds great!”
“I have an idea!”

“Sujata aunty! What are you doing?”
“Kitchen work beta! What else?”
“Hmm.. You guys are always busy! Let’s go out and play! Maybe football, or cricket? Anything that you all like!”
“Swara beta! Humari umar nahi hai khelne-koodne ki! You kids go and enjoy!”
“No aunty! Let today be.. Something like.. An all-ladies-fun-day! What say?”
“Beta! We all have a lot of work to do! We won’t be able to come. No no!”
“Yes yes! We’ll finish everything really fast and and then enjoy! Please please please?” Swara pleaded.
“But beta..”
“Ye bartan.. Inhe dhone hain beta!”
“I’ll also help you! Infact, Akash, Mohit and Tanya will also help you all! Jaldi jaldi sab ho jaayega! Please maan jaao na!”
“Okay! You win. I lose!”
“Yayyieeee! Guys! Come over! Help required!” Swara shouted.

“This Swara has some mental problem or what? Bartan dhone ka itna shauk hai toh khud dho leti! Humein kyun bulaya?”
“Mohit! You should be happy! Yahan sirf ladies hain! Find your Simran!” Akash winked.
“Ladies? Aunties hain yahan sab!” Mohit frowned.

After sometime, when all the work was done, Swara took all the ladies with her to the ground. By now, Sanskar too had returned and came to know about it all through Mohit and Akash. Saloni too had completed her work and joined everyone.

The day was an interesting one. The ladies were enjoying themselves completely. It was their day. Like Swara said, it was an all-ladies-fun-day!
After the fun-filled and tiring day, the women were resting and chatting amongst themselves.

“Sujata bhabhi, today was fun! Hai na?”
“Yes, we women spend our entire life on these households that we actually forget to enjoy!”
“That girl! Just because of her we had so much fun today!”
“Swara. She’s a cute girl. Hai na?”
“Haan ji. She’s very helpful too! She helped me yesterday. Wo sundar bhi hai!”
“Haan! Her mother-in-law will be the luckiest!”
“I agree!”
“Sujata, why don’t you make Sanskar marry her? I mean, they both are friends. Ek doosre ko achhe se jaante bhi hain. And they look so good together! Hai na?”
“Baat toh sahi hai aapki bhabhi! I never thought of it! Sanskar and Swara! I’ll ask him today only!”

#Sanskar’s room

“Yaaar! Ye Akash ne charger kahan rakh diya!”
“What are you searching, Sanskar beta?”
“Mom! Wo.. Charger..” Sanskar replied, still searching.
“Ye toh raha!” Sujata picked it up and handed it to her son.
“Thank you mom! You’re the best!” Sanskar hugged her mom tightly.
“Mom, what happened? You want to say something?”
“Umm.. Wo.. Beta.. Tumhe Swara kaisi lagti hai?”
“She’s good! Infact, she’s very good! Beautiful hai, cute hai, intelligent bhi hai! Thodi kiddish hai but she’s mature too!”
“Hmm.. Seems like he likes her a lot!” Sujata thought.
“Mom, I’ll be back in a while. Okay?”
“Okay beta!”
As soon as Sanskar departed, the ladies rushed in and bombarded Sujata with their unstoppable questions.
“Kya bola Sanskar ne?”

“Did he agree?”
“Toh baat pakki hai na?”
“Arey ruko sab! I think he likes her a lot!” Sujata replied.
“Wow! This is so good!”
“I think Swara will be a good match for Sanskar. Ab toh woh hi meri bahu banegi!” Sujata smiled as she spoke.

These words made someone’s world crash in a second. Saloni’s eyes were wide open with shock and filled with tears.

Precap: SwaSan moments and Saloni becoming jealous of Swara.


I’m SORRY!! I know I haven’t been regular in a while, but what to do? I’ve been busy with a painting that needs to be completed asap. Also, other few commitments have been keeping me a bit occupied. I hope you all understand. I’ll try my best to be as regular as I can. And thank you soooooooooo much for all the love and support. Love you all! ??
P.S. Please forgive me for any typo error or if the chapter is not upto the mark. Actually, I was writing two dialogues and then going back to my painting stuff. So, I really don’t know whether this one’s written properly or not. Sorry again! ??

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