Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 17)


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It was a week since Ragini had shifted to Mumbai. Before leaving, she had promised Swara to try to get herself transferred here in Delhi, as soon as she could. She told Sanskar to take care of her Shona. Now, that she was gone, Swara was now visibly quieter and responsible. She usually remained all quiet and gloomy, but in the presence of anybody, she would pretend to be what she earlier was. She had managed to put this facade in front of everybody, except one person- Sanskar.

Sanskar could easily see that Swara wasn’t what she used to be anymore. He couldn’t find that spark in her eyes anymore. And this had bothered him the most.

“Haan maa! No. It’s just that.. Now I wish to join you all. Yes. 2 weeks early. Hm. I know. Mumma, may I bring some of my friends with me too? I mean.. They’ll be glad to be there! Hm. Day-after-tomorrow, I’ll be there! Yup! Love you too maa!”
Sanskar smiled as he kept the phone on the table. He walked towards the balcony, and climbed into the neighbour’s. Successfully landed, he brushed off his shirt and opened the door, only to find her sleeping. How adorable she looked in sleep, he thought. Still smiling, he proceeded towards her and hesitatingly woke her up.

“Kya hai?” She asked agitatedly.
“Swara sun na!”
“Let me sleep!!”
“Uth na!”
“f**k off!”
He rubbed his forehead slightly and grabbed her shoulders and shook her really hard. Now, wide awake, Swara’s eyes were completely red in anger. She narrowed her eyes and stared at Sanskar angrily.
“Finally you’re awake!” Unfazed by her anger, he rolled his eyes.
“Bol kya bolna hai tujhe!” Swara spoke irritatedly.
“Pack your bags!”
“Haan. Bags pack kar na jaldi apne!”
“But.. Kyun??” Swara asked, puzzled.
“Oh I forgot! I didn’t tell you at all! We’re going to Jalandhar!” Sanskar spoke as he pulled out her trolley.
“Arey! It’s my cousin’s wedding! So we’ll leave tomorrow!”
“When is the wedding?” Swara asked as she got out of her bed.
“After 2 weeks!”
“Then why are we going so early?”
“Because, I wanted that we all should explore Jalandhar! It’s a great place to be! And moreover, you’ll get to witness every ritual of a pure Punjabi wedding then! So.. Hurry up. Okay?”
“Who all are in?”
“Everybody, except Ragini of course. Saloni will join us at Chandigarh! Okay?”
“Wo bhi aa rahi hai?”
“Your girlfriend!”
“Ofcourse yes! What made you ask that?”
“Kuch nahi! You go. I’ll pack my bags.”
“Haan baba!”

The whole group set out for Jalandhar the next day. At Chandigarh, as Sanskar had already informed, Saloni joined them. She was beautiful. Infact, very beautiful. More than Swara. Yes, that’s what Swara thought when she saw her. She even thought that both Sanskar and Saloni complimented each other. She smiled uneasily. Yes, they did make a great pair! But why was she feeling.. Upset? Uneasy and suffocated too. Distracted, yes ofcourse! She shut her eyes and breathed in and out. After a moment, she felt calm. No, maybe she thought she felt calm. But actually, she felt.. Distracted. Disturbed. Upset.

Soon, they reached their destination. Swara was the most excited of the lot. Her face lit up as she saw mustard fields, and her eyes brightened, gaining back the sparkle that Sanskar had been missing since Ragini’s departure.

“Finally! We’ve reached!” Sanskar exclaimed as they stepped down the jeep. Swara stared at the building in front of her. Not that she hadn’t seen such a big bungalow, it was the aura that the whole bungalow had. The house in front of her was huge, but not extravagant. It was the typical village bungalow. One could easily figure out the wedding atmosphere all around. Children running. Elders working. Girls giggling. Perfect. Swara was snapped out of her thoughts by Sanskar.
“Kaisa laga?”
“Mast ekdum!”
“Shoru! We’ll go to the sugarcane fields! Ganne!!!”
“Sarson ke khet mein koi Simran, baahein faila kar mera intezaar kar rahi hogi!”
Swara and Akash looked at Mohit with a ‘He-is-completely-impossible’ look.
“Momo! Kabhi nahi sudhrega na tu!” Both said while hitting him on his head.

“Sanskaaaaar! Mera bachcha aa gaya!”
Sanskar ran and hugged his mother. All the friends smiled looking at their love.
“Iske paas maa hai!” Mohit muttered in Shashi Kapoor tone, to which Swara giggled.
“Maa, these are my friends..”
“Arey Akash beta! Kaise ho?”
“Great! Never felt better before!”
“That’s great! Aur Mohit beta, tum kaise ho?”
“Aapko dekh liya na! Bas! Ab toh mujhse achha koi nahi ho sakta yahan!”
“Not my fault Sujju! Aap ho hi itni hot!”
“Maar khaayega ab! Sanskar, ye kaun hai?” She asked, pointing towards Swara.
“Mom, she’s..”
“Swara. Swara Bose. I’m your new neighbour. And Alok Nath’s friend too!”
“Alok Nath?” Sujata asked, puzzled.
“Abey yaaar!” Swara mumbled. “Alok Nath nahi! I.. I mean.. I’m his fan! What an actor he is! Hai na?” Swara replied nervously, not even realizing what she spoke. Sanskar smiled at her blabbering. He saw her fidgeting her fingers nervously, which made him smile wider.
“Strange! Aaj kal ki ladkiyaan Varun Dhawan type heroes ki fan hoti hain! But you like Alok Nath! Strange! Do you like him really this much?”
“Too much! He’s my favorite! I love him!”
Sanskar giggled at this while Swara bit her tongue as she realised what she had just spoken.
“No no. I don’t love him! Noooo! I’m just..”
“Samajh gayi main beta! Sanskar! I really like her! She’s too adorable! Very sweet and very very cute!” She kissed Swara’s forehead and led everybody inside.
“Gurmeet! Show them their rooms!”
“Okay! Chaliye.”

The ‘guests’ were shown their rooms. Boys were given a single room. Swara and Tanya were alloted the same room and on Sanskar’s insistence, Saloni got a single room for herself.
At afternoon, these guests were brought to the dining room, and to their astonishment, the dining room didn’t have anything called dining table. All looked at Sanskar with a puzzled expression.

“Beta ji, kya hua? Sab changa?”
“Ji, uncle, actually.. We were thinking.. Where is the.. Sitting arrangement.. For lunch?” Saloni asked with much hesitation.
“Yahin toh hai beta! Sheets are placed on the ground. Go, sit there. I’ll ask someone to serve you all!”
“What? We’ve to sit here?” Saloni whispered to Sanskar.
Meanwhile, Tanya and the trio of Akki, Momo and Shoru proceeded to sit down.
“Baby, just a matter of few days. I know you’ll adjust.”
“Hmm. Okay. For you!” Saloni smiled and they too proceeded towards the sheets.

When the food was served, again, the guests were looking at each other, specially at Sanskar.
“Excuse me? Spoon, please?”
“Sorry, actually the plastic spoons are finished. Jaggi has gone to buy more. But you’ll have to eat with your hands for now.”
“It’s okay aunty! Anyway, my dad used to say that haath se khaane se khaana body mein lagta hai! It’s really good for one’s health!” Swara smiled and started eating. Sanskar smiled at her. He never knew that Swara could believe in something like this. All started eating with their hands except one. Saloni wasn’t used to all this. She was born with a silver spoon and brought with all the pampering and riches. Yet she was humble. But eating with hands was something she couldn’t find herself comfortable with.
“Sanskar, I’m not hungry. I think I’m tired. I’ll go and rest. Okay?”
“Saloni, are you alright?”
“Yes baby. I’m alright. Just a little.. Worn up maybe! I’ll rest!”

After Saloni left, Sanskar couldn’t eat properly anymore. He knew why she had left. He knew she was uncomfortable. Then, how could he eat peacefully? She was his girlfriend. Soon, he too left for her room.

Precap: Sanskar’s mother Sujata and his aunt (bua) decide to make Swara their daughter-in-law respectively, which is heard by someone.


Hey guys! I’m really sorry for the delay! But I wasn’t well. Hence, the delay! But I’m sorryy!
Guys, I need your help! URGENT!!! Actually, I write short stories, not based on any serial, not even romantic, but serious short stories. Recently, I’ve written on acid attack, border issues, and entailment. Now, I need another serious issue to write on. I thought of writing on a rape victim, but since it’s a very very sensitive issue, specially regarding the victim, I decided against it. Therefore, I want you guys to suggest me some really serious theme to write on.
Anyway, thank you a lot for supporting and loving both my ffs- ‘Knowing You’ and ‘You Don’t Deserve Me’. I love you all! ??❤❤

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