Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 16)


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“Why did you do this Ragini? I want an answer! How could you hide such a big thing from me?”
“I.. I’m sorry Swara! I wanted to tell you everything.. But.. I.. I was scared.. Scared of how you’d react. I’m sorry.” Ragini spoke amidst tears. She went near Swara and tried to hold her hands, but Swara refrained and turned her back towards her. Both were crying.
“I’m sorry Swara! Please. Please forgive me.” Ragini pleaded.
“Swara, Ragini, what happened?”
“Ask Ms. Ragini Gadodia na! She can tell you better!”
“Swaraa.. I’m sorry..” Ragini pleaded.
“Swara, bolo. Kya hua?” Sanskar demanded.
“Ms. Ragini Gadodia applied for a job in Mumbai and got selected for it. But she didn’t care to even inform me about it! What were you waiting for Ragini? Had you planned to tell me about it after landing in Mumbai? You’ve broken my trust by concealing it, Ragini!”
“Swara calm down! It’s a great news. Isn’t it?”
“Sanskar! You stay out of it! Me and Ragini never hid anything from each other! At least I never did! We weren’t just friends or roommates, but sisters! We never lied to each other! My trust is broken! She even lied to bring me here so that she could leave me here with you and would get all guilt-free!” Swara broke down as she spoke.
“Swara, I understand. But..”
“Sanskar, just go. Just go away from here!”
Sanskar looked at both the girls, puzzled.
“Stop staring at us and just leave!!” Swara yelled at him.
“Okay! I’m going! You calm down!”
“Just go!!”
Sanskar thought it was wise to go as of now.
“I’m at home. If you guys need me, I’ll be there.” Sanskar spoke and thus left.

“Swaraa.. I’m sor..”
“Ragini bas! I don’t have anything to do with you anymore! Where there is no trust, there isn’t any relation too!” Swara stormed out as soon as she said these works.
Ragini cried incoherently upon hearing these words of Swara. She had feared exactly this. She never wanted it to come out this way. She fell on the floor sobbing, when felt someone’s arms supporting her.
“Ragini, get up.”
“Sanskar! I’ve lost my Shona forever!” Ragini cried further.
“First get up Ragini! Come. Sit here. Have this water.”
He offered her a glass of water and looked at her worriedly. All he had known about Swaragini was that they loved each other immensely. But what he saw today made him tensed and worried.
“Sanskar, I’m fine. Please handle Swara! She’s really upset. Maybe broken. It’s all my fault. Please. Go after her. She needs someone! Please.”
“But, Ragini.. You..”
“I’ll be fine only if Shona will be alright! You go after her! Please bring her back! Please!” Ragini pleaded amidst her tears.

Sanskar felt bad seeing her condition. How Swara was reacting was wrong, yes, but had Ragini told her about this herself way back, situation wouldn’t have been thus worse, he thought. But now, his priority was to make Swara understand. He had never seen her so angry yet so broken. She was hurt. Hurt by the fact that her best friend, the one she considered as her sister, had to hide such a big thing from her. She would have felt that Ragini does not trust her anymore and hence didn’t tell her anything. This fact would have certainly made her feel miserable, which was completely justified. But, the way she reacted was still not acceptable. With these thoughts, Sanskar went to find Swara.

Sanskar went to a park nearby, with the thought that Swara might be there. But he couldn’t find her there.
“I think I should call her.” He dialled her number and waited for her to answer it.
“Swaraaa! Where are you?!”
“Sanskar. It’s me, Ragini. What happened? Did you find Swara?”
“No Ragini. I thought she might be at this park, but she’s not here. So, I called her to find out where she is. But..”
“Did you ask people if they saw her?”
“No, there’s nobody around.”
“Oh god! I’ll ask Raghu kaka if she’s at the orphanage!”
“Haan. I’m coming over.”

Ragini worriedly dailled the orphanage landline only to find that Swara wasn’t there too. Now, she got really worried. She blamed herself for all that happened today. She cried miserably. She prayed that Shona should be safe wherever she is. Soon, Sanskar came and both left the apartment to search her. They went to the orphanage, Swara’s favorite cafés, her favorite libraries, bookshops, gardens, malls, every possible place they could think of. They even called up all her friends only to find no clue. It was getting dark by now and Ragini began worrying about her whereabouts. She cursed herself for everything and only cried. Sanskar too was worried throughout. He had never seen Swara so careless. But then, he had also never seen her so upset. Both worried about her safety.

“Ragini, I think we should go back home and find search nearby. Or, maybe, let’s check whether she has some other friends, maybe some new ones, and that she might be there.”
Ragini nodded silently. She was just praying to reach her Shona! That’s it. She found hope in everything. And then, she was also rendered hopeless by everything. Yet, she knew that only hope had kept her sane till now. Hope to find Swara soon and apologise to ger endlessly. Hope to get her Shona back. Hope to make everything fine as before.

As they reached the apartment, they found the door opened. The apartment was all dark but they could see a figure present in the room. Sanskar switched on the lights and his face lighted up just like the lights as soon as he saw that figure, now clearly. He ran towards her and hugged her tightly, while Ragini, though proceeded to do the same, hesitated to perform it.
“You idiot! Where were you? You know we were so worried for you!”
But she didn’t reply. She simply released herself and said curtly,
“Wow Ragini! Now you have started to hesitate in coming to me!” She said, pain clearly visible in her eyes.
“Wo.. Actually.. I’m.. I’m sorry Swara!” Ragini spoke with tears in her eyes.
“You’re not the Ragini I knew! You’re not!”
“I am still the very same Ragini, Swara! Your Ragu! Your Rageshwari!”
“No you’re not! Or else, you would have slapped me tightly for my misbehaviour! And right now, you would have been hugging my tightly instead of standing over there! You’re not my Ragini!” Swara started crying as she spoke, while Ragini couldn’t believe her ears. She smiled broadly, tears still flowing, and ran towards Swara and hugged her as tightly as she could. Both were crying. And now, for a change, both were apologising.

“I’m sorry Shona!”
“No, I’m sorry Ragu! I behaved so badly today!”
“No. This was all because of me!”
“Stop blaming yourself now, Ragu! And.. I love you!”
“Me too!”
“And me three!” Sanskar yelled at them!
Swaragini looked at him and laughed.
“You’re not welcome here, Alok Nath!”
“What the hell! Tum dono ke chakkar mein aaj meri bhi parade ho gayi! Huh! Nobody values me here!”
“Hahaha! You act miserably un-sanskari idiot!” Swara laughed.
Sanskar smiled, seeing her laugh after such a tiring day seemed such a relief to him.
“By the way, you trouble-maker idiot! Where were you?”
“Yes, Swara. Where were you? We got so worried!” Ragini cupped Swara’s face as she asked.
“Whaattt??” Ragini and Sanskar exclaimed.
“And we were searching for her everywhere!” Sanskar rolled his eyes.
“Ragu, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. Please forgive me!”
“I should be sorry Swara! I know I broke your trust. I’m sorry. I’ll give up this job! I’ll stay here with you forever! I can’t afford to lose you!”
“No Ragu! You won’t! This is your dream job! You’ll not give up on it! In fact, we’ll celebrate! Hai na Sanskar?”
“Exactly! Now that all’s well, it’s time for celebration!!”
The trio hug each other. Though Swara was sad about the fact that Ragini would be soon gone, she felt happy for her. Moreover, she felt angry at herself for beinng such a stupid and selfish this morning. But then, all’s well that ends well, she thought. She hugged Ragini tighter and a tear escaped her eyes.

Precap: SwaSan at Jalandhar.


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