Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 14)


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#At Swaragini’s flat

“Don’t you dare come near me!” Swara shouted, throwing another cushion at a helpless Sanskar.
“Swaraaaa listen to me naa!”
“Listen to you?? My foot!” She threw another cushion at him.
“Ragini! Help na! She’s neither letting me go near her, nor is she letting me go out. And baat toh ye meri waise bhi nahi sun rahi! Please do somethi..”
“Ragini! Don’t you dare talk to this idiot! Ye Alok Nath nahi, Shakti Kapoor hai! Isne girlfriend bana li aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi!” Swara shouted angrily, throwing her clothes at him this time.
“Swaraaa, I was about to tell you..”
“Kab? Shaadi karke batate?” She threw more clothes at him.
“Uff yeh ladki! Swaraaaa I’m sorry na!”
“Shonaaa! Maan jaao na! See, he’s saying sorry!”
“Ragu, tell him to keep his sorry with him! I won’t talk to him!” This time, Swara threw Ragini’s clothes at him.
“My clothes! Swaraaa! Are you mad?”

“You’re still asking that? She’s mad since birth!”
“You Un-Sanskaari idiot! You’re calling me mad? Wait!” She picked up an iron rod that was lying on the ground and ran towards Sanskar, who by now had started to run for his life.
“Swaraa! Have you really lost it? Keep that aside!”
“I’ll show you what a mad person can do!”
“Arey pagal hai kya? This way you’ll kill me idiot!”
“That’s what you rightfully deserve!”

Both Swara and Sanskar began running through the rooms while Ragini laughed at the whole scenario. But soon her laughter faded into sadness as she saw the envelope lying on the ground. She hurriedly picked it up and unable to control her tears, went outside.

“Swaraaaa! Listen to me!”

“No! You cheater! You liar! You..”
Immediately, Sanskar grabbed Swara’s wrist and pulled her towards him. Both got engrossed in each other’s eyes. The whole atmosphere was now silent. The only sound that could be heard was of their heartbeats. Sanskar slowly released her and tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear. Then, he said in a very calm yet husky tone, “Swara, I never hud anything from you. Never. It’s just that I wanted to introduce Saloni to you in person. Saloni is from Mumbai. She doesn’t stay here. And even I didn’t know when she arrived here. But still, I’m sorry if you got hurt.”

Swara moved back. She didn’t know why she felt so bad to know about Sanskar’s girlfriend. She had felt as if she had lost all her rights over Sanskar. “Ofcourse, he’s my best buddy and that’s why I’m feeling bad. But, itna bura? Kyun? What’s wrong with me? Why did I feel like strangulating that Saloni when she was holding Sanskar’s arm? What’s wro..”
“Where are you lost Swara?”
“Haan? No.. Nothing.. Wo.. Main.. Uhmm.. Nothing.”

“Speak up!”
“Seriously nothing. Uhmm.. Achha, since when are you in a relationship with her?”
“It’s been about 6 months.”
Swara’s eyes widened as she heard this, but she controlled herself so that Sanskar doesn’t notice it. She was feeling uneasy. Suffocated.

“Oh my God! What have you turned this flat into?”
Swara and Sanskar rushed towards the living room upon hearing Ragini’s astonished voice. And what they saw next made their eyes widen in astonishment as well. “What have made the room into!”
“Sanskar, leave that! Worry about the fact that what will Rageshwari maa do with us now! Hum dono gaye ab! Durga maa! Please save me!”
“Oh hello! Who’ll pray for me? Even I need to be saved!”
“You need to be killed! You’re so worthy of her wrath!”
“Heartless idiot!”
“Un-sanskaari idiot!”

“World’s biggest idiots! Yes. I’m talking to you both! What’s this? Shonaa! We have to shift tomorrow and this is what you make the room! A complete mess! Cushions are lying here and there and clothes! Ah! They are scattered everywhere! Yours and mine! All!! I had packed everything with so much efforts, and now my efforts are scattered all over this flat! And you, Mr. Idiot Arora! Don’t smile. It’s all because of you! Now both of you, clean up everything or you’ll see the worse of me!”
“Aur kitna worse hogi ye Rageshwari! Huh!” Swara muttered slowly, which made Sanskar giggle. But seeing Ragini really angry, both started cleaning up everythinglike obedient kids.

While SwaSan were busy, Ragini went to the kitchen and laughed silently. “Waah Ragini! Dono gadho ko kaam pe laga diya! What an idea and what a performance!” She resumed laughing silently as she recalled how she saw the house in a mess and out of laziness, she faked anger. She knew Swara would never help her out in cleaning up the mess she created, because she hated cleaning, but she also knew that sensing her anger, both the idiots would get to work instantly. She laughed further as she saw both her idiots work diligently.

#Next day, at Swaragini’s new house.

“Wow! This house is so beautiful!”
“Yes Swara, it indeed is.”
“Sanskaaaaar!!” Swara screamed ecstaticly, which made Sanskar startle.
“Kya hua?”
“We’re neighbours now!”
“Itna thanda haan? You’re so boring Alok Nath!”
“Main aisa hi hoon!”
“My room’s balcony is sooooo spacious! Wow! Sanskaar! Is that your room beside mine?”
“Swaraaaa! Help me out you idiot!”
“Oops! Haan Ragu! Coming!”
“Achha Swara, Ragini, I’m going. I have some work.”

“Saloni se milne ja raha hoga!” Swara mumbled sadly.
“Okay Sanskar. And thank you so much for this house! We’re anyway all set here. You go.”
“Haan Sanskaaar! Jaaao! Your important work might be waiting for you!” Swara said sarcastically while Sanskar glared at her as he walked away.

Precap: Sanskar sees a silhouette of a lady in his balcony. He goes to catch her and gets shocked when he sees her face.

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