Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 13)


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“Raguuu! Raguuuuuu! Where are you?”
“Shonaaaa.. Kitchen!”
“Owww! Kya pakaya ja raha hai?”
“So boring! Achaa Ragu, wo main ye keh rahi thi.. Ragu! What has happened to your eyes? They so swelled up! Were you crying? Kiski itni himmat hui jisne meri Ragu ko rulaya?!”
“Arey Shona! Aisa kuch nahi hua! It’s just due to lack of sleep. Nothing else. So, how was your day?”
“Waisa hi jaise roz jaata hai! Nothing special. All boooooringgg!”
“Achha Swara, uhmm.. Wo.. Umm.. Humein na..”
“Ragini, everything’s fine na? Kya hua?”
“Kuch khaas nahi Swara. Actually, we’ll have to shift.”

“What?? But kyun?”
“Actually, Mr. Sharma is planning to sell this flat. So..”
“Hawww! This is not fair! Aise.. I mean.. This is our home! Wait, I’ll talk to him!”
“Swara meri baat suno! I talked to him. It’s better to start looking for a new place. It’s okay Shona! We’ll manage. Let’s think from his point of view as well.”
“Shona, the flat beside Sanskar’s house is empty na?”
“I don’t know! I don’t want to go from here!”
Tears were strolling down Swara’s cheeks. She felt as if her heart was being taken away from her. Ragini cupped her face and hugged her tightly. She too was crying. She felt guilty for lying to her, but she knew it was for her betterment only. This was the best for Swara. Both cried for a long time hugging each other. Both looked at the house, which they considered as their home, emotionally. None of them ate anything and slowly, cried themselves to sleep.


Sanskar was trying to figure out the reason why Swara was so silent. It pained him to see her all quiet.
“Swara. Bata na! Kya hua?”
“Nothing. I’ve got some important work left to be done.”
Swara looked at Sanskar angrily and Sanskar knew it was better to let her be as she is for the time being. He too started doing his work.

After a few hours, Sanskar looked at Swara’s desk. She was still quiet. He never saw her in such a state. In all these three months of their friendship, he knew a Swara who was always jolly. He wondered what could be the reason behind her behaviour. His trail of thoughts was broken by his phone’s ringtone. He saw Ragini’s name flashing on the screen. He took his phone and went aside to answer it.

“Hey Ragini! What’s up!”
“Nothing much. Sanskar, actually.. I called you up..”

“Wait Ragini! Actually, I wanted to ask something about Swara..”
“What happened? Is she alright?” Ragini asked worriedly.
“I don’t know. She’s all quiet since morning..”

“I know. I called up to talk about something related to this matter only.”
“Kya hua Ragini? Everything’s okay na?”
“Haan Sanskar. Actually, we have to change our house. So, I was thinking whether that flat beside your house is still vacant? I told Shona to ask you about it but I know she wouldn’t have.”
“Achhaaa. Yes. That flat’s still vacant. I’ll talk to the owner and let you know about its rent and all..”
“Thank you Sanskar! And please take care of Shona. She’s very attached to this house. That’s why she’s behaving so. I hope you understand.”
“Ragini! I completely understand. And her anger is justified. I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry!”
“Thank you! Bye!”

Swara was still working when she saw a sandwich with a smiley drawn over it by tomato ketchup. She tried to ignore it when she saw another plate of similar sandwiches at her desk. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. But, she was shocked when she saw her desk. 10 plates of sandwiches with smiley dream over them. She smiled instantly and soon began to laugh.

“Sanskaaaaar! Saamne aa jaa ab!” She said amidst her laughter.
“Thank god you smiled! Or else, canteen wale mujhe maar dete agar aur sandwiches banane ko bolta unhe toh!”
“Nautanki! You’re mad! Ab itne saare sandwiches ka kya karenge?”
“You’ll eat them! Aur kya!”
“10? Are you mad?”

“Toh pehle sandwich mein kyun smile nahi kiya? Now this is your punishment baby!”
Swara looked at those sandwiches and smiled mischievously. She grabbed one, ate it slowly and stuffed the next one into Sanskar’s mouth. Sanskar didn’t mind it. But as soon as he finished eating it, Swara stuffed the next one too and thereby made him eat all the nine sandwiches.

“You.. You are a devil!” Sanskar exclaimed as he finished the last one. By now, he was completely exhausted and felt uneasy. Swara laughed heartily at his condition and Sanskar smiled seeing her laugh. “I would eat a hundred such sandwiches just to see you laugh like this Swara!” He thought.

“Sanskaar.. Actually.. Wo.. I wanted to ask whether that flat..”
“It’s vacant. I had a word with Ragini. We’ll handle it all.”
“Achha haan. Aaj aa rahe ho na tum dono?”
“I didn’t want to..”
“But we’ll come, now that my mood’s better!”
“Great! See you then!”

#At the party

Sanskar was sitting with two men. Both were constantly chattering while Sanskar felt all bored.
“Sanskaaaar! Where are the rest?”
“Haan Arora sahab! Kahan hain sab?”
“How would I know? Am I their chauffeur?”

“Kitna boring hai ye! Hey look! Shoru and Ragu!”
“Don’t call her Ragu so loudly Mohit, or else Swara will kill you.”
“Haan bhai! Ragini ko Ragu sirf Swara hi bula sakti hai!”
“Akku!! Momo!”
“Shoruuuu!!!” Akash and Mohit screamed together. The trio hugged each other tightly while Ragini looked in smilingly. Meanwhile, Sanskar rolled his eyes, muttering, “Yeh teeno kabhi nahi sudhrenge!”
“Tanya! Thank god you’re here too! Where’s Varsha?”
“Hi Ragini! Yaar Varsha won’t be able to come. She’s stuck somewhere.”
“Kya yaaar! Koi na koi toh busy rehta hi hai!” Akash exclaimed.

“Never mind. Let’s sit somewhere and talk! Chalo sab!”
“Mohit’s right. Let’s go!” Swara grabbed Mohit and Akash and went towards their table.

The gang got busy in their talks and laughters. Suddenly, Akash screamed, “Saloni!!!”
Everybody turned their heads towards where Akash was pointing. Sanskar smiled at her and she too smiled back at him. Then, he got up and hugged her tightly.
“Saloni! Tum yahan? Tum Delhi kab aayi?”

“Aaj hi! I thought to give you a surprise. Did you like it?”
“A lot!”

“Who is she? And Sanskar se itna kyun chipak rahi hai?”
“She’s his girlfriend, Saloni.”
“What??” Swara, Ragini and Tanya exclaimed shockingly.
“He never told me anything about her!”

“Mujhe bhi nahi bataya!”
Swara looked at Sanskar angrily, while he was completely engrossed with Saloni.
“Guys, she is Saloni, my..”
“Girlfriend. Hai na?” Swara stated sarcastically.
“Yes. Saloni, this is Swara, Ragini, Tanya, and you already know Mohit and Akash!”
“Yes. Hello guys! It’s really nice to meet you!”

“Same here!” Swara smiled at Saloni but gave an angry look to Sanskar which made him uncomfortable.
“Guys, I hope you’ll excuse us.”
“Haan haan. Jaa Simran jaaa.. Jee le apni zindagi!” Mohit winked at Sanskar who gave him a deathly look.

Precap: Swara angry at Sanskar and refuses to talk to him.

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