Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 12)


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“Oh Sanskar! I swear this Sahni has some problem with me! Always on my nerves! Urrrgghhh!!”
“Swaraaa, he likes perfection! That’s it! And being a wedding planner, one must not be messy. Like you definitely are!”
“Hawww Sanskaaaar! You think I’m a mess?!”
“Ragini will answer you better for this. By the way, you both are coming na?”
“Ragini ka pakka nahi hai. You know how busy she has been recently!”
“Hmm. Ofcourse! Being a brand manager isn’t easy! Anyway, you’ll be coming right? Akash and Mohit want you to come. You know how they are!”
“Arey Akku and Momo ko bolo ki Swara zaroor aayegi! Specially for them!”
“You three are miserable!”
Sanskar rolled his eyes as he got back to his work, and he could hear Swara giggling. It had been three months since Sanskar had joined VIVAAH. His desk was near to Swara’s and this proved to be a great foundation for their newfound friendship. They used to fight like cats and dogs, but then, they were inseparable too. They were the best buddies. They had a group of friends which included Akash Gupta, Mohit Singh, Tanya Gairola, Varsha Bansal, Ragini Gadodia, and of course Swara Bose and Sanskar Arora. These people were inseparable. Specially the trio of Akash (Akku), Mohit (Momo) and Swara (Shoru). These three would crack innumerable PJ’s and laugh at those themselves. Though Sanskar too was close to them, he never was a part of their ‘teen ki tikdi’, as they used to call themselves. The whole group hardly got time to get together since everyone was busy with their own jobs and lives. Only Akash, Mohit, Swara and Sanskar used to be in constant touch with each other.

“What?” Sanskar replied, still engrossed in his work.
“Sanskaaaar! Listen na!”
“Bol na! I’m listening!”
“Ye Sankaari kitna zyada kaam karta hai! Uff!” Swara mumbled agitatedly. “Sanskar, let’s go out. I’m starving!”
“Go to the canteen and bring something for me as well!”
“O hello! I’m not your servant! I want to eat something from..”
“Burger king?” Now Sanskar looked at Swara with a ‘I-knew-it’ look.
“Kya baat hai! Alok Nath knows everything! So let’s go!” Swara stood up immediately and held his hands, pulling him so as to make him get up. When she failed in her attempt, she put her hands on her waist and looked at him with a ‘will-you-now-get-up’ look. Sanskar laughed at her childish behaviour and wrapped up his work to accompany her.
“We’ll be back within an hour. Okay? I’ve got lots of work to do!”
“Even I have so much to do. But iska matlab ye toh nahi hai na ki jeena chhod doon!”
“Drama queen!”

At Swara and Ragini’s flat:

“I’ll have to talk to Swara about it really very soon. But before that, I’ll have to make some arrangements for her. I’m sorry Shona! I know you’ll be angry at me. But..”

Ragini looked at an envelope that she held. She had tears in her eyes and she prayed to god to give her strength. Strength to face Swara. Strength to tell her everything.

“Hello? Yes, Mr. Sharma? Uhmm, we’ll be leaving this flat soon. Yes. I thought it would be wise to let you know beforehand. Yes. Thank you so much. Sure.”

Ragini looked at her phone as she cut the call. She knew Swara would react. She would react violently. But, she would have to face it. She certainly would have to face it. She looked at the room teary-eyed. They had been staying here for the past 6 years. But they had to shift. No matter what, but this was the best thing for Swara, she thought. Slowly, she got up and hid the envelope in her bag, still crying.

Precap: SwaSan at the party and Swara meets someone and gets shocked to know who that person is.


I’m really sorry guys. I know I’ve been very irregular. Actually, there are three reasons for it. First, lack of comments. Second, I wasn’t able to think how to portray swasan’s friendship. And third, I got a bit busy in completing some of my paintings. Anyway, I’m here with the next one. Hopefully, I’ll post the next part tomorrow itself! And I know this part is a bit short, but actually, I can’t elongate it any further, because the next part is kinda important, or you may say, it’s with a very unexpected twist. Hope you’ll like it! ??

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