Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 1)


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“Oh my god Swara! What have you done with yourself?”
“First let me breathe Ragu! By god! I thought I’m gone today! By the way Ragu, what’s there in lunch? I’m starving!!”
Swara sat on the couch and closed her eyes to relax herself from the whole day’s exercise! But then she realised someone was staring at her for a long time. She covered her face with her hands and slowly peeked at those eyes amidst her fingers, and that’s when she realised that those eyes weren’t staring at her, instead they were glaring! At once, she closed her eyes and hid behind her fingers.
“Swara!! I really don’t understand tum kab sudhrogi?! Your hands are filled with dust! So unhygienic! You are bound to fall severely ill someday if you continue being the mess you are! Get up right now and go have a bath! Gosh! Your clothes too are so dirty! What have you exactly done this time?” Ragini asked angrily.
“Arey meri pyaari Ragu! Meri Rageshwari maa! Calm down!”
“I’m not Rageshwari! I’m Ragini, for god’s sake! Don’t you dare call me that again!”
“Oh okay baba! Now I think I should hurry for shower. Hehe. I’m so dirty. So unhygienic. Isn’t it?” Swara spoke imitating Ragini which made her more angry.
“Shonaaa!! You’re gone today!”
“Durga maa! She’ll eat me up! Bacha lo!” Saying this, Swara ran quickly towards the bathroom. “Rageshwari mata ki jai!” Giggling, she quickly shut the door. Though Ragini was fuming, she couldn’t help but adore Swara’s innocence.

“Now will you tell me what you did today?” Ragini asked while Swara was busy eating.
“Arey yaar Ragu! You knew that I had gone to Gurgaon today for some NGO work. You won’t believe me what I saw there!” Swara widened her eyes as she spoke.
“What did you see Shona?” Ragini asked blinking her eyes, in a teasing manner.
“You know, I saw a girl who was running cautiously. I repeat, CAUTIOUSLY. Also, she was dressed up as a bride! At once I understood she was eloping from her marriage!” Swara looked at Ragini with a ‘James-Bond-look’ and adjusted her ‘imaginary’ sunglasses.
“Waah Swara! You’re so intelligent! Maan gayi main toh!” Ragini widened her eyes as she spoke, exaggerating each and every word. Suddenly she spoke in a very serious tone, “Now come to the point Swara. What did you do?” She emphasized on the word ‘you’ and Swara knew it was time to tell her everything.
“Kuch khaas nahi. I just helped her in running away. But later I realised that she was running away with all the jewellery and cash and that she was the daughter of the.. Err.. Sarpanch, and..”
“And?” Ragini’s voice sounded much more urgent than before.
“And.. Their men had seen me helping her escape.” Swara hid her face in her hands yet again because she knew what was going to come now.
“Swaraaaa! How can you be so idiot! You think you’re so clever but you know you aren’t! You always bounc to create a mess around you and I’m always so shocked how you manage to do so! I guess those goons might have chased you and that’s why you came all breathless and in a mess!”
“I’m sorry Ragu! I promise I won’t do anything like that again! But please don’t be angry!” Swara made a puppy face and she knew she had hit the target right.
“Shona, you know I care for you a lot! You’re not just my roommate, you’re like a sister to me. Infact, more than that. And you know it well.”
“Aww meri Rageshwari! I love you too re!” “Don’t you dare call me that again!” Ragini hit Swara playfully and they both hugged each other and went to sleep.

Precap: Swara realises she lost her book.

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