I know I will find you one day (Episode 7)

Hello everyone. I’m back with the next episode. I’m so sorry for being late. Busy in holiday assignments. Also, I’ve written a new OS on our lovely couple SwaSan. That was also a reason for me to be unavailable for many days. The title is- Pyaar: A unique feeling. If you need link, do ask me in the comment box and I’ll surely reply.

The episode starts with Sumi coming downstairs sadly. Shekhar sees her and asks through gestures that what Swara said. Sumi nodes her head in a no sadly. Shekhar also becomes sad. There in her room, Swara is seen seeing Sanskar’s pictures. She gets disappointed by seeing the picture.

“Where are you Sanskar? Please come back. I daily cry for you at night. Before, when I used to cry you always consoled me and wiped my tears with your hands. I feel blessed to have you in my life, I feel blessed to be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. But now, when I cry daily because of you, you are not there to wipe my tears. You are always there in my heart but…not with me. Sanskar, please come back for your wife. Please come back for your Swara. Today, you have seen na what has happened. Ma and baba asked me for remarriage. They clearly know that I wont marry anyone but you. And I’m already married to you. Inspite of knowing this they asked me for a remarriage. It hurts Sanskar, it hurts,” She said and closed her eyes hugging their picture.

There, downstairs, Shekhar and Sumi are seen talking. Both are equally disappointed as Swara. They’re not disappointed coz Swara disagreed. They are disappointed of hurting their daughter. Swara always came home when Shekhar or Sumi was ill or sad. She always used to cheer them up and even Sanskar used to cheer them up. And now, when she needed them, what they did? They made her more sad. She is in her room crying, because of her parents’ question.

“I told you na Shekhar. She thinks that he is alive. I told you that she will be sad. Already doctor said that her health is sensitive after she heard that he is no more. Anything which she will not like can even cause her to……death. You know… You were present when doctor told his. Weren’t you? Then how could you ask her this question? I know Shekhar, you are worried for her future, even I am. But asking her this question to remarry won’t work, instead it will worsen things. So its better not to talk to her for remarriage. And maybe, her belief is right, that he is alive. Now all things depends on God,” Sumi says.

“I understand Sumi that it was my fault. It was only my fault. I never knew that it would her hurt so much. Trust me. If I would’ve known that it would have effected her so much, then even in my dreams I would never have thought to said this. I’m her father also. I’m also worried for her the same way as you are. I know that she belives that he is alive, he is with her. I know. I never meant to hurt her. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,” He said and hid his face in his palms.

Scene changes to Maheshwari Mansion (I know I never showed MM but today I thought to show it to tell Sujata’s and all MM’s pain.)

Inside MM, we can see a room full of a girl’s and boy’s pictures. It looks amazing. The faces of them are revealed to be SwaSan. SwaSan look very happy in the pics, it looks like they have got everything they wanted. Why not? Why wouldn’t they be happy? It is true that they had got everything they wanted.

(Note: These pics are of when SwaSan confessed their love to each other.)

In one of the pics, they were seen hugging happily. In other one, they were seen dancing (one of the steps while dancing). They were looking seemingly happy. Why not? They were with the one whom they loved so much. So much that they can even give their life to each other.

But the room was empty except of a pic of SwaSan kept beside the bed. There was no one in the room.

Screen changes to a room in MM, a lady is seen hugging a photo and crying bitterly.

“Where are you son? Your mom misses you.. Please son, come back to your mother. Your mother is waiting for the day when she’ll hug you like before. Please come back,” The lady says and cries bitterly. The lady is revealed to be Sujata.

Ram comes from back and keeps a hand on her shoulder.

“Sujata… Understand.. That he is no more,” Ram says sadly to which Sujata jerks his hand angrily.

“How can you say that? Do you have any proof? I’m his mother and I know that he is alive. And if you say this again, then no one will be worse then me for you. Now please sleep,” Sujata says angrily and shouting.

“But Sujata…” RP wanted to say something but she didn’t allowed to speak any further.

“I said sleep,” She angrily roars.

RP gets sad to see her like this but sleeps. Sujata also sleeps while keeping his pic near her.

Screen again shifts to SheMish. They are quite.

“Shekhar.. I’ll go to her room and try once again. Hope she comes,” She says and gets up.

“Okay.. Hope she comes,” Shekhar says to which Sumi nodes and goes.

She knocks on Swara’s door. It took her no time to understand whom it was.

“Yes maa,” She says.

“Shona.. I’m really sorry beta. Being a mother I cant understand my daughter’s pain. I’m not a good mother. I’m sorry shona. Please come down. Please,” Sumi says in tears. Swara got sad seeing her mother like this.

“Okay maa. I’ll come in 5 mins,” She says and Sumi gets happy.

“Thank you beta,” Sumi says and goes. Swara gets up to go to washroom to get freshen up. On her way, she sees her diary.

“I’m tired so I’ll resume my diary tomorrow,” She thinks and goes.

Shekhar sees Sumi coming down and asks through gestures about Swara. Sumi nodes her head in a yes telling she agreed to come. Shekhar gets happy.

Screen freezes on Swara’s face looking at her diary, SheMish’s face looking happy and RP and Sujata’s sad fac.

Precap: Not yet decided.

I’m so sorry friends. This episode was a total waste. Actually, I thought to pen down the pain from which everyone is suffering through in this episode. I promise, next one will be better. I know, I didn’t pen down correctly. Please do forgive me. I hope I didn’t wasted your time by this stupid total waste of time episode.


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      Hello Mr. Smartt.. Well…Ok… if my writing is so bad then why are you reading it ??? Did someone forced you to read ? By the way, I know other people are loving my writing so I just won’t stop writing for just 1 comment..That too by a over smart person like you!!! And if there’s something wrong, you could’ve pointed the mistakes..I’m always ready to be pointed at my mistake coz I know, I’ll improve.. I didn’t asked any comment BY A BASHER.. So kindly shut up and keep your words to yourself!

      Hope my words have some change in you…

  3. Mr over smarttt…..show some drop of smartness………
    Only romance n fight is not a ff…..sometime explaining pain is also a talent…..vch u dont hve so kindli get out of this ff….. She ddnt askd ur opinion

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  5. Awesom dear…..

  6. Spinless ppl come here to beg some curses….

  7. Amazing….

  8. Sus

    hey dear its really awesome u showed how family members misses a person so much
    how everyone think about each other

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    Shrinju…..we all support u..keep continuing……don’t give that person any heed….we all love u n ur ff……

  10. Kojagorimalik

    Is sanskar really no more actually I’m reading ur story for the 1st time so I dont know can u just help me NY giving a small recap of ur previous episodes or in fact links would do..plzzzz

    1. Shrinjal

      These are the links of all the episodes of my FF.. http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=I+know+I+will+find+you+one+day

      Please do read and let me know your suggestions..Thanks☺..When you see this, please do reply to this comment here..

      1. Kojagorimalik

        Got it and thank u for the links

  11. awesome..tc..

  12. Neha_Pheonix

    So emotional episode. Really i could feel the pain through it which you have penned down!
    Now, please bring some hapiness..Ps- i want re-union from first episode.
    Amazing update
    Loved totally!

  13. Kojagorimalik

    Heyy iread ur all chapters of ff and it is superb i m literally all gaga over your ff but when will u bring back sanskar?????

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    Loved it!!
    Superb epi!!
    too emotional
    Post nxt part soon
    i want to know where is Sanskaar
    Love u
    take care

  15. Simi

    Emotional chapter… Where is sanskar ??

  16. ManyaPV5

    Awesome but emotional. You really wrote well dear!! All the best for next part upload it soon!! And tell me how can you make ff so emotional mine get funny if I try to make it emotional.

  17. Awesome shrinju..my small is sister is so talented..i read a swasan ff after a long time..btw how are you??I think you are fine with your friends .you have forgotten me na..i have sent a message to soumya to convey you..but I don’t know did she get it or not..you ask her..bye love you shrinju

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    Nice dear

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    superb dear

  20. You seriously need to improve a lot. And don’t write like ‘we can see’ and ‘they were seen’ etc. And one more thing please keep your story in past tense. And don’t use shemish or Swasan. Write down their names cuz that is how you should write.

  21. Pramudi

    That was painful. ? poor swara.
    When will you bring sanskaar back?

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