I know I will find you one day (Episode 6)

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The episode starts with Swara going in her room and bolts the door. She opens a drawer and takes out an album. It was an album with her’s and her life, Sanskar’s pictures. It had all their happy moments. She remembered the day when Sanskar went against his family just to keep Swara with him. No matter where he lived. At that time, she was stunned to see his care for her. He can go to any extent just for his princess’, his life’s happiness. Swara closes her eyes and thinks that moment when he was ready to go against his family, who raised him from many years, just for Swara!


One day, Sujata was taunting Swara due to some silly reason. She was scolding just because Swara did not make a dish properly which Sujata liked the most.

“You can’t even make a dish properly? If not then how will you keep my Sanskar happy? You know how much I liked this dish still you made this silly mistake. Sometime I think I did a sin by making you as my daughter in law,” Sujata angrily says.

Sanskar was there only. He was listening to Sujata but after she said that she made a sin, he got angry on her just because her said this. He fisted his hand. He then was about to say something but then Swara spoke who was in tears. A tear escaped from his eyes seeing her crying. No matter what he could never see a single drop of tear in her eye.

“I’m so…sorry mo..mom…I wa..ss..fee..lin..gg like fain..ting so I made a miss..take…I’m sorry m..mom,” She said in tears.

“What sorry haan? You spoiled my mood by your stupid dish in the morning!” She angrily shouts.

Now it was enough with Sanskar. He immediately shouted with blood shot eyes.

“Mom!!!!” He angrily shouted.

 Swara gasped seeing his anger. She held his hand trying him to stop and nodded in a no asking him not to do this but after all how can he keep quite. His mom shouted on his life! He loved her more than anything. He nodded in a no asking her not to say anything.

“Mom.. How dare you talk to Swara like that? Your forgot, she was the one who made me come out of my past and yes…She is the most important member in my life. Even important then you. And if she wasn’t with me now, I would’ve di….” Before he could say more, Swara immediately kept her palm on his mouth stopping him from what he was saying. She was overwhelmed by his care for her. She nodded in a no asking him not to say this.

“And remember one thing… If I ever see anyone of this family saying anything to Swara or questing her, I’ll leave this house. She is my everything. I’ll not live without her. She said na she was about to faint, do you worry about your dish or Swara? Maybe not Swara, but for me she is more important than anything else” He said angrily. She was overwhelmed by his care for her. Tears start to flow from her eyes seeing his care for her. He wipes her tears with his hand.

“Let’s go to our room,” He said to which she nodded like a sincere child.

They went to their room and Swara immediately hugged Sanskar tightly and started weeping.

“Why do you love me so much Sanskar?” She asked still hugging him tightly.

“You have to ask my heart because my heart has fallen for you..” He said.

“And if anyone will dare to say anything to you I swear I’ll not leave him,” He said.

“Sshh stop weeping,” He said while breaking the hug and wiping her tears.

“I want you to wipe my tears again Sanskar.. I daily cry… Now it’s becoming unbearable for me to live without you.” She thinks.

“Shona… Come down I want to talk to you,” Came Shekhar’s voice from down.

She wiped her tears and replied, “Yes baba I’m coming,”

She went down. Sumi and Shekhar were nervous to ask her. 

“What happened ma and baba? Why are you both so silent?” She asked.

They asked her with courage.

“Shona.. Actually….We want you to…get..married again,” Sumi says knowing her daughter’s reaction.

Swara was shocked. She felt her world upside down. Her own mom and dad, who had been supporting her till her, was asking her to get married again. No one could take Sanskar’s place in her life. He was her husband and will always be. 

“You really want me to get married?” She asked unbelievingly.

“Yes Shona,” Sumi replied while looking down.

She was shocked and tears starts to come from her eyes. She wasn’t able to believe. Her ma and baba, who always supported her are asking Swara for a second marriage! She wasn’t able to digest this fact.

“Ma, you know my answer then why are you asking?” Swara asked in tears. Sumi looked at her.

“You know I will always say no only. I WILL never give Sanskar’s place to anyone in my heart. Maa and baba, you two were only the people who consoled me after that incident. But now even you…….” Swara said while tears had already started flowing from her eyes.

“I will never accept him as my husband. Sanskar was my husband, is and will always be my husband..” She said.

“Shona…..Please understand.. He is no more,” Shekhar said.

“Oh.. If its like that then how come I’m alive? If he is alive then only I’m alive. Swara is nothing without her Sanskar. And baba, please remember this thing that if you again tell me that he’s no more I swear I’ll leave this house forever,” Swara said and ran upstairs and bolts the door.

She starts crying loudly and takes out Sanskar’s pic. 

“Now it’s enough Sanskar.. Please come back.. Pleaseee.. Your Swara needs you.. Now it’s booming unbearable for her to control herself. Pleasee… Do you want me to see happy? Yes na.. So please come back because my happiness lies with you only. Swara’s happiness lies with her Sanskar only.. You only told me na, that you will always be with me and you promised me that.. And now you’re breaking your promise. Please come back.. Please.. Did you see today what happened? Ma and baba are asking me for a second marriage.. Please come back.. Pleaseee.” She says and cries loudly.

There downstairs. Sumi and Shekhar looks at each other.

“You knew na Shekhar. That her answer will be a big ‘NO!’ They why did you insisted me to ask her? You really are so adamant. Now see her state. She has bolt her room and crying. And now you know, she’ll cry by looking at Sanskar’s pic. She’ll cry the whole day.. It will also affect her health. You know na that doctor told her that her health is very sensitive after Sanskar’s death,” Sumi says sadly.

“I’m sorry Sumi. I didn’t knew that Swara still believes that he’s still here in this world. If I knew that she believes it, then I would surely not have told her this,” Shekhar says sadly.

And in her room, Swara resumes her diary.
Dear Diary

For two months he never accepted me as his wife. But he also started meeting his girl friend, Kavita, rarely. Not very rarely but rarely. When I asked him why, he said that he doesn’t want to meet her and wants to forget her. I asked him not to do that and sacrifice his happiness for me. I will divorce him after 2 3 months. That time he didn’t had any feelings for me so he just said okay. I was sad that he agreed as I had realised my feelings for me and I started loving him. But I was happy, happy for him. He was my life and if he’s happy then I have no reason to be sad. But then something happened…

Then she closes the diary. She again remembers Shekhar’s and Sumi’s words.. They wanted her to marry again.. She wasn’t shocked, she was hurt actually. Her mom and dad, who always supported her..are asking her to marry today.. But she always knew her answer will be a big no. He is always alive. The she hears a knock on her door which makes her come out of her thoughts. She knew who it is.

“What happened ma?” She asks not wanting to talk to Sumi.

“Shona I’m sorry… Sorry…” Sumi says while looking down.

“I don’t want it talk about this matter. It would be better if we talk about it later,” She said. Sumi went from there knowing Swara.

Precap: Not decided yet.. You can know it in next episode…

Hello!!!! School’s been started and it will be open till the month of April. And the course’s getting higher and higher, so I’m planning to end it quickly. But don’t worry I will give a proper ending. Maybe, only 5-6 episodes are left.. But not more than 10 episodes. This was a short FF, yeah?


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