I know I will find you one day (Episode 2)

Thank you for your immense support. If I do not reply to anyone, dont feel bad, I’ll surely reply everyone. It’s just my studies.. According to my schedule, I’ll get only 25 mins of recess so……. Let’s start with the continuation. 🙂

The episode starts in morning, at 7:00 am. Her mother, (Sumi) knocks on her door surprisingly wondering how didn’t she woke up and is always mature in her things after the incident. Swara, after hearing the knocks goes to open the door amd sees Sumi standing outside.

“Good morning maa,” She said while peeking her left cheek.

“Good morning Shona!” Her mom says.

“You here at my room in the morning? Why?” She asks.

“Well, if you’d see the clock, you’ll get your answer yourself,” Sumi says while letting out a sigh.

“Hmm,” Swara says and goes to check the time.

Oops! She’s late… Oh no, not late, actually VERY LATE..

“Whatttt!!! She shouts while being shocked.

“Shona! Will you shout or go to get freshen up?” Sumi says.

“Yupps!!!” She ran away saying this.

Sumi giggles seeing this but then gets sad thinking how her child would be feeling. She feels more sad seeing the mess. “Oh God! Why did he had to leave her? Today just because of him, Swara’s state is like this but she still believes that he will come and Maybe she’s true but who knows for now…” Thinking this she starts to arrange the things.

“Sumi!” Shekhar shouts from down.

“Yes Shekhar. I’m coming,” She says and goes down.

Here Swara comes after taking a bath, she sees the mess clearled and smiles.

“Mom cleared it,” she thought.

Then she started drying her hairs and when she was completed, she looked at the pitch of vermilion (sindoor) and got teary eyes.

“No Swara… You can’t cry.. And you will not because you know he’s near seeing you… He’ll come within a few days,” She said and wiped her tears.

She looked at the open diary and closed it.

“Swara, are you done?” Shekhar shouts.

“Yes dad, coming” She said and came down.

She greeted everyone and started eating. She was trying to seem normal but they were elders…they knew how much pain she was having inside her.

Precap: Some some things revealed…

Hmm… Wasn’t good? I know.. I told y’all that I’ll update today so I updated and you won’t forget this FF.. Don’t forget this and yeah, short update due to my schedule.,. Bub bye…

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