I know I will find you one day (Episode 1)

Hi guys! It’s your friend, Shrinjal, back with a new FF to entertain you all. This FF is unlike my other FF’S.  Also, I haven’t uploaded my previous FF’S yet. I guess I have quite all my previous FF as it wasn’t getting a good response and no one wanted me to write. I will let you know once about my previous works. Hope you enjoy this FF written by me. ?

The story begins at night, 12 am. A girl is seen weeping while writing something in her diary. She is getting little flashbacks of her previous life. Her happy moments with her husband, sad moments with and without him and painfully moments without him. She never had a painfull time with him.

“Why? Why God? Weren’t I meant to stay happy in this world? Why did you made me meet my love if you had to separate the two of us?? But, I know, you’re only testing the power of our love and I’ll get him back one day and show you the power of OUR LOVE,” She wondered bit loudly while still weeping.

Why wouldn’t she cry? God had taken her very far away from her love. Till now, she never cried to not give worry to her family. But, today, after seeing her husband’s and her pics, she burst into cry. It’s been a hour since her crying.

She took out a pen from the drawer and started writing something in the diary.
Dear Diary

This book is about my life. How I found out my love and how we separated again. I would like to share it with you all.

So, it all began 2 years back.

Our parents fixed our marriage without even asking to him. He opposed many times, but no use. He also had a girlfriend whom he loved very much but……….

She burst into cry again after thinking that moments. She wasn’t able to writing anything again so she kept her pen aside, lay on the bed looking at the roof.

“I will continue writing my diary tomorrow,” she thought to herself and slept. While sleeping also, she got the dreams of her past life. It was haunting her from these years and today she wanted to take it out anyhow. Half of her room was a total mess.

Precap: Continuation of diary.

How was Episode 1? Well, maybe I would need be able to upload for a few days but don’t get mad at me or forget this FF. I have been unavailable in TU for a week now. Frankly, before posting this FF I thought no one will like it but still posted to see your response.
Also, maybe, am gonna leave TU after finishing this FF.

Harsh comments are welcomed too.?

Take Care
Keep Smiling

Thank you for reading and liking.

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  1. Its nyc but plz write long chapter

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you so much sus! Keep commenting and supporting!
      (Sure! I had my exams, most probably next episode tomorrow!)

  2. Rj12


    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you so Much dear!
      Keep commenting and supporting, next part probably tomorrow.

  3. IME

    Ye accha hai muj jaise log jo tere ff phadte hai unka kya hu jaa mat kr baat muj se

    Aur haa this ff is v goooooooood

    1. Shrinjal

      Haaww… You’ll not talk to me?? *crying bitterly
      But I know you will…!!;-)
      I know it must be sad for you, it’s sad for me as well. TBH, no one liked my FF except for 2 3 ppl. I didn’t wanted to waste my time like this then I came across this FF and wrote. And also, I’m planning not to end Tujhse Hi.
      By the way, where are you?? No messages, nothing. Can we chat tomrrow?
      I know, you will support me everytime, right? Muah! *flying kiss

      Haha, so long comment,..!!!
      Continue commenting and supporting 🙂

      1. IME

        Yes you know I cant live without talking to you infact any of my friend.
        And yes if it disturbs your studies then it ok if u discontinue it.
        Actually my exams ar going so thats why
        we can chat tomorrow @ 9 30 pm ?
        I will always support you dear

        Mine too long comment

    2. Shrinjal

      I knew!!!
      9:30 pm! I'll surely try if my mother allows me to give her phone.. Is it possible to tall before 8:30? We can chat at 8 also.

      1. IME

        Actually I dont know my tutions timings tomorrow so thats why I cant tell about 8pm

    3. Shrinjal

      Hmm hmm….I’ll try @ 9;30..tmrw is my rev.test of many chapters so hv 2 see….okk..wilk try…tc..:-)

  4. Rabia

    Arrey wahhh shrinjal ?? awesome dear ??

    1. Shrinjal

      Rabiaa dii!!! How’re you?? Well

      1. Shrinjal

        By seeing u only I started to write this FF of twist,..keep commenting n supporting.. Next part probably by tomorrow. 🙂

      2. Rabia

        Hehehehe sangat ka asar and im fine dear ??

  5. Raina_Riz


    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you dear.. Next part probably by tomorrow. Keep commenting and supporting.:-)

  6. Awesome..continue soon..tc..

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you so much dear… Next part probably by tomorrow. Keep commenting and supporting.
      By the way, you’re S, right??

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you so much dear.. Next part probably by tomorrow, keep commenting n supporting. 🙂

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u so much dear.. Next part probably by tomorrow. Keep commenting n supporting.:-)

  7. Zelena81196

    nice…. post soon…. and maybe a little longer….

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you so much dear… Sure.. I’ll try,.
      Next part probably by tomorrow. Keep commenting & supporting. 🙂

  8. Nagamanasa

    Awesome shrinju…where did u disappear all these days..I even completed my ss..huhh..I can’t be angry on you…loved this part dear…post next one soon now

    1. Shrinjal

      Diii…actually my exams were there nd I wasn’t feeling to come to TU… So….. Di, I know you’ve completed and what you thought that I wouldn’t read it?? Haaww…you’re so bad… Dii when I made a comeback to TU firstly I read ur FF..,but didn’t commented…r d commemt boxes closed???it was amazing..r u planning to write a more FF???
      Thank u di, keep commenting & next part by tomorrow…:|
      Due to studies….

  9. Its is nice plz give long episodes

  10. Simi

    Awesome ?

  11. Zeestum2

    Shrinjuuuuu…awesome start yaar!?? jaldi update kar… i really wanna know how they got separated and her past plz plz…waiting ???

  12. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  13. Wonderful

  14. Meghs

    It is nice but write nxt little linger

  15. nice..!!

  16. Vyshu10

    Awesome…shrinju how could u stop d ep like that

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