“I know I seen you, But it took me forever to find you” Episode 8 (Can you love me again?)

“I know I seen you, But it took me forever to find you” Episode 8 (Can you love me again?)

So damn sorry for the delay because school has started and I can’t post much. Also I am in grade 12 so I need to focus on my school work, just give me some time… I know I started so many Fan-Fictions every time but what I can do when I have so many ideas in my mind. Well this Fan-Fiction will be ending on episode 10-12. Then I will start another Fan-Fiction. But now I am back with another episode of I know I seen you but took me forever to find you… So I hope you guys liked the first two episodes and now I will be showing you episode 8 aha xx. Well I hope you enjoy ~Nusz.

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Additional Characters.

Priya/ Roshni Khurana/Patel – (Played Nia Sharma) – Thapki’s best friend

Aryan Khana – (Played by Shravan Reddy) – Bihaan’s best friend

Siddharth/Ravi Khurana/ – (Played by Ravi Dubey) – He has a hidden truth.

Aradhya Rao – (Played by Sana Ahmed) – She wants to solve all the problems.


On the road

Siddharth sees Shraddha from the car. But he also realizes he is talking to someone.

Sid: Shraddha? What the hell is she doing out here during this time? And who the hell is with her?

Shraddha then takes out money and hands it to the guy

Sid: Money? I need to find out what she’s up too

Sid gets out of the car and walks towards the other side of the woods. He hides behind the tree and hears their conversation.

Shraddha: Okay listen to me carefully, that other guy was good for nothing so I need you to do this for me

Guy: Okay, but what’s the plan?

Shraddha: I need you to kill Thapki for me

Siddharth gets shocked

Guy: I can kill her but you need to something about your other plans

Shraddha: What do you mean?

Guy: When Bihaan gets his memory back, what will you do?

Shraddha: He won’t get his memory because it will damage his brain more

Guy: Dude their lovers and you can’t break love apart

Shraddha: Are you giving me lectures about love here? Or are you going to kill Thapki?

Guy: I will but your husband Dhruv?

Shraddha: I will deal with him later, no worries

Guy: I am just warning you, Love can’t be broken by you

Shraddha: Oh shut the hell up with your lecture, I already put the blame on that stupid Priya or Roshni whatever her name is

Guy: You can do whatever you want but I need more money then this

Shraddha: This is all the money I have for now, but when I get Thapki and Dhruv out of my way I will give you the money

Guy: Wait don’t you love Dhruv?

Shraddha: I only used him for money

Guy: You’re so pathetic and selfish

Shraddha: Mind your tongue

Guy: I know what I am doing so stay in your limits too

Siddharth gets shocked and says

Sid: That little botch how dare she? Today I will expose her truth in front of everyone and I blamed Roshni for all this… I can’t believe it… I am gonna kill her

All of a sudden Siddharth’s phone starts buzzing

Shraddha and the guy hear the noise

Shraddha: What’s that noise?

Guy: Someone else is here?

Sid: Oh shiit

Shraddha: Who the hell is there?

Sid hides behind the tree and starts to find network to text Thapki

Sid: I am doomed, I don’t care if I get caught I need to text Thapki first

Shraddha and that guy walk towards the tree while Siddharth tries to get network while panicking


On the road

The rain stopped and Thapki starts walking while being drenched. She’s holding the photos of Bihaan and her… Thapki is walking on the road while not paying attention.

Thapki: Life… is unfair… I have lost everything…

There are cars coming towards her. They’re honking at her but she doesn’t move instead they drive the other way. Thapki then screams and says.


One car is coming towards her and someone pushes her and they both fall on the ground.


Outside Siddharth’s House

Dhruv and Roshni come face to face after three years. They walk forward towards each other and start talking.

Dhruv: Roshni Patel welcome back it’s been awhile seen I met you

Roshni: Dhruv Pandey, you still haven’t changed

Dhruv: So haven’t you, that same Roshni oh wait I meant Priya Saxena?

Roshni: Dhruv don’t act dumb with me

Dhruv: Why are you acting up Roshni? You’re the one who called me here via Aryan who told me to talk to you

Roshni: I need to tell you something Dhruv

Dhruv: I don’t need to know, I already know

Roshni: You already know about the truth?

Dhruv: Ofc I do, you’re the one shot Bihaan

Roshni: What who told you that

Dhruv: You don’t need to know who told me that, I just need to know if you shot Bihaan or not




Dhruv: How selfish can you get with your dirty talks?

Roshni: Dirty talks? You think I am dirty? You know what you’re very stupid and dumb

Dhruv: I don’t even know why I came here, screw you and your fake stories

Dhruv starts walking while Roshni screams to Dhruv


Dhruv stops and turns around towards Roshni… He gets shocked

Roshni: Dhruv I swear to god you need to stop your “so called wife” She will kill everyone and anyone

Dhruv looks at her in shock. But slowly starts walking towards her


Pandey Mansion

Bihaan’s room

Bihaan starts throwing his things after seeing a picture of Thapki in his room.

Bihaan: What the hell does this girl want from me?

Bihaan injures his hand while breaking things. Then he falls on the ground

Bihaan: These visions? What are they? Whenever I am always with her I get these flashbacks about something

From the window the wind starts blowing. Some of his things start flying while a picture hits him. He the picks up the picture and sees Thapki and his wedding photo and gets a bigger shock then before.


Dadi then hears Bihaan and rushes into the room.

Dadi: Bihaan what have you done to the room?

Bihaan: Dadi what is this picture and why am I putting sindoor on Thapki’s head?

Dadi gets shocked and Bihaan stands up while his hands are bleeding.


On the road

Sid: Shiit there isn’t any network here, I need to run from here

Siddharth starts running while Shraddha and the guy see him.

Shraddha: THERE HE IS


Shraddha and the goons run after Siddharth.

Sid: Somehow I need to reach home, but I can’t take my car or they will shoot at me

Sid then starts running the other way. The goons run after him.

Sid: Network!!! I found it

The goons shoot at Siddharth but misses

Sid: Great I am doomed!!!


Siddharth stops


On the road

Aryan saved Thapki on time.

Aryan: Thapki what the hell are you doing on the road in this condition?

Thapki: Why do you care? I am here for a reason

Aryan: Did Bihaan do something to you?

Thapki: Aryan: I don’t need your sympathy

Aryan: Thapki you need to stop acting like this, I need to tell you something very important

Thapki: I don’t want to hear it anymore; you’re the same Aryan who betrayed Bihaan three years back

Aryan: I didn’t betray anyone Thapki in fact Shraddha is the one behind all this

Thapki: What?

Aryan: Yes and now I need to tell you the truth

Thapki: Aryan what are you trying to say?


Outside Siddharth’s House

Dhruv: How dare you Roshni?

Roshni: Dhruv I swear to god I wouldn’t lie to you about this

Dhruv: You’re such a selfish girl I have ever met


Dhruv: ROSHNI!!!!!!!!!!

Dhruv was about to slap Roshni when Siddharth holds his hand.

Sid: Don’t you dare hit her

Roshni and Dhruv: Siddharth?

Sid: I know who’s wrong and right

Roshni: Siddharth you have to trust me, Shraddha is the one who done this

Dhruv: How dare you talk about Shraddha like this?


Siddharth gets angry and slaps Roshni again which shocks both of them.

Roshni: Siddharth?

Sid: I am tired of you blaming everyone when you’re the one to be blamed, Now you’re blaming Shraddha for this?

Dhruv: Even Sid knows you’re a lying

Roshni: Siddharth I am not lying, I know I have done many wrong things but I wouldn’t harm or hurt anyone

Dhruv: I am calling the police and now we can finally get her into jail

Roshni: Siddharth you have to trust me

Sid: Dhruv don’t call the police

Dhruv: What are you trying to say Sid?

Sid: I have a better idea, I am going to make her suffer for everything she caused including hurting my heart for three flipping years

Dhruv: Sid

Sid: I know what I am doing Dhruv

Roshni: Siddharth you can do anything but don’t send me to jail because I can’t live without you


Roshni: Siddharth I am not lying I know everything and the whole truth

Dhruv: Wah drama queen you’re indeed smart Roshni Patel

Roshni: Siddharth look into my eyes and see if I am lying or not

Tears fall from Roshni eyes and Siddharth go see it but knows he can’t tell the truth

Sid (In mind): I am sorry Roshni I know you’re not lying but I am helpless to do this


Shraddha: Now you can’t run Siddharth Khurana

Sid: You’re disgusting Shraddha, I can’t believe someone like you would stood so low

Shraddha: Oh poor baby I have already been there

Sid: I rather spit shiit on you

Shraddha: I dare you to try and then you will see your Roshni die in front of you

Sid: If you hurt Roshni I will kill you

Shraddha: Then you better not tell anyone the truth or I will kill because I have so many things against her and she can end up going to jail because of my crimes


Shraddha: I know I am a botch

Sid: I am going to kill you

Shraddha: And your Roshni will die in front of you, so you gonna be quiet or should I?

Sid: Fine but you better not harm my Roshni

Shraddha: Okay then I will follow you to your house, then I will message you tomorrow what to do

Siddharth starts walking and Shraddha also the goons walk behind him with guns.

*Flashback ends*

Roshni: Siddharth don’t you have faith on me?

Siddharth gets angry and pushes Roshni. She falls on the ground and hurts herself.

Dhruv: Siddharth relax man, why are you pushing her?

Sid: Because she did the same to me

Dhruv: You know that will hurt you even more

Sid: Dhruv I think you should leave now, I will tell you everything tomorrow

Dhruv: Is everything okay Sid?

Roshni gets emotional and runs from there while Sid looks at her.

Sid: I am fine I just need to punish for her crimes then I will send her to jail myself

Sid looks from the corner and sees Shraddha

Sid: Dhruv you need to leave, it’s already 12am

Dhruv: Okay you need anything just let me know

Sid: Yea I will

Dhruv from there and Sid walks towards Shraddha

Sid: I feel like killing you right here

Shraddha: You know you aren’t that bad either (Shraddha touches his face)

Siddharth gets angry and jerks her hand of him.

Sid: Shraddha stay in your limits

Shraddha: Ofc I am but you better not let anyone know or else

Sid: Just get out of here

Shraddha: Okay I will but tomorrow, I message you about the details of the plan

Shraddha leaves and Sid remembers what he did to Roshni.


Pandey Mansion

Bihaan’s room

Bihaan: Dadi tell me the truth because I am actually very confused with these pictures

Dadi: Bihaan, you need to relax we can talk about this tomorrow morning

Bihaan: No Dadi I want my answers right now at this moment

Dadi: Bihaan I can’t

Bihaan: Why Dadi? Why am I putting sindoor on Thapki?

Dadi: Because you guys were getting married

Bihaan: I can see that

Dadi: Bihaan look I promise we can talk about this tomorrow morning okay, right now you should relax and go to sleep… Wait a minute what have you done to your hand and room?

Bihaan: Dadi stop making excuse for god sake

Dadi panics and walks towards Bihaan. She then makes him sit on the bed and grabs the bandages. She starts aiding Bihaan.

Dadi: Bihaan what have gotten into you? Why are you acting like this? You have also injured your hand

Bihaan: I don’t care Dadi; I just want to know the truth… What past do I share with Thapki? And whenever I am with her why do I always get these blurry images

Dadi gets worried

Dadi (In mind): Yeh bhagwan this could damage Bihaan’s brain I need to make Thapki stay away from Bihaan

Bihaan: Dadi I know you’re hiding something big from me; I need you to tell me right now

Dadi: Bihaan look I really can’t explain I don’t even remember much about that day

Bihaan: Dadi you can’t lie to me after all I am your grandson and I can tell when you’re lying or not

Dadi: Okay fine you and Thapki were married three years back

Bihaan: What (He made an odd face which totally confused him)

Dadi: But I don’t know how to explain the rest to you

Bihaan: Three years ago? Dadi do you know what you’re saying

Dadi: Yes I know what I am saying Bihaan

Bihaan: I just finished college Dadi that’s impossible

Dadi: Bihaan no wait listen to me

Bihaan: No Dadi I can’t wait anymore, I need to find out the truth

Aryan: No Bihaan you said it

Bihaan: Aryan?

Bihaan is stunned to see Aryan while he enters the room


Aradhya’s House/Outside Pandey

Aradhya is sitting in the corner and crying. She remembers those moments spent with Aryan. She closes her eyes and remembers them. Thapki is sitting on the bench and remembers the college times.

*Flashback three years back*

College times were very different during the times when Aryan and Aradhya fell in love.

Aryan: Dude, I am not going to class

Bihaan: You always say that but you end up going there

Aryan: Yea because of your so called lover

Bihaan: Dude she fights with me 24/7 and honest to god I find her so annoying

Aryan: Who is it Thapki?

Bihaan: Shut the hell up Aryan

Aryan: I know you love her Bihaan

Bihaan: And you love flirting

Aryan: Ahile!! You know me so well Fham

Bihaan: Just keep walking you idiot

Aryan and Bihaan are walking like retards. Aryan is fiddling with his basketball and then by accident it slips from his hand. It hits a girl and all her books fall on the ground. The wind is blowing and her hair is on her face.

Bihaan: Buddy you’re doomed

Aryan: Shiit I didn’t see (He rushes towards her)

Aradhya gets up and her hair hits him. He looks at her stunned. Aryan thinks he has never seen someone so beautiful and cute.

Bihaan: Wah his in love I can tell

Aryan: I am sorry I didn’t see you

Aradhya: It’s alright, but just to let you know don’t play in the hallways it could hurt someone

Aryan: I know but that’s what cool people do

Aradhya: Excuse me? Just because you play with your “Basketball” in the hallway doesn’t mean you’re cool

Aryan: Sweetheart that’s nonsense

Aradhya: Nor am I your sweetheart or ever be

Aryan: But you stole my heart

Aradhya: Excuse me?

Bihaan: Aaj tho tu Gaya Aryan Khanna (Today you’re gone Aryan)

Aryan: You’re beautiful and dashing and you something I am a very hot looking guy

Aradhya: I don’t want to know if you’re hot or not

All of a sudden Roshni comes there

Roshni: Aryan what are you up too?

Aryan: Roshni baby don’t you think I am hot?

Roshni: My foot is hotter then you

Aradhya: I thought so

Roshni: Well who are you?

Aradhya: I am Aradhya Rao

Aryan: Uff so hot

Roshni and Aradhya give him a dirty look

Aradhya: What’s so hot?

Aryan: The way you said your name “Aradhya Rao” Man I can hear you say that every day if I had too

Aradhya: Look you have to stay in your limits

Thapki comes there and goes near Bihaan

Thapki: Duffer what the hell is going on here?

Bihaan: Just wait and watch

Thapki: You know this is the last year in college please don’t try to ruin Aryan’s last year here

Bihaan: Chuk Chuk Gadi just relax and watch the fun

Thapki: I am gonna stop them

Bihaan holds her hands. He pulls her closer towards him.

Bihaan: Now you’re tied to me

Thapki: What the hell are you doing Bihaan?

Bihaan: Making love and watching slaps

Thapki: How do you know Aradhya is going to slap Aryan?

Bihaan: Wait you know her?

Thapki: Yea she’s in my physics class

Bihaan: Ewe you loser, you remember all your classmates but forget to love me

Thapki: You called me annoying

Bihaan: When did I call you annoying? You’re the opposite of annoying

Thapki: I am not dumb Bihaan

Bihaan: Chuk Chuk dadi you talk too much

Thapki: And please can you let me go, people are watching us

Bihaan: No way you’re officially my girlfriend now and nobody can stop me from romancing you

Thapki smiles at Bihaan and he winks at her. When you hear a loud slap and Roshni laughing like hell while Thapki and Bihaan turn around see them.

Aradhya: You’re so cheap

Roshni: Whoa!! I didn’t see that coming

Bihaan starts laughing

Bihaan: Aaj tho meri dosti ki what lageeee (Today my friend’s shiit happened)

Thapki: You’re so mean Bihaan

Bihaan: He deserves that

Thapki: How?

Bihaan: He started calling her baby

Thapki raises one of her eyebrows

Aryan: Why the hell did you slap me?

Aradhya: Don’t you dare call me baby or sweetheart

Aryan: You’re stupid every girl in this college falls for me… But you slapped me

Aradhya: Next time it will be two

Dhruv comes and starts laughing too

Dhruv: Wah kya baat hai Roshni? (What’s the matter Roshni?)

Roshni: Aryan ki what hua (Aryan’s shiit happened)

Dhruv: How many girls man?

Roshni: But I know this girl will be made for him

Dhruv: I don’t thinks so

Roshni: I know it

Aradhya: Next time you flirt with me I will slap you with my sandal

Aradhya walks off while Aryan is holding his cheek. Dhruv and Roshni look at her leave while Bihaan and Thapki come towards Aryan.

Bihaan: Well buddy I must say she’s an item

Thapki: That’s true though she blew you off

Aryan: Thapki at least you have your so called boyfriend Bihaan Pandey

Bihaan: His jealous of me

Roshni: Well Aryan how did the slap feel?

Dhruv: Hot or hotter?

Aryan: Dhruv you’re such a flipping retard

Dhruv: Not like you though

Roshni: Dude I need to leave, I will catch up with you later

Dhruv: Wait up I am coming

Roshni and Dhruv leave from there while Bihaan, Thapki and Aryan are walking through the hallway.

Aryan: Ugh how dare she slap me?

Thapki: Aryan you can’t always flirt with every girl like that

Bihaan: That’s his hobby

Aryan: Idiot you shouldn’t be talking before Thapki came in your life you were the same

Thapki: Really?

Bihaan: Such a liar I swear to god

Aryan: I don’t lie you idiot

Thapki: Can you two stop fighting and listen to me

Aryan: What?

Thapki: Go say sorry to her

Aryan: No she slapped me

Thapki: Yea because you deserved

Aryan: What the hell? How did I deserve that slap?

Thapki: Because you’re embarrassing her in front of everyone, also you’re flirting with her which she didn’t enjoy at all

Aryan: Bihaan very sad you found someone like her

Thapki: I will hit you with my shoe too

Aryan: Okay I am leaving

Aryan leaves and Bihaan stares at her

Thapki: What are you looking at?

Bihaan: You’re beautiful

Thapki: Bihaan?

Bihaan pushes Thapki against the wall and whispers in her hear

Bihaan: I love you baby

Thapki smiles at him and whispers back too

Thapki: I love you too “baby”

Bihaan laughs and was leaving when he comes back

Bihaan: I forgot something

Thapki: What?

Bihaan kisses her on the forehead

Bihaan: My kiss for you!!! Bye my sweetheart

Thapki laughs and says

Thapki: Pagal se main ne pyaar ki (I fell in love with dumbo)

*Flashback ends*

Thapki remembers those moments and also what Aryan said. Aradhya is remembering when Aryan came to meet her after the slap.


Bihaan’s Room

Aryan: You just said it Bihaan

Bihaan: Said what?

Aryan: That you finished college, then why can’t you remember anything about it

Bihaan: What are you saying?

Aryan: Don’t you remember anything that happened during your college days?

Bihaan: Aryan what are you trying to say? And where were you when I needed you the most

Aryan: Our friendship broke Bihaan and you’re the guy who left the girl whom loved you the most

Bihaan: What?

Dadi looks on and tells Aryan to do something about it. Dadi leaves the room and says to herself

Dadi (In mind): I don’t want to do anymore, but I need to bring my Bihaan back to life

Aryan: Thapki is your soul mate from those college days

Bihaan: Thapki?

Aryan: Yes Bihaan you love her a lot but you just forgot her, but I know your heart can’t leave without you

Bihaan looks away and thinks to himself

Bihaan (In mind): Soul mate?


Siddharth’s House

Siddharth rushes upstairs and sees Roshni has locked the door

Sid: Roshni open the door

Roshni: I don’t want your sympathy Siddharth; I am leaving the house right… I can’t believe you just because I left you and you wanted to take revenge from me

Sid: No Roshni you’re getting it wrong

Roshni: No Siddharth I am not getting anything wrong, I was just trying to protect you from people

Roshni opens the door with her purse on her hand.

Sid: Roshni

Roshni: I am leaving Siddharth, you don’t need to worry anymore because Dhruv was about to slap me instead you had to do it for revenge and I just came here to protect the person I love the most and always will even though I act like I am mean

Roshni pushes Siddharth and was about to leave when he holds her hand. He gets angry and pushes her against the wall.

Sid: Roshni I know you were protecting me Shraddha

Roshni: What how do you know?

Sid: She caught me listening to her talks

Roshni: Then why did you slap me?

Sid: Because if I let you tell the truth Dhruv it would shatter him and Shraddha would kill Thapki






Sid: I am sorry Roshni… I am really sorry I beg you please don’t leave again and this time I promise I won’t hurt you not even once

Roshni: Sorry Siddharth, I need to leave from here

Roshni was about to leave again when Siddharth pulls her dupptta which makes her trip and she holds on Siddharth’s collar of his shirt.

Sid: I won’t let you leave me ever

Roshni: Siddharth you can’t

Sid: You only belong to me

The song Humdard plays.

Siddharth carries Roshni to the bed and makes her lie down.

Sid: I love you Roshni

Roshni: Siddharth…

Siddharth touches her lips… He then kisses her on the forehead

Roshni: Siddharth please…

Sid: Don’t you love me

Roshni looks into Siddharth’s eyes and sees tears

Roshni: Siddharth (She wipes his tears)

Sid: I am a horrible husband

Roshni: No Siddharth you were protecting me just like I was

“Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi”

They both cry and look at each other.

Roshni: I love you Siddharth

Sid: I love you so much Roshni that I can never let you go

Sid lies down beside her. She lies her head on him… He kisses her on the forehead and they both go to sleep together.

“Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai”

They both are fallen asleep but love has brought them together

“Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai”


Outside near the bench/ Bihaan’s room (Pandey Mansion)

Thapki is lying down on the bench and remembering what Aryan.


Aryan: You need to act like you hate him Thapki

Thapki: What do you mean?

Aryan: If you hatred towards him he will try remembering all the memories you guys shared together

Thapki: Aryan that won’t work

Aryan turns around and holds Thapki’s hand

Aryan: Don’t you trust me?

Thapki: I always did but you broke it once Aryan

Aryan: I broke it because I had a reason for it

Thapki: Aradhya?

Aryan: Thapki forget about it, now listen to me carefully

Thapki: What?

Aryan: You need to show hate so he can gain your love

Thapki: But Aryan I can’t do this

Aryan: Yes you can Thapki; you just need to trust your heart like you always did

Thapki: But

Aryan: Can you do this Thapki? Can you bring your Bihaan back and find out the truth?

Thapki thinks and says

Thapki: Yes I will bring back my Bihaan because I love him and nobody could part us away from each other

Aryan: I knew you won’t stand back

Aryan and Thapki smile at each other

*Flashback ends*

Aryan: Bihaan try to find out yourself if you really love her not

Bihaan gets shocked by Aryan

Bihaan: Aryan you need to leave

Aryan: Ofc I am leaving Bihaan because I know you like her but can’t express because you forgot those memories you spent with her for the past four years of our lives

Bihaan turns around and looks at Aryan

Bihaan: Leave

Aryan: I wish you best of luck Bihaan Pandey

Aryan leaves and Bihaan drops on the ground…

Bihaan: Who is she? What connection do I share with her since college?

Unwanted place

Shraddha: Well thank god I got someone else on my team

Guy: Well are you going to message him?

Shraddha: Not just yet, his probably sharing some emotional times his so called wife Roshni

Guy: Well I know that

Shraddha: And Dhruv my husband is the dumbest guy ever

Guy: He doesn’t know you killed Aditi?

Shraddha: Nope

Guy: But what if he finds out?

Shraddha: That will be his last day on this earth

Guy: But that Thapki will always win over you

Shraddha: Are you on their side or mine?

Guy: Relax I am on your side

Shraddha: Alright then, tomorrow will be the last for Thapki

Shraddha smirks and someone overhears their conversation. He/she covers there mouth in shock.


Morning (Siddharth’s House)

Siddharth and Roshni are lying down on the bed. When Roshni finally gets up and sees Siddharth near her and she smiles happily.

Roshni (In mind): I am so happy that I finally got you back in my life

Roshni kisses Siddharth on the forehead. He then wakes up and looks at her.

Sid: Oh you’re awake before me

Roshni: Like always

Sid: Yes I cans see that

Roshni: Okay I need to get up

Sid pulls Roshni back and she looks at him.

Roshni: Siddharth what are you doing?

Sid: Making love with my wife

Roshni: Siddharth I need to tell you something

Sid: What is it?

All of a sudden Siddharth’s phone buzzes

Sid: Oh shiit

Roshni: What wrong’s Siddharth?

Sid: Oh god

Roshni grabs the phone from him and looks at the text

“Death or property”? “I need you to get here right now or you will lose the people you love”

Roshni: Siddharth? Shraddha is blackmailing you and you didn’t even tell me

Sid: I can explain Roshni

Roshni: No Siddharth I know why she is doing this

Sid: Roshni I need to work with her and stop all

Roshni: No Siddharth you can’t it will kill Thapki either way

Sid: I know but I can’t lose any more people

Roshni: Siddharth we need to meet Thapki

Sid: What if it’s too late

Roshni and Siddharth look at each in shock.


Pandey Mansion

Bihaan is sleeping near his bed on the ground and Thapki enters the room with a bad neck ache and starts looking for the medicine and sees Bihaan lying on the ground with everything a mess in the room.

Thapki: I wonder what happened here yesterday

Bihaan hears noise and sees Thapki.

Bihaan: What are you doing here?

Thapki: None of your business

Bihaan: Excuse me this is my room not yours

Thapki: Look I already slept on the bench because of you and please don’t cause anymore problems

Bihaan: I am causing problems? You entered my room


Bihaan: Okay you need to stop screaming

Thapki: Don’t tell me what to do Bihaan Pandey because you have already lost doing that

Bihaan: What do you mean?

Thapki: You said these pictures don’t matter to you, they don’t even matter to me anymore either

Bihaan: What are you trying to say?

Thapki throws the pictures of their memories

Thapki: Mr. Bihaan Pandey, I am your wife Thapki Bihaan Pandey and I want you to forget about everything to share together

Thapki was about to leave when Bihaan holds her hand.

Bihaan: Wait

Thapki: Let go of my hand Bihaan

Bihaan pulls Thapki towards him… He touches her neck… She thinks he is trying to getting romantic with her but actually he is putting medicine on her… Bihaan finally put the medicine on Thapki and she pushes him in anger.

Bihaan: Well making you angry is very bad but least I put the medicine on you and also I am sorry about my behavior from yesterday

Thapki: I don’t want to your sympathy

Bihaan comes closer to her and kisses Thapki on the cheek.

Bihaan: I hope you forgive me now (Bihaan leaves with is towel)

Thapki turns around and looks at Bihaan leaving.

Thapki: I hope this plan works out really well

Bihaan (In mind): I need to find out my past with Thapki


Aradhya’s House

Aradhya is getting ready for Haldi and Aryan enters her room through the window. Aradhya hears the noise and says who’s there. Aryan comes from the back and holds her mouth.

Aryan: Aru it’s me

Aradhya: What are you doing here Aryan?

Aryan: We need to talk about this Aru

Aradhya: It’s already late Aryan

Aryan: I know you still love me Aradhya

Aradhya: You need to move just like I have

Aryan: Fine look into my eyes and say you have moved on

Aradhya: You need to leave Aryan because my sister is coming

Aryan: I don’t care about her

Aradhya: I don’t think you want to see her

Aryan: Stop lying to me Aradhya

Humdard still plays

Aradhya: Aryan

“Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin”

Aryan: I love you so much Aradhya, for the past two years I have been living like hell

Aradhya: But you left me

Aryan: I want to make you my bride Aradhya

Aradhya: Aryan you already know why

Aryan: No I don’t want to Aradhya

Aryan hugs Aradhya from the back. He touches her tummy and she gets touched… He blows in her ear while the wind is blowing from the window.

“Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai”

Aradhya turns around and hugs Aryan

Aryan: I love you Aradhya

Aradhya: Aryan…

Aryan holds her

Aryan: Aradhya you’re my destiny and my soul mate and if you leave me I will die without you

Aradhya: Aryan I will always be there for you but I need you to be safe

They both share an eye lock.

“hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai…”

All of a sudden someone enters the room and sees them together.


They both turn around and get shocked seeing her. Well Aryan is really shocked

Aryan: Shraddha!!!!


Outside Pandey Mansion/Shraddha’s House/On the road

Thapki is leaving the house and Bihaan somehow sees her. Bihaan rushes downstairs and tells Thapki to stop.

Bihaan: Thapki where are you going?

Thapki: Home?

Bihaan: What do you mean?

Thapki: You said yesterday yourself that you don’t want to see my face

Bihaan: I know but you can’t just randomly leave the place

Thapki: Bihaan I need to leave


Thapki: No you need to go without me

Ae Dil Hai Muskil

“Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil”

“Bihaan hugs Thapki tightly”

“Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil”

Thapki: Bihaan?

Bihaan: I love you Thapki

“Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”

Thapki: BIHAAN!!!!!!!!

Bihaan falls on the ground remembering something about his past

“Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi mera
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera”

Roshni and Siddharth start running because the goons are behind them. They both share an eye lock.
“Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera”

Dhruv falls on the ground remembering Aditi and says.


“Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi”

Shraddha: Oh Aryan Khana is here for my sister

Aryan: You’re the girl who tried to kill Bihaan

Aradhya: Shraddha my sister?


“Zameen pe na sahi
Toh aasmaan mein aa mil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil”

Dhruv walks on the ground with tears falling all of a sudden a car hits him.

“Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Ye zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maaloom hai”

Sid and Roshni manage to escape but reaches Shraddha’s house. They see Aryan and Aradhya and enter the house.

Sid: You can’t break love apart Shraddha not even ours

Roshni: Because we all will destroy you by our love

Shraddha: Well you guys will die before Thapki and Bihaan

Roshni: I dare you to kill us

Aradhya: Shraddha I thought you were my sister but I hate you so much

Aryan: I don’t care how much you try but love will win over hate

Aara and Sidni share an emotional time together while the goons surround them and Shraddha smirks for her planning working well…


Bihaan remembers the incident that happened near the cliff


Bihaan: Thapki…

“Tujhko main kitni
Shiddat se chaahun
Chaahe toh rehna tu be-khabar
Mohtaaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
Ye ek tarfa mera safar, safar
Khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi”

Thapki: Bihaan I love you…

Bihaan slowly wakes up and says…

Bihaan: I love you too…

He then remembers the bullet shot and screams Shraddha’s name… Thapki gets shocked when Bihaan faints again.

Thapki holds Bihaan in her arms while Shraddha takes Aara, Sidni along with them. Dhruv is on the road covered with blood and Dadi knows something bad is going to happen.

“Adhura hoke bhi
Hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil”

Episode ends

Moral – “Living life is hard but trusting them will fight all the enemies you have in this world”

Recap: *Flashbacks of all the stuff that happened in episode 8* Bihaan gets his memory back and doesn’t tell Thapki. Bihaan acts to hate Thapki more to find out about Shraddha. Bihaan finds out Dhruv is in the hospital. Thapki and Bihaan rush there and see Dhruv in a coma and get shocked. Dadi tells Bihaan to fight back from all those bad people. Aradhya bashes Shraddha. Aryan and Sid try to find a way out. Roshni is getting sick due to her condition. Bihaan finds out Shraddha kidnapped all his friends. Thapki tries to make Dhruv wake up which works but he says you need to help them. Thapki, Bihaan and Dhruv will try to break Shraddha’s plan.

By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy episode 8 for now till episode 9 !!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys x by Nusz aha xx.

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