“I know I seen you, But it took me forever to find you” Episode 7 (I remember a little about you)

“I know I seen you, But it took me forever to find you” Episode 7 (I remember a little about you)

So damn sorry for the delay because of summer vacation that’s why I couldn’t post much. I know I start so many Fan-Fictions every time but what I can do when I have so many ideas in my mind. Well this Fan-Fiction will be ending on episode 10-12. Then I will start another Fan-Fiction. But now I am back with another episode of I know I seen you but took me forever to find you… So I hope you guys liked the first two episodes and now I will be showing you episode 6 aha xx. Well I hope you enjoy ~Nusz.

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Additional Characters.

Priya/ Roshni Khurana/Patel – (Played Nia Sharma) – Thapki’s best friend

Aryan Khana – (Played by Shravan Reddy) – Bihaan’s best friend

Siddharth/Ravi Khurana/ – (Played by Ravi Dubey) – He has a hidden truth.

Aradhya Rao – (Played by Sana Ahmed) – She wants to solve all the problems.


Outside Pandey Mansion

Siddharth and Thapki reach home. They both are inside the car. Thapki was about to get out when Siddharth asks her something and she stops.

Sid: Thapki wait, Can I ask you something?

Thapki: Sure what is it?

Sid: Bihaan won’t remember everything so easily, he lost his memory badly and it could damage his brain if you force him to remember.

Thapki: Don’t worry Siddharth, I won’t force him at all because I don’t know even know who shot Bihaan that day

Sid: Do you remember what exactly she or he was wearing?

Thapki: All I know it was girl and she brought her goons along too

Sid: But why would she try to kill Bihaan?

Thapki: She was trying to kill me not Bihaan because I have no idea Siddharth

Sid: Thapki you should go inside, I will text you when I find some stuff about who shot Bihaan

Thapki: Siddharth it’s been 7 months since that incident happened

Sid: I know but I can try finding something

Thapki: I don’t want you to work alone, So I will help you out

Sid: But Thapki you’re already in a problem because of Bihaan’s memory lost

Thapki: I will take care of and help you too

Sid: Are you sure?

Thapki: Yes I am sure, okay Siddharth meet me tomorrow at the café?

Sid: Okay I will text you when I get home

Roshni stands there and sees them.

Roshni (In mind): Oh god Bihaan lost his memory all because of me… I wonder how Thapki is going through and Siddharth he doesn’t even know what I am up too… He thinks I betrayed him but I actually love him a lot.

Aryan: Roshni you stay out here I will go meet Thapki

Roshni: Wait Siddharth is inside

Aryan: So what?

Roshni: Wait till he leaves then go inside

Aryan: Roshni if you still love him then let him know

Roshni: He doesn’t trust me anymore Aryan

Aryan: If your love is true for him then you wouldn’t be scared to face someone you love the most.

Roshni: I know Aryan but you also need to face Aradhya right?

Aryan: Mhm I will don’t worry

Roshni: Thank you Aryan for always being there for me

Aryan: No problem

Roshni: Oh god Siddharth is leaving, I will hide you go the other side

Aryan: I am going in

Roshni: Aryan no

Aryan: Sorry Roshni I need to face the truth

Roshni: Aryan wait listen to me before going inside

Aryan enters then Siddharth turns around and starts walking while Thapki turns the other way. When Siddharth looks up and sees Aryan and gets shocked.

Sid: Aryan what hell are you doing here?

Thapki hears Siddharth and turns around to see

Thapki: Aryan…

Aryan: Hello Siddharth and Thapki it’s been awhile seen I seen you guys (He says with a smile)

Siddharth and Thapki are stunned.


Dhruv’s Car

Dhruv: Bihaan why are you acting so rude towards Thapki?

Bihaan: Why do you always have to talk about her with me?

Dhruv: Why does she affect you so much?

Bihaan: Because I feel like she

Dhruv: Feel like what?

Bihaan: I don’t know okay, just tell her to go back to her house

Dhruv: Bihaan relax man, she’s just our guest and wanted to party at the beach

Bihaan: And she had to choose me right?

Dhruv: Because she likes you

Bihaan: What did you say?

Dhruv: She likes you has a friend because Thapki is your doctor?

Bihaan: Now she’s my doctor? What the hell is going on here?

Dhruv: She’s a trainer and trying to help you out

Bihaan: Stop lying to me Dhruv

Dhruv: I don’t lie Bihaan

Bihaan: I know when you lie to me

Dhruv: Bihaan get out of the car

Bihaan: Why?

Dhruv: Just get out

Bihaan: Why are we on a cliff?

Dhruv: GET OUT

Bihaan: Relax I am

Bihaan gets out and Dhruv does too

Dhruv: I like this place a lot

Bihaan: Why?

Dhruv: Don’t you remember anything about this place?

Bihaan looks at Dhruv but confused.


Outside Pandey Mansion

Sid: What are you doing here Aryan?

Aryan: I am here to meet Thapki

Sid: You can tell both of us

Aryan turns around and doesn’t see Roshni.

Aryan: Well you see Siddharth Khurana I have my reasons

Thapki: Aryan what are you doing here all of a sudden?

Aryan: I need to talk to you

Thapki: It’s been since two years we talked

Aryan: I know that

Roshni then comes in front of the gate and Siddharth sees her face covered. Roshni then starts running.

Sid: I will be right back, Thapki I will text you when I get home

Thapki: Siddharth wait

Aryan: Thapki no waiting any more, you need to know the truth

Thapki: What are you talking about Aryan?

Aryan: The truth that was hidden from you

Thapki: Are you talking about you and Bihaan?

Aryan: Listen to me then you will know

Thapki looks at Aryan with a confused face and he looks down.


In the car/Road

Siddharth starts driving after Roshni but he loses her. Siddharth then comes out of the car and sees a restaurant by there. He starts walking and bumps into to a girl. She trips and they both hit the ground. The girl is on top of Siddharth with her face covered but only her eyes are showing. They both share an intense eye lock…

Sid: Who are you?

The girl is Roshni and is shocked to see Siddharth.

Sid: Wait I seen you before, but who are you?

She doesn’t say anything but Siddharth touches the blanket and slowly takes it off. He then gets shocked seeing her face. Roshni looks down and Siddharth is shocked.


Near the Cliff

Bihaan: Dhruv why did you bring me here?

Dhruv: Do you remember this place

Bihaan: Dhruv please let’s leave from you

Dhruv: Why so quickly? I love this place

Bihaan: I don’t like it here

Bihaan touches his head and gets some flashbacks.

Dhruv: Bihaan what happened, are you okay?

Bihaan: Move from there

Thapki: Bihaan no she’s going to shoot



Shraddha: I think you both have to die then

Bihaan pushes Thapki and she screams


Dhruv: Who is going to kill you?

Bihaan rushes into the car and locks the door. He shivers and looks really scared.

Dhruv rushes to the car and sees it locked.

Dhruv: Bihaan open the door for god sake

Bihaan: She killed her Dhruv, I lost her too

Dhruv: What hell are you talking about?

Bihaan: I saw her face when she shot me

Dhruv: Bihaan are you seriously?

Dhruv then unlocks the car and enters the car.

Bihaan: I don’t want to die but she left me too

Dhruv: Bihaan what are you trying to say?

Bihaan gets dizzy and faints

Dhruv: Bihaan? Oh god I need to leave this place and take him home… But what was he talking about? Why is he so scared about this place?

Dhruv starts driving the car very fast to make Bihaan reach home.


Outside Pandey Mansion

Aryan: Thapki I need to meet Bihaan

Thapki: No Aryan he can’t meet anyone

Aryan: He forgot you not me

Thapki: Aryan why are you being so mean and selfish again?

Aryan: Because Thapki you didn’t even try to contact Roshni again

Thapki: Roshni what are you talking about?

Aryan: Don’t act innocent with me Thapki

Thapki: I am not Aryan, I haven’t heard from Roshni because she died two years back in a plane accident

Aryan: What are you saying?

Thapki: Why would you make a joke out of this?


Thapki: What?

Thapki gets shocked and relieved after hearing the news.

Aryan: Thapki who the hell told you Roshni died?

Thapki: Shraddha told me Roshni died in a plane accident after she left the college party because she couldn’t face anymore. Then I called her the next day where she was supposed to reach England. So I called the place where she worked and they told me she died in that plane accident. That broke me into pieces and I didn’t even believe anyone about it.

Aryan: What are you saying?

Thapki: I am serious

Aryan: Thapki, Roshni isn’t dead in fact she is alive and is scared to face you again


Aryan: You think I am lying Thapki?


Aryan is stunned while Thapki is crying.


On the Road
Sid: Roshni

Sid pushes Roshni off him. Roshni and Siddharth both get up.

Roshni: Siddharth

Sid: Don’t call my name by your dirty mouth

Roshni: Siddharth I need to tell you something

Sid: That you tried to kill Bihaan?

Roshni: Why would I do that?

Sid: You can do anything just like you fake love me

Roshni: Don’t ever say that Siddharth, I have always loved you and still am

Siddharth turns around with an angry face and slaps Roshni. Roshni gets shocked.


Outside Pandey Mansion

Thapki: Aryan you need to leave before Bihaan and Dhruv get here?

Aryan: That means Shraddha lied to you about Roshni, but why?

Thapki: Because someone told her that

Aryan: Thapki you have to believe me, Roshni is still alive

Thapki: How can you say something like this? Yes me and Roshni fought many times… But she’s my best friend and always will be… Whenever I try to forget her but I can’t because she’s a person I knew I was four years old… Please don’t say nonsense stuff like this

Aryan: You’re so blind I swear to god

Thapki: And you’re such a liar Aryan

Aryan: Thapki how the hell do I prove it too you?

Thapki: You think this funny Aryan? I have lost everything including Bihaan because he doesn’t remember anything about me

Aryan is shocked and says.

Aryan: Bihaan lost his memory? You didn’t even tell me about this?

Thapki: You were to far busy in England doing all your crap

Aryan turns around and sees Dhruv entering the house with Bihaan.

Aryan: What happened to Bihaan again?

Thapki turns around and sees Bihaan in a bad condition

Thapki: Bihaan!!! (She runs towards him)

Aryan: God look what Shraddha caused between everyone, I just need to find out if she planned the shooting back then… Afterwards I will expose her

Aryan runs after Thapki too

Thapki: Dhruv what happened to Bihaan?

Dhruv: Thapki not right, let’s get him inside

Thapki: Okay I will hold his other hand

Aryan: I will do it for you

Aryan holds Bihaan’s other hand and Dhruv is shocked to see him.

Dhruv: Aryan?

Thapki looks on and Aryan smiles at him


On the road

Sid: Wah Roshni what a beautiful entry? What are you planning this time?

Roshni: Siddharth I know that slap was reliable but you have to listen to me

Sid: Listen to you about what? That you’re planning to kill Bihaan again?

Roshni: I would never do anything like that

Sid: You already have Roshni; you shot at Bihaan at the cliff? I knew Dhruv was hiding something from me

Roshni (In mind): I can’t tell Siddharth just yet, I need to talk to Dhruv about it because Shraddha his wife and the only way I can get help

Sid: Wow now you can’t

Roshni: Siddharth when you find out the truth then you will know

Roshni was about to leave when Siddharth pushes her against the tree.

Sid: You won’t leave until answering my questions

Roshni: Siddharth you’re hurting my hand

Sid: You broke my heart badly

Roshni: Siddharth you’re stupid thinking I liked Bihaan, Yes I had a little crush on him back in college but Thapki loved him and they deserve each other. But I love you Siddharth only you

Sid: You and your acting is even better than before

Roshni: Look into my eyes Siddharth then you will realize the pain

Sid looks into her eyes and sees tears.

Sid: I can’t believe you

Roshni: It’s okay Siddharth, but when it’s too late don’t come running after me again

Sid: Don’t lie to me Roshni

Roshni: I am not that Roshni anymore who lies… Right now I am looking for justice

Sid: What do you mean?

Roshni: You will know when I mean it

Roshni pushes Siddharth away from her. She starts walking and Siddharth looks on. Roshni feels dizzy and was about to fall when Siddharth catches her.

Sid: Roshni?

He then carries her into his car

Sid: I will take her to my house for now; I need to find out what she is up too

He drives away with Roshni who is unconscious.


Inside Pandey Mansion

Dadi: What happened is Dhruv fine?

Dhruv: Call Ma

Dhruv: She isn’t home

Dadi: To meet your Bau ji

Dhruv: Dadi, Bihaan’s condition is worse than before

Aryan: The doctors are on their way

Bihaan’s room

Thapki fixes Bihaan’s bed. Dhruv and Aryan make him lie down.

Thapki: Bihaan are you okay?

Dhruv: Thapki relax the doctor is on their way

The doctor comes and tells everyone to leave accept on person. Thapki stays back while the rest leave.

Dadi: I hope my Bihaan is fine, Dhruv Beta I will be right back and let Vasu Babu know about it

Dhruv: No Dadi, I don’t want to stress her out

Dadi: But Beta

Dhruv: Please Dadi

Dadi: Okay Beta, I will go ask them to make some light food for Bihaan

Dhruv: Thank you Dadi

Dadi leaves and Aryan asks him something.

Aryan: Dhruv?

Dhruv: What are you doing here Aryan?


Shraddha’s House

Guy: You think this plan will work?

Shraddha: I know it will

Guy: Thapki won’t die because everyone is around her

Shraddha: Then I will use my so called husband Dhruv Pandey against Thapki

Guy: What do you mean?

Shraddha: I know how to kill her, you will have to wait and see my next move

Shraddha smirks and looks on


Pandey Mansion (Inside)

Aryan: Dhruv I know but this is the truth

Dhruv: I need to meet Roshni and punish her

Aryan: But listen to her actual story because I believe her

Dhruv: You know she betrayed my best friend Siddharth and Thapki too

Aryan: She has a reason behind that, just meet her tonight

Dhruv: Where?

Aryan: Hopefully she will text you

The doctor coems out and says Bihaan needs bed rest. Aryan tells Dhruv.

Aryan: I will leave and come meet Bihaan tomorrow

Dhruv: Where you going?

Aryan: To meet someone whom I loved the most

Dhruv: Aradhya?

Aryan: Yes I love Aradhya a lot Dhruv

Dhruv: Okay you go

Aryan: Take care of Bihaan and Thapki

Dhruv: I will

Aryan: And remember what I said

Dhruv: Yea, take care

Aryan: Bye

Aryan leaves and Dhruv sees Thapki taking care of Bihaan. He closes the door and leaves from there.

Dhruv: I need to meet Roshni today and ask her for the truth


Siddharth’s Mansion

Siddharth makes Roshni lie down on the bed and touches her head. He sits near her. Sid looks at Roshni and remembers their moments.

Sid: I need to find out what you’re hiding, but first I need to meet Aryan

Sid leaves the room and tells the servants and guards to take care and keep an eye on Roshni till I come back. His parents are actually in England right now. Roshni then slowly gains conscious and realizes this is Siddharth’s house.

Roshni: I knew it Siddharth, you still love me

Roshni smiles a bit and sees her phone buzzing. She sees a text by Aryan to meet Dhruv.

Roshni: Now I need to call Dhruv

Roshni calls Dhruv

Roshni: Hello Dhruv, can we meet?


Pandey Mansion (Bihaan’s House)

Bihaan slowly gains conscious and says.

Bihaan: Don’t leave me please

Thapki: Bihaan I will never leave you ever

All of a sudden the lights go off

Thapki: Oh god the lights

Bihaan then slowly gets up and says

Bihaan: Who are you? And what are you doing in my room?

Thapki: Bihaan it’s me Thapki

Bihaan: Why are you always after me

Thapki: Bihaan relax, you just gained conscious

Bihaan: So what

Bihaan starts walking towards and she walks backwards. She hits the wall. The room is fully dark. Bihaan pulls her waist towards him and holds it.

Teri Khair Mangdi plays

“Ho… aa…”

“Jaan waleya tu tadpaya
Laut ke phir tu kade na aaya
Akhaan de naal dil nu rulaya
Bada sataya tu…”

Bihaan pulls Thapki towards him. Thapki is stunned.

Thapki: Bihaan…

Thapki then pushes Bihaan lightly away from her. She walks away but then trips on the bed while Bihaan falls too… They both share an eye lock….

“Yaad teri bas aandi jaave
Par teri koi khabar na aave
Dil mera hun dub’da jaave
Bada sataya tu…”

Thapki gets up and Bihaan hugs her from the back….

Bihaan: Why are you always near me? Why do I feel for you?

Thapki gets touched by him…

Thapki: Bihaan…

“Tenu hun meri
Kade yaad aake tadpandi nahi
Akhiyan ‘chon teri
Kithe nindar udd fud jaandi nahi”

Bihaan turns Thapki around and she looks at him. They both share an intense eye lock. Thapki touches Bihaan’s face… He says

Bihaan: Thapki…

Thapki: Bihaan….

“Aave tu mudke
Hun main ta karaan faryaadan ni
Rahan vich jind baithi
Ik teriyan yaddan”


Near Aradhya’s House

Aryan: Aradhya

Aradhya gets shocked seeing him…

Aryan holds her hand and pulls Aradhya towards him.

Aradhya: Aryan… let me go….

Aryan: Listen to me once Aradhya….

Aradhya: You broke my trust ages ago

Aryan turns Aradhya around. He holds her waist and they both share an eye lock.

Aryan: I love you

Aradhya looks on with tears in her eyes

“Ik teri khair mangdi
Main manga na kujh hor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Na toote dil ki dor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Ab koi chale na zor
Ik teri khair mangdi… main”

Aradhya: I don’t love you Aryan, I hate you

Aryan: I know you still love me

Aradhya: I can’t because I am engaged already

Aryan gets shocked and Aradhya pushes him away

Aryan: Aradhya…

Aradhya: You broke my trust and heart ages ago…

Aradhya looks at Aryan and runs away from there into her house… It starts raining… Aryan falls on the ground and she looks through from her window… She cries and looks at their picture… Aryan starts crying heavily…

“Ik teri khair mangdi
Main manga na kujh hor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Na toote dil ki dor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Ab koi chale na zor
Ik teri khair mangdi… main”


Aradhya: Aryan….

Aryan starts screaming and cries… Aradhya looks through the window and cries…

“Tere bina seene vich
Saah ruk gaye ne
Tu jo gaya te mere
Raah ruk gaye ne”

Aradhya: I am sorry Aryan…


Aradhya cries in pain and throws the engagement ring while Aryan cries in pain while it’s raining.

“Paake jo tenu mere dil ne gavaya ae
Dard judaai wala
Naina vich chhaya ae”


Pandey Mansion

Bihaan’s Room/Backyard

Bihaan pulls Thapki closer to him… She doesn’t move… He kisses her on the cheek…

Thapki: Bihaan…

Bihaan: No don’t talk because I don’t want this to end

Thapki: You aren’t in your senses

“Rabb kare tenu koi
Gham tadpaave na
Barishan da mausam teri
Akh val jaave na”

Then the lights go on and Bihaan sees Thapki’s face. He gets shocked

Bihaan: You?

Thapki: Bihaan?


Thapki gets shocked and tears from her eyes…

“Sadeyan naseeban vich
Likkhiyan judaiyan ve
Kadon door honiyan ne
Ae tanhaiyan…”

Bihaan then gets flashbacks but it’s blurry and Thapki comes near him.

Thapki: Are you okay?


Thapki gets shocked and Bihaan pushes her out of the room….

Thapki: Bihaan…

Bihaan: I don’t want to see your face ever again…

Thapki starts walking out of the house while it’s raining she remembers the happy moments she shared with Bihaan. Thapki starts crying and falls on the ground.

“Teri khair mangdi
Main manga na kujh hor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Na toote dil ki dor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Ab koi chale na zor
Ik teri khair mangdi… main!”

Thapki: Bihaan why can’t you remember me? I am your Thapki who loved for almost for four years…

Thapki cries so much and screams. Bihaan then gets angry and breaks his phone. Then he sees a picture on the ground of Thapki and him. Bihaan gets shocked.

Bihaan: What is this?

Bihaan is shocked.

Everyone/Everywhere is shown

Siddharth is driving while thinking about Roshni. Aryan and Thapki are crying under the rain remembering Bihaan and Aradhya. Bihaan is shocked and touches his head.

“Ho ik teri khair mangdi
Main manga na kujh hor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Na toote dil ki dor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Ab koi chale na zor
Ik teri khair mangdi… main!”

Music ends

Roshni meets Dhruv face to face. Siddharth sees Shraddha and goes out of the car and gets shocked. Bihaan is confused about the picture. Thapki, Aryan and Aradhya are crying for losing the people they love.

Episode ends.

Moral – “School is over but try to smile because sometimes life isn’t easy”

Recap: Roshni and Dhruv come face to face. Dhruv bashes Roshni and tells her to stay away from his family. Roshni tries to tell Dhruv the truth but fails to do so. But finally she screams it all out. Shraddha sees Siddharth and tells his goons to run after him. He manages to escape and see Roshni and Dhruv. Bihaan asks Thapki what’s these pictures. Thapki throws more pictures at him and says “Mr. Bihaan Pandey I am your wife Ms. Thapki Bihaan Pandey” Bihaan gets shocked. Aryan is happy to see Bihaan and tells him a shocking truth. Bihaan tries to find out about his past and Thapki. Aryan and Aradhya get romantic and someone catches them. Roshni meets Thapki and they get emotional seeing each other. Lastly Roshni and Siddharth tell each other some stuff while Bihaan kisses Thapki on the cheek for some reason which shocks her.

By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy episode 7 for now till episode 8!!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys x by Nusz aha xx.

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