“I know I seen you, But it took me forever to find you” Episode 6 (Romantic/Dance Moments)


“I know I seen you, But it took me forever to find you” Episode 6 (Romantic/Dance Moments)

So damn sorry for the delay because of summer vacation that’s why I couldn’t post much. I know I start so many Fan-Fictions every time but what I can do when I have so many ideas in my mind. Well this Fan-Fiction will be ending on episode 10-12. Then I will start another Fan-Fiction. But now I am back with another episode of I know I seen you but took me forever to find you… So I hope you guys liked the first two episodes and now I will be showing you episode 6 aha xx. Well I hope you enjoy ~Nusz.

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Additional Characters.

Priya/ Roshni Khurana/Patel – (Played Nia Sharma) – Thapki’s best friend

Aryan Khana – (Played by Shravan Reddy) – Bihaan’s best friend

Siddharth/Ravi Khurana/ – (Played by Ravi Dubey) – He has a hidden truth.

Aradhya Rao – (Played by Sana Ahmed) – She wants to solve all the problems.


Pandey Mansion

Thapki starts following Bihaan everywhere and annoys him a lot. He then stops and Thapki hits Bihaan’s back. He turns around and makes a face at her.

Bihaan: Why are you following me everywhere? Don’t you work here?

Thapki: I am working

Bihaan: You work by following me?

Thapki: Maybe

Bihaan: I wonder who gave you this job

Thapki: I came here by choice (She says with a cute smile)

Bihaan: You’re annoying me very much

Thapki: But I have always annoyed you and will forever

Bihaan stares at her and Thapki smiles.

Bihaan: What do you mean?

All of a sudden Dhruv comes there.

Dhruv: Thapki I need your help

Bihaan: Dhruv can I ask you something?

Dhruv: Yea what’s wrong?

Bihaan: Who the hell gave her this job?

Sid: I did

Bihaan: Sid, when did you get back from London?

Sid: I came back like 8 months ago

Bihaan: Um you left like two days

Dhruv makes a face at Siddharth

Sid: Why is everyone staring at me?

Thapki: Siddharth come with me

Dhruv: Wait I am coming too

Bihaan: Okay this house is really messed up


Unwanted Place

Priya: What the hell is your problem?

Guy: I am tired of playing your dirty games

Priya: If you really loved your best friend then you wouldn’t betray him.

Guy: I didn’t betray him he did

Priya: Then why are you working with me?

Guy: I am only doing this because I

Priya: I what?

Guy: Because I thought Bihaan betrayed me until I found out from Siddharth

Priya: Mr. Aryan Rao how can you betray he?

Aryan: I can’t believe you Priya; I thought you were Thapki’s best friend

Priya: I was her best friend until she took away Bihaan away from me

Aryan: What kind of blind faith do you have in others Priya or should I say Roshni?

Roshni: Aryan you need to stop or I will kill you

Aryan: I dare you to kill me Roshni… I know you’re hiding something else because has far I know you wouldn’t ever dare to harm or kill anyone even though you were mean and selfish at points.

Roshni takes a gun out and points it on Aryan

Aryan: You know something Roshni, The man who truly loved you was Siddharth where you totally betrayed him and tried to kill Thapki but you shot Bihaan instead… Or is there something else into it?

Roshni drops the guns and falls on the ground… Roshni starts crying…

Aryan: Why are you crying? Is this you’re another plan Roshni?

Roshni: I am sorry Aryan for hiding the real truth

Aryan: What the hell are you trying to say?

Roshni: I didn’t want to kill Thapki in fact I wanted to save her and Bihaan from her

Aryan: Her? Who are you talking about Roshni?

Roshni looks at Aryan and he gets confused


Pandey Mansion

Dhruv’s room

Sid: And you guys didn’t inform me any information while I was out of India

Thapki: I am Siddharth I had no choice

Sid: I see our friendship just like what happened two years back

Thapki: I am sorry Siddharth

Dhruv: Sid listen to me, Thapki was in depression in that moment and now Bihaan doesn’t even remember the past three years that he spent with Thapki… You know it hurts when you fall in love

Sid: You think I don’t know how it feels Dhruv? I have been in love too

Thapki gets sad

Sid: Wow I get it, Dhruv hasn’t even told you

Thapki: What are you saying?

Sid: That Priya is actually Roshni my wife

Dhruv: And she tried to kill you because she loved Bihaan…

Sid looks at Dhruv and gets shocked while Bihaan enters the room.

Bihaan: What’s going on here?

Dhruv, Thapki and Siddharth get shocked seeing Bihaan


Dadi’s room

Dadi: I told Dhruv everything about Thapki and Bihaan’s relationship

Vasu: Bihaan can’t forget everything and not remember

Dadi: If we try to make him remember we will lose him too

Vasu: Ma what are you trying to say?


Vasu gets shocked and falls on the bed… She touches her mouth and is really shocked after listening to this news.

Dadi: Vasu Babu, I am sorry I didn’t want to say it like that

Vasu: How can you tell Dhruv something like this? Even though his trying to find out who shot Bihaan

Dadi: I told Dhruv because his gonna make Thapki and Bihaan go on a beach date

Vasu: What do you mean?

Dadi: Dhruv is gonna tell Siddharth that they will all go to the beach with Thapki and Bihaan and leave them there. Thapki will try to make Bihaan remember things with her memories and very slowly.

Vasu: But Ma I can’t let Bihaan and Thapki go anywhere if that killer is still out there

Dadi: Don’t worry the Dhruv and Siddharth with be with the police but not with them

Vasu: I can’t risk anything else just like I will lose my son

Dadi: You won’t lose him and that’s my promise because Thapki’s heart is connected with Bihaan

Vasu relaxes a bit and Dadi hugs her.

Vasu: I hope this plan actually works.


Unwanted place

Roshni: I didn’t know what to do… I hated Thapki because I use to have a huge crush on Bihaan during the college times and then when I left I fell in love with Siddharth and I was really happy with him. Aryan I know you liked me but I didn’t want to be with you because I loved Bihaan at that time but then I left and everything changed. But when I applied for a job due to when I and Siddharth’s marriage broke because he thought I still like Bihaan which I didn’t. So then I found out that Thapki was in that office and was married with Bihaan and I felt so happy for both of them. This woman named Shraddha who is Dhruv’s wife wanted to kill Thapki because she took over the company instead her. I heard her conversation with a man killing and then Thapki went to meet someone near a cliff. So I called Bihaan from an unknown phone and he didn’t recognize my voice. Then I rushed to that place too and saw Thapki and there was a gun on her head. Shraddha was covering her face and I came there and covered my face too so Thapki didn’t notice I was here too. Then Bihaan reaches the place and threw at rot on that man’s hand. He fell right on the ground. Shraddha then shot but Bihaan took the bullet instead of Thapki. Bihaan was lying down on the ground and Thapki was sitting near him. Shraddha then pushes me and run away from there. I realized that Shraddha knew I heard everything and wanted me to come in front of them dressed exactly like her. Then I dropped the cell phone on the ground so Thapki could call the ambulances. I started running when you saw me and caught me that time. That’s when I changed the story because I didn’t know who to trust anymore until now…

Aryan is shocked and ashamed after hearing this story from Roshni. He sits on the ground near Roshni and makes her lie down on his shoulder.

Aryan: I am sorry Roshni I didn’t know you were protecting everyone

Roshni: In fact I am sorry Aryan for making your Aradhya away from you

Aryan: What do you mean?

Roshni: Remember that day at collage when I left but I actually didn’t… I came back and got into a fight with Thapki and pushed her and she hit her head remember that day?

Aryan: Where Thapki got hurt right?

Roshni: Yea that day because Thapki took Bihaan away from me. Also I hated you because when you supported them instead of me. So I went to Aradhya and showed her pictures of you and another girl and she misunderstood you has a player. I dropped the photo near Bihaan and he supported Aradhya against you. Also you thought that Bihaan was just using the whole time and you broke all ties with him.

Aryan: How can you do something like that Roshni?

Roshni: I know I am sorry, yes I was selfish back then

Aryan: You caused problems between me and Aradhya, I loved her a lot and so did she

Roshni: I am sorry Aryan but I will make you become hers again


Roshni: There is no way that Aradhya would marry another guy… I had seen it in her eyes when I said those fake things… She loved you a lot…


Roshni: I am sorry Aryan; I even have lost Siddharth because of my disgusting behavior

Aryan: Because you’re disgusting

Roshni: I am really sorry Aryan and I know I am… But please don’t get angry at me… The only friend I have right now is you….

Aryan sees Roshni crying a lot and hugs…

Aryan: I will help you fix everything if you make the most important things return to me

Roshni: Yes Bihaan and Aradhya?

Aryan: Yea, now you stop crying because I will help you out too

Roshni smiles and Aryan hugs her again


Pandey Mansion

Dhruv’s Room

Dhruv: Bihaan what are you doing here?

Bihaan: I came to tell you something

Dhruv: Yea what is it?

Bihaan: Well you see your phone was with me

Dhruv: Oh thanks can I have it back

Bihaan: Well I picked up your call, are you going to the beach?

Dhruv: Well I was planning too

Bihaan: Well which girlfriend is it?

Sid: His actually married

Bihaan: Married? When did you get married?

Dhruv and Thapki make a face at Sid.

Bihaan: What’s going on here?

Dhruv: Yes I got married when you were at college campus

Bihaan: And you didn’t tell me?

Dhruv: Sorry dude

Bihaan: It’s alright anyways where’s your wife?

Dhruv: She’s not home right now

Bihaan: Then where did she go?

Dhruv: She actually went to meet her family. Anyways I am planning to go to the beach with Siddharth and Thapki, wanna come along?

Bihaan: Thapki? What’s a Thapki?

Sid starts laughing and Thapki makes a face at him.

Dhruv: Thapki is not a what

Bihaan: Then?

Thapki: I am Thapki

Bihaan: You’re Thapki??

Thapki: Yes any issue with that?

Bihaan: Chuk Chuk Gadi I must say

Thapki: Excuse me

Dhruv: Guys let’s not fight

Bihaan: But why is she coming

Dhruv: Because she our guest

Bihaan: I thought she was the maid? What the hell is going on here?

Sid: Maid (Laughing)

Thapki hits Siddharth on the head

Dhruv: She’s a maid at her house but actually she’s my wife’s sister

Bihaan: Then what is she doing here?

Dhruv: She’s staying over here for a few days

Bihaan: But please tell her to stay away from me

Dhruv: Sure but can we go now

Dhruv and Bihaan leave the room which he winks at Thapki and Siddharth to come.

Thapki: Duffer? What’s wrong with you?

Sid: It’s funny though

Thapki: Okay let’s go

Sid: Are you sure you will be able to wear that?

Thapki: I remember he was like that during college times and I will make him remember everything

Sid: I don’t blame Bihaan… instead I blame Roshni who liked Bihaan and cheated me

Thapki: Siddharth, I know how you feel but Roshni didn’t know the right path

Sid: But I lost her already

Thapki: We will talk about this later, right now I want you to smile for me

Sid: I don’t smile

Thapki: Okay duffer me like that

Sid: Stop calling me duffer (He hits her on the head)

Thapki: Hey don’t hit me on the head

Sid: You said smile and I am trying

Thapki: A real one not a fake one

Sid: I will try but can we go now or Dhruv will kill me

Thapki: Okay let’s go

Sid: I will be right there; I need to attend this call

Thapki: Okay hurry up duffer

Thapki leaves and Sid gets thinking

Sid (In mind): Dhruv is hiding something from me about Roshni but what is it?

Sid gets thinking and then leaves from there


Shraddha’s House

Shraddha: That Thapki is so lucky that everyone she loves lives for her… The only way to get Thapki out of world is killing her in general instead of her loved ones

Man: How are you going to do that?

Shraddha: I will think about it, but right now I need to act around Dhruv or he will find out

Man: What about that girl that knows your truth

Shraddha: I need to find her and destroy her

Man: How are you going to do that? If you didn’t take any action for the last 6 months

Shraddha: Don’t worry I will find her

Man: How?

Shraddha: Don’t worry about that, I have a plan in my mind

She smirks and the man looks on


Goa Beach

Bihaan: Wow I haven’t visited this place in ages

Dhruv: I know it’s been awhile

Sid: Well the weather is nice here (He remembers when Roshni and he visited this place)

Dhruv looks at him and realizes

Dhruv (In mind): I need to tell Sid the truth about Roshni so he won’t feel guilty anymore about himself and his love.

Bihaan: Where’s that Chuk Chuk Gadi?

Dhruv: I have no idea myself

Bihaan: I really don’t like her, I find her very annoying and stupid

Dhruv: Okay chill Bihaan

Bihaan: She better leave the house by tomorrow, I can’t even handle her

The song Sau Aasmaan will start playing

Dhruv: Okay relax now

Music starts playing and Sid turns around and sees Thapki in shorts with a cardigan and a crop top. Siddharth is shocked to see Thapki in that style while Dhruv looks at him and then turns to see what he staring at… He then sees Thapki and gets shocked too

Bihaan: What are you looking at over there?

Bihaan turns around and sees Thapki walking while the people start dancing behind her. Bihaan gets memorized by her beauty

Thapki: “Aankhon ko… teri aadat hai, Tu dikhe na toh inhe shiqayat hai”

Dhruv and Sid smile seeing this and moves away from Bihaan to watch the show. Thapki comes near Bihaan and walks past him.

Thapki: “Aankhon ko… teri aadat hai, Tu dikhe na toh inhe shiqayat hai”

Bihaan looks at her and feels something. Thapki then comes in front of him and swings his hands.

Thapki: “Bin chhuey chhu liye hain Tune mujhko diye hain Pyaar ke ye taraane janiya” (She starts putting her hands around Bihaan’s neck and he looks at her)

She then runs into the water while holding Bihaan’s hand and they both start jumping in the water

Thapki: “Ye jo ab ho raha hai Kuch ajab ho raha hai Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas”

She then kisses his cheeks and starts dancing with the people around her including Dhruv and Siddharth while Bihaan looks on.

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”

She then goes towards Bihaan and pinches his nose and starts dancing in front of him. He smiles looking at her.

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”
Thapki starts dancing faster and smiles while Bihaan looks at her dancing happily.

Music plays while everyone is dancing. Bihaan walks towards her while singing. Thapki looks at him.

Bihaan: “Jaane kya hone lagaa Mujhko nahi hai khabar Kyun neend se door ye Jaane lagi hai nazar

Bihaan then carries Thapki and spins her around while she sings. They both touch their heads.

Thapki: “Chhodo ye saari baatein Ab mili hain jo raatein Inhe jaane na dena janiya”

Thapki then starts running when Bihaan catches her. They spin around and he sings.

Bihaan: “Ye jo ab ho raha hai Kuch ajab ho raha hai Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas”

Thapki then takes off her cardigan she throws it high up in the sky. They both start dancing with the people and smile at each other

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”

Thapki splashes in the water while Bihaan smiles

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”

Music plays. Bihaan is swimming and comes out of the water shirtless and Thapki looks on and smiles. Dhruv and Siddharth give each other a high five.

Bihaan: “Aankhon ko… teri aadat hai Tu dikhe na toh Inhe shikayat hai”

Thapki looks at him while Bihaan is walking towards her.

Bihaan: “Bin chhuey chhu liye hain Tune mujhko diye hain Pyaar ke ye taraane janiya…”

Bihaan then carries Thapki and throws her in the water. She makes an angry face at him and he starts laughing at her. He jumps in the water and they both start dancing together.

Bihaan: “Ye jo ab ho raha hai Kuch ajab ho raha hai Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas”

Bihaan then touches Thapki’s face and they get closer to each other. Thapki pushes him and starts dancing.

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”

He smiles and walks towards her.

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”

Now Thapki and Bihaan are really close towards each other. Bihaan holds Thapki’s waist and they share an intense eye lock….

Thapki: “Sau aasmaano ko Aur do jahano ko Chhod ke aayi tere paas”

Music ends with them very closer to each other…

Thapki: Bihaan….

Bihaan then let’s Thapki go and looks away. He touches he and remembers a flashback of girl screaming “Bihaan I love you” “I love you too and will never leave you side” Dhruv and Sid come there and hold Bihaan.

Dhruv: Whoa there buddy, what happened to you?

Thapki then gets concerned about Bihaan and walks towards him.


Dhruv and Siddharth get shocked

Bihaan: Why are you always coming close towards me? You even tried to seduce me and I did come closer to you

Thapki: Bihaan I am not anything

Bihaan: Please leave alone and get away from me

Dhruv signs Sid and he nods.

Thapki: Bihaan listen to me, you don’t remember

Bihaan: Stop talking I can’t handle it anymore

Sid: Thapki come let’s go from here

Thapki: Why is Bihaan acting like this?

Sid: I will tell you on the way

Sid takes Thapki away from there. She turns around and looks at Bihaan with teary eyes while Bihaan doesn’t look at her

Thapki (In mind): Why don’t you remember me Bihaan?

Bihaan (In mind): I don’t know why but every time I go near her I get these flashbacks but what are they?

The episode ends with Bihaan and Thapki’s depressed faces.

Moral – “Love is different but when someone forgets you, try to make them remember you at the same time xx” (Also I am very sorry for uploading very late, but now I will update the next episode on time I promise from the bottom my heart aha xx)

Recap: “Roshni and Dhruv come face to face. Dhruv bashes Roshni and tells her to stay away from his family. Roshni tries to tell Dhruv the truth but fails to do so. Aryan is happy to see Bihaan and tells him a shocking truth. Aryan and Aradhya meet and get happy seeing each other but she runs away from there. Roshni and Siddharth bump into each other. She falls on him and they stare at each. Siddharth slaps Roshni and she gets shocked. Thapki and Bihaan trip and fall on the bed, they get romantic but then Bihaan pushes her away and feels dizzy after seeing a flashback of Thapki that is blurry. Shraddha finally got a plan to kill Thapki and smirks.

By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy episode 6 for now until episode 7!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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