I know I seen you…. But it took me forever to find you…. Episode 2

I know I seen you…. But it took me forever to find you…. Episode 2
So damn sorry for the delay… Ramadan is here I can’t post much anymore… (A Thahaan love story)I think you guys know me…. But hi guys I am nusz…. I already have written a Fan-Fiction calllledddddddddddddddd Destiny vs. Love. But it seems like many people left and Thahaan romance in that Fan-Fiction will be getting cuter!! I hope you guys still read it) and I am still writing it… I hope you guys can read it and tell me if you liked it or not… But anyways this is my third shot … Please don’t hate on me… I am not from Asia I am from England so please do bear with me!!!! If I do anything wrong… Anyways let’s start!!! (I am Nusz aha)

Let’s start…
At the hospital (In the morning)
The sun was shining so bright… Thapki was laying her head on Bihaan’s chest the whole night… Then Vasu comes inside the room and sees her like that… Dadi who is waiting outside tells Vasu to come out and Vasu starts crying after seeing Thapki… Dadi tries consoling her…
Vasu: Ma look at her she’s not even getting proper sleep… I swear to god one day this girl is going to get sick by doing this…
Dadi: What are you talking about Vasu??
Vasu: Thapki laying her head down on Bihaan’s chest the whole night… If she keeps doing that she will become sick…
Dadi: Vasu what can we do?? Bihaan has loved Thapki so much… Now she thinks her love will bring him back to life…
Vasu: Ma I can’t lie anymore… I need to tell Thapki….
Dadi: Give her some time… Maybe these stories will bring him back to life…
Vasu: But what if…
Dadi: Let’s wait… now let’s go get some food for Thapki… I don’t think she ate anything after yesterday….
Vasu (in mind): I can’t handle this anymore…
Bihaan’s hospital room
The sun was shining bright on Thapki’s face and then she slowly starts opening her eyes… Her neck starts hurting… But she didn’t really care… She went towards the window and closed it a bit so the sun wouldn’t shine on Bihaan’s face… She then went back to Bihaan and sat near him…
Thapki: Bihaan how are you feeling now?? I know yesterday was a very bad day…. But I promise today will be a great day…. (She said with a big smile on her face)
Then her neck started hurting even more… Thapki was in pain… Then Vasu enters the room and gives cream to put on her neck…
Thapki: Ma what are you doing here so early?
Vasu: You can’t always stay here alone
Thapki: Ma I am fine here…
Vasu: But Thapki have you seen yourself? You aren’t even getting enough sleep or eating properly…
Thapki: Ma I am eating properly and sleeping too…
Vasu: I saw you for the past couple of days laying your head on Bihaan’s head…
Thapki: Ma I don’t want to talk about this anymore….
Vasu: Thapki stop this craziness…
Thapki: Ma I don’t want to talk about this anymore….
Vasu: You think this will make Bihaan come back to life…
Thapki: Ma give me some time… I promise after I finish this story Bihaan will wake up…
Vasu: How are you so sure that Bihaan would wake up after you finish the story?
Thapki: Because I know my Bihaan he promised me…
Vasu: Thapki don’t you understand that Bihaan…. (Then she suddenly remembers what Dadi and the doctor said)
Thapki: Understand what Ma??
Vasu: You’re acting foolish… you think your stories will bring him back to life…
Thapki: Ma please trust me this time…
Vasu: You have been saying that for the past 6 months….
Thapki: This time I will prove it myself… That’s my promise Ma….
Vasu: I will wait and see… (She leaves the room)
Thapki goes near the window carrying Bihaan’s picture…. She looks at that sunshine and recalls the cutest moment between Bihaan and her…. Slowly tears start following…

Outside Pandey family’s house
Bihaan: Thapki!!!
Thapki: Bihaan I don’t want to talk about it…
Bihaan: I already told you how much I love you…..
Thapki: First of all tell me what are you doing in my house??
Bihaan: You already know (coming closer to her)
Thapki: Look Bihaan I don’t want to talk about…
Bihaan: Thapki please come back home….
Thapki: Bihaan stop this…
Thapki was about to leave Bihaan pulls her back… He touches her face and she feels shy….
Bihaan: Fine I will leave you alone until you come back home… But I know you love me too…
Thapki: Bihaan let me go…
Bihaan: No until you saying you’re coming home…
Thapki: Bihaan I am at home…. We’re just standing outside of it…
Bihaan starts laughing…
Thapki: What’s so funny?
Bihaan: Chuk Chuk Gadi knows everything so well….
Thapki: Bihaan can you let me go…
Bihaan pulls Thapki even closer… He comes closer to her face… and she looks down… He kisses her on the cheeks and let’s go… She stands there in shock… Bihaan looks at her with a cute puppy face…. Thapki’s face goes red like a tomato…. She was about to run away when Bihaan pulls her hand… and says something….
Bihaan: I can hear your heartbeat… and it’s beating for me….
His holding her hand from the back and he twists it a bit…
Thapki: Bihaan you’re hurting me…
Bihaan pulls her closer and whispers in her ear….
Bihaan: I have got my eyes on you….
He lets her go… He leaves the place with a cute smile while she stands there with a cute face…
Thapki: Why do I feel so different around Bihaan…?
Inside the Pandey family’s house
Vasu: Thapki, where were you?
Thapki: Ma…. I was outside
Vasu: Yea what were you doing outside?
Bihaan: Oh she was romancing ram pyaari
Thapki makes an angry face at Bihaan…. while he smiles at her….
Vasu: You like Ram Pyaari??
Thapki: No Ma, Bihaan is joking…
Vasu: Then what were you doing?
Thapki: I was drying the clothes…
Vasu: But that took you forever….
Bihaan starts laughing while Vasu and Thapki look at him angrily…
Vasu: What’s so funny Bihaan?
Bihaan: I am laughing because of Thapki romancing Ram Pyaari….
Vasu pulls Bihaan’s ear…
Vasu: You and your pranks
Bihaan: Ma you’re hurting my ear…
Thapki giggles a bit… Bihaan looks at her… Thapki sticks her tongue out and leaves the place…
Bihaan (in mind): How long are you going to hide your feelings from me Thapki…? One day you will have to say it yourself…
Flashback ends

Present day
Thapki looks at Bihaan’s picture and smiles remembering that day… She thinks to herself a bit…
Thapki’s and Bihaan’s POV (Point Of View)
“The sun is shining but god why isn’t Bihaan waking up… Bauji hasn’t been eating properly since Bihaan left… Everyone is suffering a lot….”
“It’s almost dark and I don’t see any sunshine… But those moments I shared with him is hard to forget for the past 6 months… I have been seeing him sleep on the hospital bed for months but still he hasn’t response to any of my questions….
Echoes I heard Echoes said someone….
“These noises what is that”….
Voices were heard and slowly Thapki didn’t know what it was…. She quickly turned around and saw Bihaan was on the bed…. She panicked… and starts calling his name… She quickly ran out of the room and no one was around the place…. She gets scared and thinks where Bihaan is….
“What is happening to me… Where did Bihaan go… I feel like something is wrong… why do I hear voices…
Then she heard a guy’s voice telling her something…
Guy: Your smile is beautiful….
Thapki was shocked to hear the voice…
Thapki: BIHAAN….
She starts running really fast…
Bihaan: Thapki… I am always by your side… But please stop hurting yourself…
Thapki: That song…. Where is it coming from?
Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai plays from the movie (Dhadkan)
This song will be you realize the love/pain between the couple….
Thapki: I am dreaming… this is just a dream….

Hospital scene/ Valley
Thapki gets up and sees smoke coming from outside…. She runs outside and sees flowers all around the place… It looks like a valley… Thapki hears a voice….
Tune plays
Bihaan: Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se, mohabbat ho gayee hai tumse
Tune plays….
Thapki hears the voice and it sounds like she knows him… She runs through the valley of flowers… and starts looking for him….
Bihaan: Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se, Mohabbat ho gayee hai tumse, Meree jan mere dilbar, meraa aitbar karlo Jitna bekarar hu mai, khudko bekarar karlo Meree dhadkano ko samjho, tum bhee mujhse pyar karlo
Thapki starts running more and tears fall from her eyes… She sees a guy walking through the smoke… holding a guitar in his hand… She smiles seeing him… Then Thapki starts saying (Lalalal with him)
Bihaan: Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil
Thapki: se aa aa aa aa aa……
Bihaan: Mohabbat ho gayee hai tumse
Thapki: aa aa aa aa aa…..
Bihaan: Meree jan mere dilbar, meraa aitbar karlo, Jitna bekarar hu mai, khudko bekarar karlo Meree dhadkano ko samjho, tum bhee mujhse pyar karlo (Thapki saying Aa aa)
Thapki: Aa aa aa aa aa…….. – (2)
Bihaan: Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se, mohabbat ho gayee hai tumse
Thapki keeps following him…. He drops something on the ground and she picks it up… The note says “You’re my heartbeat” She then realizes something…. Thapki runs even faster….
Tune plays
Bihaan: Tum jo kehdo toh chand taro ko tod launga mai Inn hawao ko, inn ghatao ko mod launga mai) – (2)
Thapki closes her eyes while holding a rose… The wind is blowing…. Bihaan comes there and kisses her forehead….
Thapki: Kaisa manjar hai meree aankho me, kaisa ehsas hai, Pas darya hai dur sehra hai, phir bhee kyu pyas hai
Thapki then opens her eyes…. And sees no one there…
Bihaan: Kadmo me jahan yeh rakhdu, mujhse aankhe char karlo, Jitna bekarar hu mai, khudko bekarar karlo Meree dhadkano ko samjho, tum bhee mujhse pyar karlo
Thapki: Aa aa aa aa aa…….. – (2)
Thapki starts walking slowly while Bihaan is playing the guitar…
Bihaan: Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se, mohabbat ho gayee hai tumse
Bihaan: Hey hey hey hey aah ha ha ha ha ha……. – (2)
Thapki gets shocked hearing that part because Bihaan would always sing a beautiful song for her… She runs even faster and sees the guy standing the other way…. Bihaan turns around and opens his arms widely… Thapki stares at him with teary eyes….
Thapki: Meree yado me mere khwabo me roj aate ho tum, Iss tarah bhala meree jan mujhe kyu satate ho tum
Bihaan smiles seeing her while she cries…
Bihaan: Aa ha ha aa aa ha ha ha – (2)
Bihaan was about to walk away when Thapki hugs him from the back…
Thapki: Ho…. meree yado me, mere khwabo me roj aate ho tum Iss tarah bhala meree jan mujhe kyu satate ho tum
Thapki hugs him while crying… He lets her and turns around… He kisses her forehead…
Bihaan: Teree baho se, teree raho se yun naa jaunga mai Yeh irada hai, meraa wada hai laut aaunga mai Duniya se tujhe churalu, thoda intjar karlo Jitna bekarar hu mai, khudko bekarar karlo Meree dhadkano ko samjho, (tum bhee mujhse pyar karlo -3)
Bihaan kisses her emotionally… she cries even harder… He fills her maang with sindoor… Then slowly closer her eyes… He steps back and runs away in the smoke while she cries…. Seeing him leave…
Thapki: Kaise aankhe char karlu, kaise aitbar karlu Apnee dhadkano ko kaise, itna bekarar karlu Kaise tujhko dil mai dedu, kaise tujhse pyar karlu
Thapki falls on the ground emotionally… remembering her moments with Bihaan… She touches her head…. All of a sudden a voice plays….
Guy: Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se – (2) Mohabbat ho gayee hai tumse – (2) Meree jan mere dilbar, meraa aitbar karlo Jitna bekarar hu mai, khudko bekarar karlo Meree dhadkano ko samjho, (tum bhee mujhse pyar karlo -2)
Thapki slowly runs from the valley… towards the door…
Background people….
tum bhee mujhse pyar karlo
Then she wakes up and screams his name…
Thapki: BIHAAN

In the hospital everyone runs in the room and asks Thapki why she is screaming…
Vasu: Thapki are you okay?? Why are you screaming all of a sudden?
Thapki: I saw Bihaan…
Vasu: What do you mean you saw Bihaan?
Thapki thinks for a second… was that all a dream…
Dadi: Thapki what are you talking about?
Thapki: Nothing ma…. I was just remembering something…..
Vasu: Is it about that incident that happened 6 months?
Thapki: No Ma… nothing about that….
Vasu: Thapki what are you hiding from us…
Thapki: I promise it’s nothing Ma…
Vasu: Then why were you screaming???
Dadi: Vasu, relax….
Vasu: No Ma… this girl is driving me insane…
Dadi: Look Vasu Beta…. Thapki is also going through a lot right now…
Thapki: No Dadi… Ma is right… I am doing way to much…
Dadi: No Thapki you’re not…
Vasu leaves the room in anger…. Thapki tries to hold her tears in when Dadi lays her hand on Thapki’s shoulder…
Dadi: Thapki is everything fine??
Thapki: Dadi… I have been having these weird dreams… and I feel like something bad is going to happen… That night whatever happened… is still scaring me…
Dadi: I know how you feel… we have lost many people….
Thapki: I can’t do this anymore Dadi…
Dadi: I promise your Bihaan will wake up soon…
Thapki: But what if he doesn’t…..
Dadi: Your love will bring him back to life…
Thapki: But Dadi…
Dadi: Remember you’re that girl who doesn’t lose any hope… you have to wake him up….
Thapki promises Dadi and she leaves…
Thapki (In mind): I still remember that day…

Bihaan: Thapki if you don’t trust me that’s your problem?
Thapki: So you think our love is fake?
Bihaan: Sure if you want too…
Thapki: You never loved me….
Bihaan: I have always loved you…
Thapki: No you didn’t….
Bihaan: You want me to prove it to you…
Bihaan drags Thapki’s hand….
Thapki: Bihaan let my hand go… you’re hurting me…
Bihaan pulls her into the temple and takes the Sindoor and fills it on the top of her head…. She gets shocked….
Bihaan: Now you see how much I love you…
The song Junooniyat plays
Link for the song

Thapki: Bihaan….
Bihaan: Now you see how much I love you… They can’t separate us apart…
Palkein jeeye kaise aankhon bina
Mumkin hai kya ye o mere Khuda
Kyun saans loon bas yun hi bewajah
Riha kar mujhe mere dardon se zara
Dil jo ibaadat kare ishq ki
Toh marke bhi zinda rahe aashiqui
Junooniyat hai yehi (x10)
Thapki starts crying and hugs Bihaan tightly…
Bihaan: I love you Thapki….
Tu nahi toh lag rahe hain
Raat jaise din
Aankhon ke hai mausam hai bheege
Aaj tere bin
Tu judaa toh ruk gayi hai saansein kahin
Aankhon se bichdi lakeerein keh rahi hai bas yehi
Dil jo ibaadat kare ishq ki
Toh marke bhi zinda rahe aashiqui
Junooniyat hai yehi (x10)
Bihaan: She can’t make up apart…. Our love is going to win…
Thapki: I am happy I met you….
Bihaan kisses her forehead….

Thapki and Bihaan was about to leave the place… But some goons start chasing them… Thapki and Bihaan run…. They reach a cliff…. The girl takes a gun out and aims at Thapki…
Girl: You can’t have him… I will kill you both here… before you tell anyone my secret…
Bihaan: Get away from us…
Thapki: Bihaan don’t go near her….
Girl shoots at Thapki… Bihaan pushes her… and it hits him… he falls on ground…. Thapki screams….

Yaad teri mil rahi hai
Mujhko har ik mod pe
Dil ko dhadkan dheere dheere
Jaa rahi hai chhod ke
Tujhko phir se kar loon haasil
Hai ye khwahish aakhiri
Naa mile toh main khuda ki
Chhod dunga bandagi
Dil jo ibaadat kare ishq ki
Toh marke bhi zinda rahe aashiqui
Junooniyat hai yehi (x10)
Thapki: Bihaaan our love can’t die…
Flashback ends
Thapki opens her eyes… and shivers remembering what exactly happened that day….
Thapki: No I can’t let anything happen to Bihaan anymore…. I still can’t forget what exactly happened that night…..
She goes near Bihaan and kisses him on the forehead…
Bihaan: I love you Bihaan… I love you a lot…
Outside the hospital room
Dadi: We need to tell Thapki about Bihaan….
Vasu: No Ma please…. Not right now…
Dadi: What are you going to do?? Hide the truth forever??
Vasu: No but this is not the time…
Dadi: You think Thapki will be happy after she finds out about Bihaan…
Vasu: There is something else I am hiding…
Dadi: What is it….
Vasu: Someone from our house shot Bihaan…. but was trying to kill Thapki too…
Dadi: WHAT??
The episode ends with Thapki caring for Bihaan and Vasu telling Dadi something shocking….
Moral – “ Love happens but when someone tries to harm you… Then it turns out differently.”
Can everything be fixed ASAP…? What do you think this big secret is…? Will Thapki open the truth…? Or will Vasu tell Dadi what she is hiding….
Recap: Bihaan starts moving… He gets flashbacks about something… but it’s blurry… Vasu tells Dadi someone is trying to kill Thapki… Thapki overhears this and thinks to expose that girl…. Bihaan wakes up and looks at Thapki… But he says something shocked (Episode 4-5)
(Remember guys if you really loved this storyline please do destiny Vs love… Many Thahaan fans left it!! It’s very sad, but anyways if you want to read more Fan-fictions me…. I will send you the links for it aha)
(look below aha)

Here’s the links (Other Fan-Fiction by me)
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(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time.

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