Do I know you? ~Rikara ff (Chapter 4)

Ru : I can’t beleive this . These all happened in three months. How can she forget us . How can she forget her rudy bhaiyya.
Bhabhi here everything is going wrong . Please bhabhi make everything perfect

Here Om could’nt utter a word . He was still in shock

Anika came towards Om

Anika : Om

Om : *No response*

Anika : Om

Om : *No response*

Anika shook him and then he came to his sense

Anika : Om I know you are shocked but don’t worry . But one thing I did’nt notice.

Om : What bhabhi

Anika : Om doctor said that if she will meet her past. Then her life is at risk. But nothing such happened

Om : WHAT!!!

Anika : Yes om , there is a chance Gauri’s memory can come back

Jhaanvi : If this will happen I will be the most happiest person

Suddenly Gauri came

Gauri : Di you said that you will help me but you are here . Di do you know them?

Anika : No I met first. But they are such nice person so….

Gauri : Oh ., Ahh I am so stupid I forgot to introduce myself . My name is Gauri

Rudra : We know bhabhi

Gauri : Bhabhi?

Anika glared him

Ru : I mean Gauri Di

Anika : Chutki come I will help you .

Now there were many quuestion running in OmRu’s mind

How did this accident happen?

Where they lived for these 3months?

They also wanted to tell her about nagini aka ragini

To be continued*********

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