Do I Know You.. ??? (RAGSAN FF) Part-2

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“What the hell…I didn’t pay you salary for giving me excuses… I want that contract at any cost ” said a man angrily looking at his manager. “Sir your call” said his assistant Amar coming into his cabin. He gave a last glare at his manager and turned towards amar raising his eyebrow. Manager gulped bending his head and left the cabin. Amar forward his phone said in a slow voice “your little sister… She was trying to call you from last 10 minutes”. All his anger vanished in a second by listening him. He grabbed phone immediately with a nervous smile. Both were silent on call waiting for other to break the ice. Amar look at him chuckling and he raise his eyebrow again. He shakes his head in no and left from there smiling.

“I am angry on you BB “said ragini pouting. He smiled widely listening her. “What’s new in that SS”said he chuckling. She giggled but composes herself. “You didn’t tell me… That you are in UK” ragini twisted her lips. His smile disappear at once and said in a serious tone”I have some work here.. So shifted with shona..”. She sense something different in his voice but he immediately change the topic “And I didn’t tell you… Coz now you don’t have time for ur BB naa…all the time of yours is now for sanskaar only” tease he. She blushed listening him. A pair of hands cover her belly from back.

“Jaan with whom you are talking.. That you are becoming tomato ” said sanskaar placing a sensuous kiss on her neck. She shivered and closed her eyes feeling him.” Ahem..Ahem ” BB cleared his throat and ragini came into sense and wide her eyes. She push sanskaar immediately and gave him a glare. He look at her confused. “BB.. I will talk to you later ” said ragini nervous and sanskaar wide his eyes and gulped. “Haan bhai…Now who will talk to me…when your romantic husband came there.” tease he again. Ragini blushed hard “Bhaiiii…..I’ll talk to you tomorrow ” said she and cut the call. He burst out into laughter. “Atleast you are happy there SS….” said he with a bright smile n glassy eyes.


“Ragini… Jaan… Maaf kr do naaa!!!  I didn’t know that ur BB was on call” said sanskaar coming behind her in kitchen. She twisted her lips and he made a puppy face. Sujata giggled looking at them. “Mommm” both glare at sujata angrily. Sujata look at them confused then wide her eyes realising her mistake. “Tu phr pakdi gyi sujata” murmured she  biting her tongue and hide her both hands behind her back in which she was holding Laddus and gave her best smile to them.

Both shakes their head in disbelief and take laddu from her hands and gulped in a one go and smirked. Sujata look at them with open mouth n wide eyes. She make an angry pout and stamp her foot and left from there balbaring continuously. Ragsan look at eachother and burst out laughing. Sanskaar gave his hand for hi-fi. Ragini was about to give it back but then remembered that she was angry on him. She gave him a angry glare and he stop his laugh and look at her confused. “Aaahhhh” screamed he when he felt a punch in his stomach. He wide his eyes and she smirked… blow air on her fist and left from there. Sanskaar look at her retreating figure with wide eyes. “Aaj to tu gya sanskaar… Madam bhut gusse me h..” murmured he and rushed behind her.


A boy was looking at a pic in his phone. He was with a girl kissing on her cheek. ” Finally my revenge is over….my poor sweety.. now you are no more in my life ” said he smirking and about to delete that photo.
“Love…send that pic to me also”said a girl pouting. “Naaahh…that one is only for me…I will always keep it with me all my life…so that I don’t miss you for a second too” said the boy pecking her pouting lips.
He pull his hair frustrated and press the cancel button and place his mobile back to his pocket.


” I am sorry naa jaan ” said sanskaar coming into their room. Ragini twisted her lips. He came towards her…hug her from back kissing on her cheek murmuring a quick sorry and place his chin on her shoulder. She pressed her lips to stop her lips to curve into a smile. He keep on kissing her cheek and murmuring sorry simultaneously. Ragini blushed hard and turned towards him and hug him tightly. He hugged her back and said in her ear huskily “Did you forgive me or I have to do some more efforts to pacify you ” She hide her crimson red face in his chest more.. clutching his shirt tightly. He laughed at her shyness and kiss on her hair. “I love you ” “I love you more ” said ragini looking straight in his eyes. He smiled cupping her face and kiss her forehead.

“No one loves me …” said sujata pouting. “Are I love you naa…What happened to my cuchicu” said ram holding her chin. “Phir se pakdi gyi (I got caught again) ” said sujata with a sheepish smile. Ram chuckled and she made pout again. “Next time…we will plan together” said he. “Really.. ” asked she excited. “Haan…only because of you I didn’t eat my fav sweets from last 7 months… now only I have to plan something big ” murmured ram naughtily last part to himself.

“No matter how much distance is between us…I will love you always like I did. ” said swara standing in her room’s balcony .A tear tripped down over her cheeks. She shut her eyes painfully reminiscing something.
” sweety…If someday we have to part our ways then” said a boy. She smile at him cupping her face. ” It’s never going to happen love… Coz I trust you.. I trust myself… And most importantly I trust our relationship” said she with proud voice.
“You broke my trust love…You broke my trust ” sobbed she falling on the floor holding the railing tightly.


“I have to be strict with Madhav Bhaiya.. Nowadays everyday sweets are coming in our home” said ragini when they lay down on their bed. “This is not the right time to think about this matter  ragu” said sanskaar dragging her from waist towards himself. “But mom…I didn’t feel good.. When she gives me innocent look..and I have to snatch the sweets from her hand” said she pouting. He pecked her pout and smile. “I will do something about it tomorrow.. Promise ” said he assuring her. She smile and place her head on his chest. “Gud night jaan” said he caressing her hair. “Mmmmhh” hummed ragini drifting into sleep instantly. He smiled and kiss her hair and close his eyes.

“The day I will find you…will be the starting of your worst days ” said a guy angrily looking at the photo in his hand. He crushed the photo and dialed a no….but get no response. He again try getting the same response. He got worried and murmured ” Hope you are fine doll..!!!! ”


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