I KNOW MY RAGINI ” our world “… Part 4

Rags keep on speaking about Rohan.. N atlast they completed their dinner…
Roh: so princess let’s leave…..
Rags: haan prince… Bye laksh…
Laksh don’t know how to stop them…
Lak: haan even I’m done….
Trio leaves…

When they got out it started raining heavily….
Rags: Rohan awesome… It’s been years we went on ride in rain.. I think in our clg final year.. Come yaar….
Roh: sry princess.. Actually doctor have advised not to drench in rain for some months…. Sry…
Rags: that’s k.. We will go once we are married.. Awesome idea na.. She praises herself…
Roh: accepted Mrs. Ragini Rohan Kapoor….
Rags: mm…k but now how will we reach….
Laksh was fumming till now as they both forgot him…
Lak: I will drop you.. Tomorrow I will ask my friend to get the bike..
Rags: thanks but we are not going home… We’re are going to Rohan’s house…
Lak: its k come.. It’s late..
Having no option both went to his car..when laksh was about to open the front door for rags.. She sat at back with Rohan….
Laksh started driving…. While Rohan is saying direction to him.. And was also caressing ragini’s forehead which is in his chest…
Atlast they reached home.. It’s not a big one but a beautiful place.. With small garden and has an elegant architecture..
Rohan wakes up ragini….
Trio entered the house….
When rags was supposed to enter she noticed Rohan is not there… N waits for him with smile.. Then he came… With a bunch of roses that plucked just now from the garden…
Roh: welcome to our palace after a long-time…
Rags took it n holds his hand and both enter hand in hand… And laksh was just looking at her with a hope that she will notice him

But all in vain.. Atlast he itself went in… The leaving room is neatly decorated with full of Ragan photos from childhood to till last year.. Some funny some with family.. Some romantic.. Some with friends…
Lak: Rohan is this your house?!!!
Roh: no its our house we used to spend our weekend here.. This house planner is me n interior design is of ragini. We build it when we won a national level competition in 11th grade with our plan and with ourselves prize money….
Lak: ohh… That’s sounds great.. In 11th grade you have built your own house with your money…
Rags: haan those were memorable days
.when we used to fight with our parents we will come here n then they will come n pamper us…
Roh: haan.. Princess now you sleep. . Go change your dress….
Rags: hmm.. K come soon… Laksh you can stay in this room as its raining you can go in morning I will brings Rohan’s night dress for you…
Lak: thanks…
Roh: you go I will give him….
Rags went….
Rohan gave the night dress to laksh and went after sometime laksh wake up for water. When he hears some noise from the room.. And he searches for Rohan.. But he is not there. So he taught Rohan is taking advantage of her and went and opened the door n saw Rohan applying medicine in rags hand.. But ragini is sleeping, he is wincing as if he got wound whenever he applies medicine…
Seeing this he slowly went out and peeps in…
After applying medicine… He got up and leaned down kissed her forehead and covers her with blanket… Tears are coming out of his eyes… He went to near the started crying….
Laksh feels bad to see him.. But his heart is also not ready to leave his ragini…. So silently stood there and after sometime Rohan composes himself and again pecked ragini’s forehead and slept by making ragini sleep on his chest…..
Laksh was hurt so he too went to sleep……
Laksh wake up hearing noises of crowd….. N went out…… He saw ragini playing with small children… N smiles her face is glowing in early mornings sunrise….. He is mesmerized to see her.. N was shocked to see her modern attire..

Rags is wearing a light pink tank top and Grey 3/4 Jean and a Grey colour half shrug….

She’s is playing guitar it’s his 1st he hears her guitar music…… But to his shock…. It’s not rags………. Rohan is playing guitar from back.. 1St he didn’t notice rohan as he is half hidden in bush…. Ragan are standing as if Rohan is hugging her from back …………
Laksh is about to go when he heared lots of old women and men, some children clapping…..
A man: Rago you both rocked it….
Women: haan we really missed you both….
Rags: even I too missed you… But from now we will come here every weekend like before…. K na ma….
Women: haan beta…
Another women: Rago who is this…. ( pointing to laksh)
Rags: ma.. My di ‘s devar….
Man: what my shona got married….
Roh: haan dada it’s a quick marriage… And it happened in serious time….
Man: its k but you must call us for your marriage….
Rags: aree sweetheart… How come our marriage without you.. N haan you know what we have planned to shift here permanently after our marriage….
Laksh was hell shocked to hear it………..
Women: Hann you are saying this from 3 years but when will you both get married……
Roh: may be with in a month….
Rags blushes…..
Man: ohh.. My Rago is blushing…..
Rags gets shy and runs away……
Rohan smiles at her act……
Laksh went behind her….
Laksh spots her in a corner……
Lak: ragini…

Rags: ( blushes hard) what laksh..
Lak: voh… I wanna say something…….
Rags: haan laksh…. ( try to hide her blushing)
Lak: ragini.. Are you sure about marrying Rohan…
Rag: haan… Laksh….. I can’t stay single all my life.. So I’m getting married…
Lak: but ragini you love me how could you do this…
Rags: no laksh it’s just an infatuation or attraction that’s it…..
Lak ; no ragini… You love me…. N I too love you….
Rags ( shocked) no laksh… I don’t love you any… Pls don’t make it tough for me….
Lak: ragini….
Rags: enough laksh.. K do you want to hear the truth…. The truth is that I had never loved you… I love only Rohan not any one else.. I married you as you insulted my ego.. You came with the proposal for me.. But you loved swara.. So I just took revenge………

Lak :ragini……..
Rohan sees ragini crying n comes running to her….
Roh: what happened princess……
He sees laksh standing there…. N got angry and holds his collar….
Roh: how dare you hurt her…… Is it not enough what you have done to her… Y the hell do you disturb her. . I don’t know what you talked with her….. But don’t dare to utter a word to her…….
Laksh too got angry…
Lak: who are you to warn me. She is my wife and I’m talking with her….
Roh ; a correction she was your wife.. . Now she is my fiance.. .
Laksh got angry and punches his face….
Lak: don’t dare to say that..
Rags is shocked. And runs to Rohan. … And then again went to laksh and slaps him hard on cheeks……
Rags: if didn’t think that you will stoop this low…..
Laksh is stunned. …..

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  1. Is Rohan parth samthaan

  2. I am really sorry to say this. But I don’t think rags have any right to talk about laksh or act like victim in ur story. They all made a fool and played with his emotions first to save swara next to solve all problems. Instead of feeling happy for her so called love with rohan I feel angry at both n disgusted. Laksh told her he love her but he didn’t take advantage of her like in show. Now she is also doing the same to laksh. What about other times he got hurt?? Oh ya it is to save others n he should tolerate it. Princess will have her happily ever after with her Prince. Swasan will have their happily ever after. But about laksh who was kept in dark in all this.

  3. Awesome..amazing.. Lovely. Marvelous. I wait for ur update egrly.please updeate as soon as possible.

  4. See I don’t wanna hurt you….But please understand guys ki Manik is good with Nandini …..I haven’t read your ff, because i can’t see Manik or nandini with some one else….Might be your story is awesome but please change the pairs…Not MANIK and RAGINI ( its a horrible jodi)…They don’t look good together , she looks so old in front of him…This is a really disghusting Jodi….my intension is not to hurt you dear…But if you are hurt I am extremely SORRY for that…really sorry..

  5. awesome dear love ragan to the core plz update fast

  6. love ragman pair don’t stop it

  7. day by day i started loving ur ff ur impressing me daily
    thanku for that don’t feel bad i ragini and manik is nice only

  8. update soon it so nice mainly ragini and manik

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  10. amazing
    continue soon

  11. Hey plz dnt change d pair….dnt separate rohan and rag.

  12. Superr dr

  13. love it……….waiting for the next part eagerly 🙂

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