I KNOW MY RAGINI ” truth “… Part 2


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Ships.. “rohini is good but it’s like a girl name na.. So sry dear..”
Ragini is teared eye hearing the word fiance from Rohan…
Rags: Rohan how could you, I’m married…
Laksh is happy to hear it…
Roh: y do u want me to repeat my dialog.. I know my ragini. And yes you are divorced too.. Did you get that…
Rags: pls Rohan.. Let’s go. I can’t hide my emotions more…
Roh: who asked you too… Haan come..
Both went out… Rags become happy to see bike…

Rags: wow Rohan thanks prince.. You know to make me happy…. Haan chal.. Full speed like before..
Laksh n Rohan both are happy to see ragini happy….
Roh: omg see I got my princess back.. But haan I’m jealous of my bike.. It makes you happy.. Not me.. Saying this he makes a puppy face..
Rags: ohh my cute prince… Your bike can make me happy only when you’re here… You know it’s been one and a half since I traveled in bike.. You know even I have avoided going in bike with laksh…. Laksh remembers it and get sad…
Roh: k chal princess haan full speed you know the rule… Saying this he sat in bike and handover the helmet to her and he also weared it..
Rags wears it and sat on bike two side and hugs Rohan tight…
Rags: see I know the rule.. N crush him with a hug….. Laksh sees and gets angry on ragini…
He slowly follows them in car…
It was such a long drive…. In between they have stopped in some places to eat ice-cream and then they went to temple…. Ragan are enjoying their day.. While ragini forgot a man laksh is in her life… While laksh is carving in jealous…

Now it’s 6 pm.. Atlast they reached their destination… It’s a hill top… When they reach there it’s time for sunset… Both got down from bike… Laksh saw ragini she is glowing in sunset rays.. He is mesmerized to see her…..
Roh: so princess ready for a pic after so many days..
Rags: haan prince…
Both took many selfies.. In all selfies both are too close.. In some rags is kissing Rohan and in some Rohan is kissing her…. Laksh is fumming…. .. Atlast sun is fully set… Rohan on the headlight of his bike and both sat in the grass… Now it’s dark.. So laksh comes close to them.. But they can’t see him.. But laksh can both see and hear them….
There is the silence for sometime..

Then Rohan makes ragini sleep in his lap…..
She’s eyes him lovingly….
Rags: thanks Rohan I was thinking how to sleep.. I was carving for this…
Roh: will you stay thanks to yourself….. Haan k now tell me from first… Don’t dare to hide anything…. You married laksh coz you love him… How you love him within a night… The night before marriage you are happy about swalak marriage.. N you have never loved laksh…. Then what is it….
Rags: k prince first promise me you won’t say anything to others..
Roh: hmm..k promise..
She got up from his lap hugs him in his waist and places her head in his shoulder..
Laksh got much angry…

Lak: ( to himself) how dare she hug him… N how dare he said that my ragini never loved me… How dare he his thought is disturbed by rags voice…
Rags: I married laksh coz of sanskar…. Haan he was there for revenge that time.. He black miled me if I didn’t marry laksh then he will kill swara…..
Both Rohan and laksh are shocked….

Rags: haan so that only I pushed swara in river.. So that she can escape.. But her bad luck sanskar saved her n got her n married her.. I was stunned.. Then slowly he started falling for swara and then he realized historical mistake and said all truth to swara… Then they both came to me. I was very happened.. But at that time I noticed that even swara is fallen for sanskar.. So I said that I will take all blames and then we did a play in Farm house.. N all believed that I was a betrayer… N then laksh went to swara to propose her for marriage.. But she denied it and then I saw laksh making some plans to seperate swasan.. So I die a memory loss drama.. .after everything is set.. Swasan to accepted their love for each other.. Then I saw Kaveri blackmailing dp uncle… N then i followed her made her belive me to get out the truth and then I Acted being rude to all.. To show Kaveri that I hate them… N while swasan are searching for proof and then swara got Kavita.. It was an unexpected twist for us.. After that swara was completely broken even sanskar..at that time… Lucky saved me … You know what I have started feeling for him… N then he took care of me.. I was really happy about his change.. But I’m wrong again….. One night…… Saying this rags started crying……….
Laksh realized her true heart and was cursing himself…..

Rohan can’t take it anymore. …….. So he kneel down infront of her and wipes her tears…….
Roh: see my princess can’t be weak.. See She was such a daring person who did many thing for others happiness.. I’m proud of my princess
……now come on.. Say it be strong… I’m with you……. Come on cheer up…….
Even laksh can’t see her crying…. But he is angry that.. The person consoling her is not him….

PRECAP: flash back continues….

Credit to: Regs

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  1. OMG!! u completely changed the tale n i just love it becoz i love rags a lot n plzzzz plzzz update sooon plzzzzzzzzzzzz………..:-) u are just super as u made it upside down yaar soo cool

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    thats nice

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    luved it

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