I KNOW MY RAGINI ” my princess “… Part 1


Hi guys this is regs…… Pls guys accept my ff… And do comment on the following part.. Either positive or negative both are welcomed…..
” believe you heart it never hides ” follows ragini’s life….. And her pure heart and and those who belive her while they see other things….
Guys my ff start with laksh refusing to marry ragini in mandap….. No kavya track…. So let’s get into the place and see what happens…

Laksh: sry to all I can’t marry ragini….
Dp: laksh are you crazy.. What are speaking…
Lak: no papa I accepted to marry ragini just to show her the pain that people get when thing that they expected to happen doesn’t happen…..
Rags: thanks laksh atleast now you are speaking out…. I’m happy atleast you are true to yourself…

6 months leap….
@ mm
Ap: beta go sit we will come….
Swa: no ma let me help you…
Ap: you won’t understand if I say Like this… Sanskar…
San: haan ma ..
Ap: beta do now what I said you…swara looks on cluelessly… While sanskar lifts her.. And take her out and made her sit in sofa
At the same moment Shekar sumi and ragini made an entry
..and all smile seeing mother and son care towards their swara… ( guys no sujatha and rp in my ff)
Rags: wow jiju.. Nice work..
San: thanks cutie…
Ap welcome all.. And went to call dp and laksh as godida’s came…
San: hey cutie what a sudden visit..

Rags: no idea jiju.. Ma papa took me here they want to discuss something…
Shekar: beta wait let all come.. We have a good news….
Laksh and dp ap also came… Laksh took blessing from both and they too wishes him….
Laksh looks at ragini who gave him a warm smile…. His heart beat skipped…. ( Actually laksh has fallen in love with ragini the day marriage stopped… But his ego is not ready to agree to it…)
Shekar: dp actually we have got an alliance for ragini.. So we came to discuss about it..
Rags: papa….
Sumi: no beta this time we won’t hear you.. As we have brought a guy who will treat you as a princess and he too want you too continue your profession in face he wanted you as a partner for life as well as profession..
Rags: but ma.. How do he know about me, n more over how could he accept marriage even without talking to me… How will he know me….

Sumi: it’s the Same dialog he too said… But after sometime he is ready… N now we won’t force you… Just be friendly with him.. If you both are comfortable we can speak about it…
Laksh is fumming…. He wishes rags don’t accept for it…. N giving her a hoping look towards laksh….. With tears hidden from others… But his teary-eye turns red in anger when he saw a scene…
Someone comes from back…. Without making noise… All smile at him.. Except ap dp and laksh as they don’t know who is it…. But unaware of anything rags is arguing….
Rags: ma.. But wil he understands me.. How come ma….
The man smiles hearing her and hugs her from back and rest his chin in her shoulder…
Dp ap and laksh are shocked.. And laksh is fumming…..
Rags: Rohan……

Sumi: see this is what we said you know him well that you can recognize him with his touch..
Laksh want to go and get rags out of his clutches.. But again his ego comes between…
Roh: haan princes.. And I know you more than you know about yourself..
Rags gets herself out of his embrace…
Laksh is happy…
Rags: what are you doing here.. Do you even remember me…. Idiot it’s been a year we met last… N starts crying… Y idiot y……….. Saying this she fell on her knees n cried out loud..
Laksh is shocked to see it..
Just now she was angry n shouting next second she is crying…… Laksh is about to go to her but before that Rohan too got teared eye n hugged her tight…. She too hugged him tight and cries…
All are happy that after the marriage incident this is the first time she cries her heart out…. .

After a while Rohan slowly broke the hug and cups her face…
Roh: my ragini is nit that weak to cry na… Come on smile….
Rags: haan Rohan your ragini is not that weak but she is not that strong too.. Where are idiot.. I missed you badly……. And again she hugged him
Hearing my ragini and your ragini… Laksh got angry on both Ragan…
Roh:aunty uncle I want to talk her personally… Pls…
Ap: k beta… Swara you come with me..
.all left but laksh was hiding and listening to them…..

Roh: come on princess you can make your prince cry.. Na… You know na… I will too cry if I see tears in my princess eye…..
Rags breaks the hug.. And wipes tears….. And gave him a convincing smile..
Rags: see you’re princess isn’t crying.. Now prince can smile na…….
Rohan smiles and kisses her forehead….

Roh: now tell me all the truth… Whatever happened in a year…
Rags: so you didn’t believe what all said….
Roh: do you think I’m a fool like all to believe you…. Even your ma papa and sister can believe what you said.. But not me……..
Rags: k my prince I accept my defeat…. But not here… Let’s go to our world……
Roh: ohhh….which world.. Our romantic world…
Rags: you flirt… You have not changed…
Roh: oh.. Hello I’m flirting with my fiance what’s your problem…
Hearing this rags eyes got teary while laksh stabs his foot in anger…

PRECAP :Ragan speaks their heart out…..

Credit to: Regs

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