I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 9

Hello every one todays episode start with shivika moment . anika in her room thinks about shivay .she calls shivay and ask what he was doing .he sats iam in critical condition . she ask what nonsense u r talking . iam not talking nonsense its true see ur window u will understand . she see window and get surprise by seeing shivay .she says why u have came here .he says how can i sleep without seeing u .anika feels shy and moves her face she holds her and says why u r blusing and also iam half husband . she dont talk like that if u will talk like that ….he says what u will ,he comes closer and closer . she moves backword at one point she stops . he holds her hand and kiss on hand .they have an eye look .finally he was going to kiss anika . she close her eyes then suddenly her phone rings. they moves off , she lift the phone .in call manager says a big fire accident happened in pharmacuetical company.she says what shivay sees her , she says ask is anything happened to any one . no worker their in company but their was huge loss . come soon mam we are waiting fr u anika and shivay start to go company and they reach the place it was huge loss
its morning anika father ravinder sharma hear the news go in depression in media their will the news of anika pharmaceuticals and says this was bad day fr anika sharma their shares were felt down badly .share holders calls anika and says they were coming out frm anika company .she try to convince but it fails by haering all this rivinder gets heart attack anika take ravinder to hospital goury ishana and radhika {anika mother} follow anika .
nxt scene in hospital
by hearing the news shivay and om rushes to hospital in hospital anika goes to meet doctor shivay and om reaches hospital goury and ishana sees them goury goes and hugs om ishana and om feel uncomfortable .om observes ishana feeling and moves goury .anika comes to them shivay ask anika about ravinder she says now its ok but doctor said not tu give stress to him .he says dont worry i will make it fine . she says no shivay its my problem i will sort out shivay says but …. she interupt and says om and me sort out this problem i know u have trip to dubai u go we will handle this matter if i want any help then i will ask u shivay agree

precap shivay goes to dubai ,goury is in hospital with ravinder, anika goes to delhi fr board meeting she give all responsible to om and ishana . om flirts with ishana in office

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    Dontworry goury such a good person she will not become a villain

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