I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 8

hello every onetodays epi starts with engagement ceremony
ishana stands in front of om .om sees her she smiles and om put ring to her and he felt very happy every one claps ,om comes out frm trans and see ishana but she was not ishana she is goury .omhappiness goes in one minute . rudra looks on and every thing understand to him
after om and goury engagement shivay and anika sengage ment will happened all felt very happy

all oberois come back to home pm sits in hios room and think about ishana words .rudra comes to him and ask what is u r decision om,om gets shock and asks what he was talking about .rudra says no need to hide anything ,i know every thing iheard u and ishana word then tell me what is ur decision .om says thankgod u wwill support me i have two things to do ,one is to convince ishana fr marriage and the second thing is to tell all thruth to goury bcoz she was innocent
rudra says dont worry om if u love ishana ,u have to marry her if their is no love their is no life i will help u i this matter . they both think about their plan .rudra give a plan to om and om says oki will do this tommrow

nxt day morning in sharma house all are in their work a courier boy comes and give a flower boque to anika .she says who send this flowers .he says omkara singh oberoi . she smiles and take the flowers and gives to goury ishana also cimes their . in that flower boqie their will be a card . goury picks it in that he write “u have taken my heart with u but u r not telling ur feelings to me ”
goury smiles by seeing the words but ishana knows this is not fr goury this is fr ishana anika says to goury u have misunderstand om but he loves u alot ,goury felt shy and goes frm their .goury in her thinks about om

now at oberoi mansion om rudra waits fr ishanas call in their room .om gets tensed , rudra says dont worry om ur words are impresive ishana will defenetely call u ,very nxt moment his phone rings he sees the number in very exitment but it was not ishana number it was goury number he svoids the phone .rudra lifts the phone and on the speaker .goury says sorry omkaraji i was misunderstand u but u r flower are made good about my self i thought that u were marring me on others force but iam wrong u proved that u loving me on ur flowers om sees angryly to rudra .rudra says to goury sorry bhabhi om was not here he gone some where and he forgot his phone in home i will tell after he comes .gourysays its ok tell him to call me after he came . rudra says ok and cuts the call .om sees angyly to rudra and says i will kill u,goury sees the flower s and think about omkara and says i love u ishana and om comes on screen goury comes in middle of them episode end

preacap om says to ishana if u dont love me then also i will not marry goury i will say every thing in marriage mandap only

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  1. Oh no, hey Devi what will be the final?
    Gaurika or ishkara?
    If GAURI, then how will om begin to have feelings for her??

    This story is building suspense day by day, in love with this??

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  4. I agree with shraddha next post sooon pls

  5. Nice one dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update…

  6. Where are rumya

  7. Devikalyani

    Thank u i felt happy that some body were reading this

  8. Nice one…

  9. Nice epi

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