I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 7

hi sorry iam late but i will try to update daily and yes anamika iam a telugu girl
epi start with akk young stars plan fr a picnic first om rejects but after he knows that ishana also comes he agrees they all starts in one side anika and shivay soend a quality time they fell indeep love with each other on the other hand om try to convice ishana but he fails gaury sees theiir activity felt something fishy here in home dadi fix a muhurth fr engagement .
it was engagement day

anika ready in her room shivay comes to her anika asks why u have come . he says to show the ring .he holds her hand to put the ringshe says what u r doing he says this is the trail part dont worryhe puts the ring she says is this true . u never leave my hand right .he says just give me one chance i will never leave ur hand they have an eye look oh jaana……. plays

in engagement un fortunately ishana and goury wear same dress om see goury and think i dont have any right to spoil her life thats why i will tell every thing to her he follows her at end she stops and see somethinghe stand in her back and says sorry goury i dont want to do this marriage bcoz i love ishana i know her before only my dad played acheap trick to seperate us
fb shows when ishana calls to om at that time he was in hospital bcoz dadi health becomes serious tej lifts the call and scolds ishana fb ends

om says thats why she left mumbai i dont want to miss her . plz forgive me in this matter .after that she turns and om gets shock by seeing ishana
om says u here where is she its ok now i will tell every thing to her and stop this marriage

he goes on she stops him and says no, dont spoil her happy ness she is very nice girl om didnt listen to her ,she shouts at least think of ur brother he was very happy with this marriage if u do any thing wrong what happened to him om stops by hering these words and ask ishana that how will live without him she says it was tough but not impossible she about to leave .om holds her and hugs her he says but impossible for me to live with out u rudra looks on

precap om sends flowers to ishana . goury receives them and fell love with om

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