I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 6

hello every one today epi sode start with
ishana nad om sees each other and gets shockishana stares at him and avoids him . she go inside and om follows her they both go inside their roka will done om tries to stop but he fails.after roka shivay and anika were happy but om is not happy .goury thinks that is this right how can i marry om if i say some thing it will spoils anika’a feature so may be this will be right .all felt happy except ishana om and goury . after roka ceremony all oberois left frm their while going om recalls his past with ishana .om and ishana met in a art gallery day by day their friendshpi turns to love , but tej disgree fr their marriage . then om ishana decided to marry in register office .on that day ishana will come to register office and waits fr om but he will not come . she calls him but hedidnt lift. she waits till evening and calls again and again . finally om lifts the call but it was not om he is tej he scolds her badly and says om didnot want to marry u that why he was not lifting the phone if u have any shame dont call him again and cuts the call
ishana hurts and leaves mumbai city
fb ends

screen shows on ishana and she says why u have left me om only fr this money . u have cheated me i wont forgive u and i dont want to see ur face but u came infront of me again why .. she again shouts why .bcoz i love u ,the sound comes her behind she turns and gets shock by seeing om
om says we met again bcoz our love will never die
ishana says i dont belive u ibelived u many times and became fool but now i dont believe u
om says u misunderstanding me let me explain
ishana sys i dont want any explanations u have cheated me but dont cheat that goury bcoz she is very sensitive
om tries to talk but she go inside and shut the door

its morning in oberoi mansion om sit in swimming pool area shivru comes to om
shivay says om was thinking of some one he was missing of some one , rudra supports him they both teases om
om ask what happened why are u talking like that
they shows om phone and says u have missed ur heart and phone in sharma’s house yesterday night . shivru laughs . rudra says we know u went to sharma house bhabhi told me and send ur phone with driver om gets tensed and leaves frm their
now in sharma mansion ishana and goury sit in sofa and talk some thing .anika comes to tem and teases goury ,but goury didnt understand finally anika says om had came naa yesterday night to meet u . by hearing this ishana gets tensed .goury says na, he didnot came .anika says but i have seen him in corrydor .ishana intereferes and says i also seen him he tried to find goury room but he went without talking .
goury give a fake smile and go ishana follows her . anika thinks if ishana sees him why dont she tell him where is goury room .she flt this is something fishy

precap all young stars plan to go to picnic first om rejects but after he knows ishana also coming he agrees

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  1. Nice…..

  2. Nice one dear… Waiting for the next update…

  3. Awesome i just want ask you om pair gauri and ishana plz be clear becoz i want ishkara i like ishana

  4. Awesome update…

  5. Awesome

  6. Devikalyani

    That was suspence if it knows everything will spoil

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  8. awesome update. loved it to the core .chaala bavundi.chaala super ga rastunnaru .meeru telugu ani anukuntunna.correct aithe plss naku reply ivvandi

  9. excellent

  10. Devikalyani

    Yes anamika nenu telugune thanks fr commenting

  11. It’s superbbbbbb post next part soon

  12. Plz pair up eith ishana n I’m a big fan of ishkara also badly missing them n can u provide me links for last episodes

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