I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 5

Hai every one today iam back with my 5 epi
Today te roka of shivay and anika . all oberois are come to sharma mansion
Shivay wait fr anika he searches every where but she dint find
Om& rudra jokes on him finally anika comes in bueatiful rad lehanga
Shivay stands like as statue by seeing anika om ru disturbs him . all teases shivay
They both sit in chairs .
Pinky sees anika, shivay jodi and felt very happy
Radhika says shall we start rasams .dadi says out pandit will come and fix a muhurt then we will proceed all are busy in their work . goury comes to omru. She teases om hair and talk to rudra
U three brothers are typical one was angry man ,other was julfi singh and other one was cool buddy
Om interferes and says u both sisters also diferent anika bhabhi looks like a matured person and u looks like play boy

After some time their conversatoin turns as fight om says who will marry u he will see hell on earth
Goury says if some one will come to marry me but no girl will come to marry u by seeing ur face and hair
they two start fighting rudra calls shivay and anika , they stops their fighting they go on their oen ways

after some time dadi ask janvi to come with shagun plate . it was about to fall but some one hold it. it was our goury . she holds the plate and talks janvi . janvi impressed by goury they give shagun plate to dadi and goury phone rings and she leaves . janvi looks on goury . dadi ask to janvi what happened . janvi says such a nice girl .
iam became very close in a little time . and they concertrate on their work . gaury comes out answers the call and says where r u. in phone a girl says in will be their in a hour dont worry i will come in time . goury says come soon and put the phone
pandit comes and sees the anika and shivas’s janam kundli shivays face shows that he was eagerly waiting fr the marriage . om ru teases them . pandit says ,according to shivay’s janam kundli his marraige will happened after om’s or rudra’s marraige . pinky ask what happaened if shivay’s marraige will become first .
pandit: it will harm to his life
dadi:dont say like that we will do first om ‘s marraige
pandit: there is one more problem it have to happened in 15 days other wise shivays marraige will not happened fr 2 years
pinky worries fr shivay but janvi says dont worry i know a girl she was perfect match for om
“in parking area a car comes a lady come down from car”
in hall janvi says yes she was here only iam impressed by her
dadi understands and smiles . tej says but who is that girl . rudra says who is my second bhabhi
“a lady comes in to house with holding flowers but her face not shows “
Janvi says she was none other than goury .goury and om gets shock and recall their words . all are happy including tej
Om gets angry and comes out . in hurry he hits with a girl and flowers fell frm her hands her, face shows and she was ishana, goury friend and om’s ex girl friend . they both gets shock by seeing each other .

Precape : all are busy in shivika and goukara marriage preparations but om recall his love with ishana . and try to convince her


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