I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 4

hai every one today iam came with next episode the epi starts with
dadi and pinky come to temple they pray and turn back
anika stands behind them . anika wishes dadi and say sorry to them . first pinky gets angry dadi consoles her
anika says soory for what happened yesterday but i dont know that u were came by my parents invitation i felt guilt by insulting u dadi covince pinky that anika is innocent
later they both leave frm the temple

now at oberoi mansion pinky raises the shivay’s marriage topic but dadi says i have fixed my shivays wife
all surprisingly sees dadi
rudra asks whose that lucky one
dadi says she is none other then anika sharma
shivay says again tje same topic why all u wishing me die
pinky says no shivay she is a nice girl we met her in temple . we had seen many good qualities in her dai also supports pinky
finally they convince shivay fr the marraiga
shivay says but she will not agree fr this marriage . she will faught with me always
dadi says dont worry billu i will take care of her
and then they all decide to go anika home in evening

now at anika home
anika parents try to covince her for marraiage suddenly her phone rings she lifts the phone and it was dadi . she covinces her for marrage
its in evening again all oberais come to sharma mansion they all sit in hall . shivay and anika didnot talk a single word omru aks shivay to talk some thing buthe stares at them . dadi says talk some thing billu . by hearing the worg billu anika starts smiling but she hides her smieto change the topic shivay will goto talk with anika they both go to garden area and spend a quality time at last shivay says you are not that much foolish girl
anika also says u r also not that much tadibaaaz oh jaana………..plays
they come and says they r ready fr marriage
all r happy with their decision

precape in shivay and roka day pandit says accrding to shivays janam kundli . shivays marraige will happened after omkara or rudra marriage

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