I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 12

sorry friends i know iam late posting i will give recape first oberois and sharmas fix shivika and goukaras marriage but omkara loves ishana not goury and i understand that some one r gettin bore thats why iwas giving somee little changes today is their sangeet
shivay; see om have only one idea that is u have to tie mangalsutr in ishana neck not in goury neck
om ; but what about goury .hoe to handle her
shivay ; i know about goury she is a nice girl she will understand u and ishanas love
rudra ; we can handle goury but its tough to convince anika bhabhi
shivay ;dont worry i will handle her om just u take care of ishana and convince her fr ur marriage
some one take all this video and send to ranveer
ranveer give a wicked smile and says know i will play with u anika see how i will i ruin ur family respect
its night sangeet starts anika and shivay dance on manva lage …… all pairs dance on dance floor all oberois and sharmas come on dance floor in that om tries to dance with ishana .ishana moves om away and leaves om follows her
ishana ; what r u doing tommorow is ur marriage with goury and u are flirting me
om; what do u think if u stay away frm me i will marry goury see what i will do tommorow and he leaves
goury thinks this om definitely do some drama tommrow i have to do some thing fr goury now

nxt morning all are happy in marrage hall anika and goury waits fr shivay and om
oberois reaches sharmas house all felt happy they do all rasams shivay searches for aniks and om search fr ishana but she noy seen any where then he smartly enquire about ishana .radhika says she went to banglore on important workom gets worried how to stop this marriage then pandit calls om and goury fr rithuals bcoz first marriage was goury and oms marriage
om and goury sit in pandap they do all rituals all oberois felt happy except rudra shivay and om .om thinks about ishana and says in mind i will not do this marriage ishana if u go frm here u will not stop me to cancel this marraige at any cost i will stop this marriage
pandit give mangal sutrth to om to tie in goury neck om didnot hold it .he takes his garland and put on land .dadi ask what happend om .
om;i am not happy with this marriage iam in love with someone elsetej shouts on om if u dont like this marriage u have to tell before engagement not nowjanvi supports om and says if u do like this what happened to goury .what is her mistake inthis . om says try to understand my situation if i did this marraige withou love then goury life also get spoiled thats why iam doing this by hearing this goury cries .anika see tears in goury eyes and gets angry ask shivay ti do something
shivay says try to understand aniks he is not intersted in this marriage anika and shivay start argue goury leaves frm there anika ask shivay that do u know om loves some one else .shivay stands silently she ask say some thing a voice come frm her behind see this vidoe u will understand every thing .he is ranveer all get shock by seeing ranveer
anika ask what r u saying .he gives the phone ask her to see .she sees the phone in thatshivay says om to tie mangalsutrt in ishana neck anika gets angry and throws the phone .she about to go shivay stops her and says listen to me .she says u cheated me and my family idont any explanations she also says dont show me ur face again she and her parents leaves from mandap .pinky blames om fr all this happenings

she also says u ruined oberois respect also all of them cmes to oberoi mansion .shivay about to go to his room om stops him .he says bcoz of me u and anika got differences plz forgive .shivay says shutup om nothing will be happened i will talk to her and i convince then om says i will also come along with u i have to apologise goury by then rudra says i will also come they 3 agrees and go to their rooms nxt day morning they goes to anika house it was looked watch man comes to shivay and says madamji and all family members went to europe perminently .they said me to sold this house also . he gives a letter to shivay and says anika madam gave this letter to u
shivay reads that letter in that shivay dont try to follow me i know this is not a big to u to recognise me but i dont want that if u u follow mw then om memories also follow goury .i dont want that u think i still love u . yes i love u till my last breath but i love my sister then every one else so dont try to meet me again
shivay in anger hits car glass and says u left me alone anika i dont forgive u .om and rudra looks on…

precape 2 years later goury comes to meet om any body have any doubts about ishana where she gone just wait fr some more days .

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