I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 11

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todays epi starts with shivay comes frm dubai straightiy he goes to ranveer .he beats ranveer badly and says how dare u to touch my anika . atlast they comes to anika .anika opens the door and gets shock by seeing in blood . she says to shivay what is this when u have came frm dubai .shivay throws ranveer on anika feet and says i know every thing if he didnt say sorry i will kill him . ranveer afrid of his words and say sorry to anika he goes

anika says why u have beaten him he says u r my life anika if any one had get tears in u r eyes i will kill him.by hearing this anika felt very happy and hug shivay ishq ke aasun…..plays
scene shift to sharma mansion pinky and janvi comes to radhika they says pandit said to fix the marriage in this week .other wise it will not happened fr 2 years .radhika says no we will not postpone this marriage .we will do this marriage by this week only we will do all arrangement . pinky agrees and felt happy .om tries to convince ishana . ishana also realise her love and start to go to om confess her love on the way her phone rings it was ishana’s motherishana say how r u mom .she says now iam fine its all bcoz of u r friend .if u r friend didn’t gave money in time then without seeing u r marriage only i should died . say thanks to ur friend on my behalf they both talk to eachother and cuts the call

ishana goes to fb one day goury mom met with a major accident no one help her . goury comes farword and take her to hospital . in the time of critical condition she give money fr the operation fb ends ishana thinks how can i ruin goury life fr my love i think lord want to unite om and goury . i should not come in the midle of them .she stops the car and go back

in oberoi mansion om and rudra sits in pool area rudra tries to chear up om shivay observe this and comes to them shivay says what happened om why r u in bad mood ,om sighs nottingshivay says frm many days we r not doing our o bro moment we will do that now he says to rudra to bring fruit puch we will celebrate now rudra about to go shivay sighs him some thing rudra smiles and get wine mixed fruit punch they three drink that punch.acually shivay didn’t drink that punch he only acts after drinking the om says every thing happened between om and ishana . he also says he dont want to marry goury bcoz he love ishana by hearing this shivay gets shock and understand why om was in bad mood he also thinks that how to handle the situation he think about goury also he gets tensed how to convince anika .and also think if i hva a situation to choose om or anika what i have to do in that time his face come on screen one side om and one side anika episode end

precap shivay gives aidea to om to convince goury and om

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