I know I am in love (premaentho andhamainadhi) Episode 10

thank u fr commenting , comment numbers were not increasing if u getting bore then i will change plz give ur comments and goury was not a villan she is also one of the heroine
today epi start with shivay says to anika that iam with u anika in any moment , anika nods and says yes

anika’s manager capture the photos and send to someone . a person calls anika’s manager . he lifts the phone and says i done as u said .the person show his face and he was ranveer .ranveer says to manager ,you have to impliment our plan , their should be no disturbance in our plan manager says sure sir .

scene shift to anika ,ishana ,goury and om

anika says goury u have to be with mom in this time if no one of us their here .then her tension will increse .goury agrees fr that .anika again says ishana u have done mba no om and om have to take care of adminstration fr some days i have to sort out all problem om and ishana also agree . om felt happy by hearing this .very nxt moment anika’a manger comes and says mam some share holders sold their shares . at any cost we have to get that property other wise our company will get bad name .anika says where is that person live .he says in delhi .she says then book a ticket to delhi fr next flight i have to meet him .he says ok mam i will give u adress also and leaves frm their
he comes outside and calls ranveer .he says everything were happening as u said sir .ranveer says u will get ur gift soo soon and cuts the call he says to him self now my time had started anika u have rejected me and choosed that stupid shivay .now will see who will help u anika ,he gives a wicked smile its morning goury stay with radhika . anika start to go delhi . om and ishana goes to office

in office om tries to flirt ishana one girl in office get close to om ishana sees them and get irritate om sees her and felt happy do overaction. ishana irritation goes to peaks and scold badly to om . om questions her why u r getting irritation ,what is the relation ship between u and me .she realises her love but she didnot tell .she says u r my frinds wood be husband how can i allow u to romance with other girl he says u r words are saying something and u r eyes r saying some thig . if u not tell the truth 3 lifes will spoil ishana .tears comes frm her eyes but she hides he says u can hide u r tears but u cannot hides u r feelings , its not late try to listen u r heart and he leave

on the other hand anika reaches delhi and go to adress given by manager .she feel something fishy . swhe goes inside it was a huge bulding no one is their inside .she see around a voice will come that no one is there here anika u and me ,sha see him and he was ranveer .she says u here that means .he says u r write this was all my plan and u got trapped in my plan . u have rejected me now i will see how can u escape frm me .he comes closer to anika .she shouts fr help he tries to misbehave with anika suddenly some one give apunch to ranveer and he was khanna .khanna try to beat ranveer but he cant they push ranveer into aroom and they escape

they sits in a car and go .she ask kahnna how he came here .he says shivay said that to protect u . he appointed me as u rbody gaurd bcoz he had many enimies .she think of shivay and cry .she says u have to do a promise khanna dont tell any thing to shivay . in anger he will kill ranveer .khanna says i will not tell any thing on my self but he ask anything i will not hide any thing .she try to say some thing her phone rings and it was shivay she lift the phone .shivay say what r u doing panika . by hearing shivay voice anika get tears and she cry later she controls her self and talk to him .she says nothing just going to home .after a second is every thing fine .she says ahh,every thing fine why u r asking like that .he says i have called u panika and u r not fighting with this she again cries and again controlls her self and says noting only work burden bas thakgayi hu .

he says ok will call u later and cuts the nxt khanna phone rings and its shivay .he lifs the call .he says what happened khanna why is she i bad mood .khanna excuses anika and come out frm car go far to anika .he says every thing to shivay .shivay in anger throws all thing and gives order to pailate to start flight immidiately but pailate says wheather is not good it was danger to go .shivay says i dont care any thing i have to go now itself he starts

precap shivay comes to mumbai and beats ranveer badly .anika take ranveer to anika house ,anika also beat ranveer with her chappal

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