Knot Tied By Destiny-os on twinj


a big banglow is shown with the name plate taneja house
as we move in the house we see that the marriage preprations r going on
a lady is seen saying;today is my daughter marriage everything should be perfect
the lady is leela taneja her daughter marriage is going on
the marriage plate shows UVIRAJ WEDS TWINKLE

A GIRL IS SEEN IN THE ROOM in her bridal attire she was looking like perfect or more than perfect her each and every thing was more than perfect
her friends were sitting beside her
ria;twinki u dnt love uvi naw???
yes the girl was twinkle taneja
twinkle;no yar i dnt love him but he is a nice boy he will keep me happy my momsays that and i cant disobey my mom u know
kaya;still yar
twinki;let it be plzzz dnt spoil my mud for god sake
diya;ok ok sorry chall have a happy married life sweetu
twinkle smile;thank u yar

they have a friend hug
on the other side we see a boy sitting in a room his eyes r filled with tears
bvoy;twinki i love u yar plzzzz dnt marry uvi yar kunj loves u alot
yes the boy is seen to be kung
kunj loves twinkle alot he is uvi friend twinki is also uvi friend but then uvi mom and twinki mom decided them to get married kunj was not able to confess his love those days but after this he decided not to confess in his lyf
he wipes his tears gets up and get ready for their marriage he reaches taneja house
but all the ladies were seen sitting nearleela taneja and consoling her twinkle was also consolinng her mom
twinki;its ok mom plzzzzz control urself
leela;how could uvi do that????
twinki;its ok mom he loved soimeone else he married her so what ????
leela;so what see urself twinkle u r in bridal attire today was ur marriage which is broken now how would u fACE the world
twinki;mom leave that plzzzz control urself
leela;twinkle u r not understanding
she sees kunj she goes to her
leela;kunj did u saw what ur friend did with my daughter he left her and married someone else
kunj was shocked ;what???? whom????

kunj;aunti beleive me i really didnt know about all this otherwise i would have talked tio him
leela;u would have talked to him uif u kne but now what will happen han???
kunj;i m really very sorry aunti i dnt know yar twinki sorry
twqinki;y r u being sorry kunj
kunj;cuz its bcz of my friend sorry aunty
leela;u r being sorry but what will happen when my daughter will step out
kuj;i m guilty aunty tell me how could i help u and twinki
leela thinks for some time then says;marry my daughter
twinki;mom what r u saying han?????
leela;yes i want u to marry him
kunj;aunty relax plz
leela;u will marry or not
twinki;mom plzzz dnt do that
leela;i m asking him will he marry my daughter or not????
kunj;aunty y u want me to marry her she deserves better
leela;ya i know but u r best
leela holds kunj hands;plzzz beta
kunj;aunty plzzz dnt do this ok fine i m ready to marry her

leela;no twinki u wont say any thing
leela;plzzzz twinki
twinki sees her mother weeping there was no option left except marrying him
twinki;ok but just only for ur sake
leela smiles with teary eyes ;thank u beta
they both sit in mandap
marriage starts all the rituals happen and in the last pandit g declared them to be married
they both take elder ashirvat
its tym for bidaai

twinkle hug her mom and weeeps alot her mother was happy that she got married with kunj but she was sad that her daughter is leaving she also cries she kisses her on her forhead and asks kunj to take care of her which kunj promised to do
they sit in car and leave for sarna mansion
kunj was happy that he got married to twinkle but on the other hand he was sad that the marriage happened in nthat condition kunj didnt know that twinkle was doing marriage with uvi on her mother will ,according to him twinkle love uvi thats y they were getting masrrued where as it was not true but kunj didnt know
kunj while driving car was thinking that on the other hand twinkle was thinking mom has not done it good with kunj she has f emotionallyblackmailed to marry me which is not fair my mom should not have done it i m a burden in kunj lyf how i would spend lyf with him or i9f he loved someone then how would he spend lyf with mne she weeps thinking herself as kunjs burden
they reach sarna mansion
kunj rings the bell his mother opens the door
\priya as kunj mother
priya;kunj kitne late hogae
he than sees twinkle with him
priya;kunj what is this???

kunj tells him all story
priya fgeels sad for twinkle buyt feels happy for kunj cuz she knew kunj loved twinkle
she whole heartedly welcomes twinkle inside their house and says her that from now it is her house
twinkle smiles sadly;thaqnk u aunty u r very kind
priya;yup i know and u r very sweet
twinkle smilesz
priya takes him to kunj room where as kunj leave to his father room
priya make twinkle sit onm the bed and says;plzzz twinkle accept this marriage whoile heartedly cuz now u and kunj are together take care of my son
twinkle smiles and says ;dbnt worry aunty i will take care of our relation
priya;thank u
twinkle;aunty plzzz dnt say that
priya smiles;i m going i will send kunj
sjhe leaves
kunj tells him all the story
kunj;dad did i do right???
manohar;yes according to circumstances step taken by u was right
kunj;i knew u and mom will support me in this decision
mano;we r always with u in each and every decision
kunj;thanks dad love u
mano;love u too
priya enters;kunj…..
kunj turns;yes mom
priya; i think u should go to ur room twinkle must be waiting
kunj;yeah but>>>>
priya;kunj i m happy bcz of ur decision i m proud of u u did the right thing
kunj;thank u mom
priya;now go
kunj;yeah going
kunj leaves

kunj enters his roon and sees twinki sitting on the bed half slept
he smiles seeing him
he clears his throat causing twinki to wake
she wakes up annd says;u canme
kunj;yeah seems to
twinki;sorry actually i was feeling sleepy
kunj;its ok u sleep
twinki;on ur bed????

kunj;yeah u can
twinki;with u???
kunj smiles;no there is no need of that i guess
twinki;then where will u sleep???
kunj moves his eyes around his room then says;on this couch
twinki;no u sleep on bed i will sleep on couch
twinki;cuz its ur house its ur room its ur bed
kunj;thats a point btw couch is also mine
twinki;yeah i know but….
kunj;no but if u sleep on bed i will sleep on couch
twinki;r u sure???
kunj;yup preety sure

kunj; u sleep i will change my dress and sleep
he leaves to bathroom
twinki sees her bridal attire;annn i wish i had dress so that i could also change and sleep peacefully
door knocks
twinki goes and open it
priya was present there with a dress
priya;i think u need it
twinkle gets happy;yeah i do
dhe takes it
twinki;thanks aunty
priya;u can call me mom
twinki;really ok then thanks mom
priya ;ur welcome

she leaves
twinki shuts the door
kunj gets out wearing casual dress
then twinki gos and changes the dress when she comes out kunj has slept on the couch
twinki;i m sorry kunj just bcz of me u have to sleep there sorry
she lay down on the bed and sleeps
kunj;uvi u did wrong with twinkle she loved u alot hyow could u
he sleeps too
next day
twinkle wakes up when shiny rays of sun disturbs her she slowly opens her eyes then close them again due to sunshine she moves her hand on the side table but founds nothing she shouts;mom coffee……
she sits on the bed then opens her eyes and sees here and there and founds herself in kunjs room instead of her thenm she remembers what happened
priya enters the room carrying cup of coffee twinki sees her and gets up from the bed \aand says; mom y u have brought it i will take it myself
priya;ur mom is just changed by face not by heart
twinki hugs her;thank u mom
priya;ur welcome i have placed ur clothes in ur cupboard u can take them and get ready
twinki;ok but where is the kunj???
priya;he left for office
twinki;this much early
priya smiles
then twinki sees clock striking 10 am
twinki;oh god how could i sleep this much oh no
priya;its ok beta no problem
priya;no but what get ready com on
twinki smiles;ok
she leaves
twiki drinks coffee it was perfect then she gets ready in red saree with black combo light makeup
she comes down
priya;do u know cooking
twinki bites her tongue yeahlil bit
priya;ok do u know something sweet to cook
twinki;yeah yeah i know how to make kheer
priya;perfect then come do breakfast then cook kher
she does her breakfast the goes to cok kheer
she enters kitchen;ammmmmmm now lets cook kheer twinki
she starts making kheer which she finishes in an hour
she comes out of kitchen;mom bn gae
priya;gud come sit lets talk
twinki sits with her
priya; so u dnt know how ot cook many things
twinki;no but i will learn soon
priya smiles;i know u will
twinki smiles;when kunj left??/
priya;8;30 am
twinki;oh at that tym i was sleeping but tomorrow i will wake up early
priya;that will be ur wish not ur responsibility
twinki;i know u r very gud
priya;this was said by kunj when he left
twinki;he is also gud
priya;acha twinkle kuj didnt bring his lunch will u take it to his office then ask him to take u to ur mom home for rituals
twinki;ok mom no prob
she gets up takes tiffen and leaves for kunj office
twinki;kunj is very sweet he slept on couch for me he didnt disturb me in morning he care for me what i did became burden on him very bad twinki very bad
she reaches kunj office enters kunj office to receptionist;can u tell me way to kunj cabin??/
recep;sir is busy in meeting
twinki;ohhh its ok i will wait in cabin where is the cabin
recep;no mam we cant allow anyone to sit in sir cabin when he is not present
twinki;i m not someone i m kunj wife
recep;but sir is not married ur trick is not gonna work this tym
twinki;what do u mean
recep;many girlsd come to meet sir and say themselves as his wife in the last sir refuses
twinki laughs;hehe i m not joking i m seriously his wife
erecep;still mam we cant allow u as kunj sir has said that he is not married
twinki;we got married last night
recep;is it part of trick??/
now twinki was getting seriously angry
twinki;listen u r getting on my nerves let me go i m telling u im his wife thats it i dnt have to prove anything to u
recep;dnt force me to call security
twinki;oh really [plzzz call security
recep shouts security…….
security comes;recep;take thsi women out
twinki;dnt u dare u guys will get out of ur job like her
security;ho kon tm
twinkile;i m twinkle kunj sarna now dont u dare to touch me stay away chu chu
recep;take her out
meeting gets over kunj comes out of cabin and sees twinkle
kunj;what she is doing here???
twinkle busy in fighting with guards
twinki;i m telling udnt touch me if u lyk ur job
recep;i m asking u to take her out
kunj still door door;ye ho kia raha h???
he gets close not enough that twinki or recep can see him
twinki; i m telling u im kunj wife and i want to meet her what ur prob is han???
kunj smiles;oh thats the problem hahaha
recep; no way kunj sir is not married many girl do like thsi and waste his tym now get out
twinki;u know what u r fired u all r fired
recep;who r u to fire us???
twinki;i m mrs kunj sarna how many times i should repeat it u duffer
recep;u called me duffer take her out now
guards start taking her out kunj rushes
twinkle sees him and make her free from guards and goes to him
twinki; i m telling u kunj this recep is very rude fire her now
kunj;twinki relax
twinki;no fire her now how dare her i m asking her that i m twinkle kunj sarna but she is not beleving like she is ur lyk manager
kunj smiles;twinki relax she was doing her job onlyshe was right many girls do lyk this
twinki;so what she will behave lyk this fire her now
kunj smil;es and says sochi u r fired
twinki;gud now u go

recep;but sir she is…..
kunj;she is really my wife twinki kunj sarna
twinki;now listened now get out
kunj smiles at her chi;dish behaviour
kunj;twinki chal andar chal
twinki;no first she will go out u get out now
kunj;relax chill chillax
he takes her to his cabin
twinki;i will not leave her how dare she mishaved with me me twinkle taneja
kunj; smiles ye le pani p
twinki takes water and drink it\
kunj;that was not her mistake many girls do lyk this for marrying me and getting my property

kunj;hahahah twinki u r very innocent
twinki;i know i know i have not visited ur office first thats y i have asked her for ur cabin otherwise i wouldnt have
kunj;yeah right so should i fire her now
twinki thinks;ok fine dnt fire her but ask hr to stay away from me
kunj;as per ur orders mam btw what u r doing here???
twinki;ur mom asked me to bring lunch for u as u forgot to bring
kunj takes lunch box from her hand;thank u
he washes his hand and opens it
kunj;u will also eat wit me
twinki;no i have just done my breakfast u eat
kunj;ok as u wish
he starts eating lunch then he sees kher
kunj;omg my mom made kheer for me love u mom
twinki smiles he starts eating kher
kunj;hmmmm its very tasty
\twinki smiles and starts looking him keenly he was just perfect perfect hair style perfect black shiny eyes perfect facecut perfect lips perfect way of talking amazing personlaity with amazing heart she gets mesmerizedkunj sees her and offers her kheer
twinki smiles and shakes her head for saying no
kunj again gets busy in eating
he finishes his lunch
twinkipacks tiffen again ;what r u doing now???
kunj;i have two meeting then i have to read some papers then i will gp home but y r u asking???
twinki;actually mom asked me to go to my mom house with u
kunj;oh ok i will cancel my meetings
twinki;no its ok i will go u do ur work
kunj;no no what ur mom will think
he calls suchi she nters cabin
twinkle eyes her lyk she will eat her at any moment
kunj;my pa is absent so now u have to do all
sochi;sure sir
kunj;cancel my all meetings for today i m going
sochi;ok sir but….
sochi;sir is she really ur wife???
twinki stand up from chair;what do u mean han what do u mean
kunj smiles;yeah she really is my wife now u go if u love urself
she rushes out of cabin
twinki;i swear i will not leave her
kunj;relax lets go
they leave to taneja house
twinki hugs her mom tightly kunj also touches his feet
leela;i m very happy today god may bless u kunj
twini;yeah right
kunj phoone rings
kunj; i will be back
he leaves
twinki;mom kunj is very gud he is very very gud
leela;i know that thats y i have chosed him for u
twinki;but see i m burden on him
leela;dnt think like that
kunj comes;whats up ladies
leela smiles
twinki;we r not ladies myy mom is a kurri
leela hits her playfully
kunj;u r right
kunj smiles twinki gets mesmerized
they spend sometym with leela than come back to their home
priya; u guys came so how was ur visist
priya smiles;and how was the kheer kunj???
kunj;it was more than amazing after all my mom made it
she sees twinkle she smiles
priya;kheer was not made by me it was made by twinkle
kunj;oh really it was gud twinki
twinki;thanks kunj
they smiles and leave to their room
they sleep lyk this kunj on couch twinkle on bed
days start passing kunj was taking care of twinkle each and every need they became gud friends
on the other side twinki start falling for him she was in love with kunj madly but still think herself as a burden on kunj
one day
twinki;icecream khani h mjhe
kunj;we will go in the evening
twinki;not evening now
kunj;twinki i m really busy u go with driver if u want to go now
twinki shuts his laptop;we will go together and now
kunj smile;u r really a kid
twinki;difficult kid to handle
twinki;so lets go
kunj;ok lets go
they stand up and leave for icecream parlour
they start eating icecream and start talking with eachother
twinki was busy inseeing him while kunj was talkinh
tu ata h seene main
jb jb sansen bharti hun
tere dil ki galiyoun se
m har roz guzarti hun
hawa k jese chalta h tu
main reet jese urti hun
kun tjhe yun pyar kare ga
jese main krti hun
[plays] kunj finishes his icecream the sees her
kunj claps in front of her eyes making her get out of her imagination;what happened
twinki smiles;no nothing
they get out of icecream parlour and go to their car
when someone shouts from back;kunj twinkle
they turn it was uvi with mahi
twinki gets angry cuz she thought bcz of him she became burden for kunj
kunj;what the hell u r doing here
uvi;we came to know about ur marriage
twinki;so what han???
mahi;we want to say sorry to u we r really sorry
twinki helds uvi collar;how dare u if u dnt want to marry me u should have told me earlier i would have taalked to my mom tmhare waja se bechara ye phans gaya
kunj;tqwinkle relax
twinki;no kunj he is the reason behind all this and with what expectations u r saying me sorry mr uvraj han??
uvi;sorry twinki but at that tym jo mjhe thk laga maine kia
twinki;dafa ho jao dafa ho jao
mahi;sorry again
she leaves with uvi
twinki;ullo ka sar
kunj;relax twinkle\

twinki;no kunj just because of him i became burden on you
kunj was hocked listening her reason
kunj;what did u say??? who toldu u r burden on me
twinki; i know i know i m burden onu
kunj;dimagh kharab hogaya h tmhara maine kabhi kaha tm se that u r burden on me???
twinki;i know i m burden on u
kunj;twinki y dnt u understand u r not burden on me its me who took ur all happiness
twinki;what do u mean???
kunj;see i know u love uvi and u r very hurt
twinki;hold on hold what u know??? i love uvi??/
twinki claps ;wah g wah r kia kia pata h tmhein
kunj;twinki be serious
twinki;exactly kunj be serious i dnt love uvi
twinki;yes i dnt love him yar i was marrying him just for my mother its nothing lyk that
kunj was on cloud nine but controls
kunj;twinki acha tell me how u think u r burden on me ???
twinki;i know
kunj;its nothing lyk that believe me we r gud friends and friends r not burden
twinki;i know but……
kunj;no but what ok???
twinki smiles;ok
now both were happy twinki was happy knwing that she is not burden on kunj and now she loved him more
kunj was happy knowing that twinki didnt love uvi now he could confess his love but decided not to
days pass their friendship grow more stronger furthermore both was in love with eachother but never confessed
one day
twinki goes to kunj office

she enters office eyes sochi and directly goes to kunj cabin
she sits on kunj chair as kunj was in meeting
kunj enters cabin sees twinki;hey
twinki;hi u know i m the boss
kunj;yeah yeah i know
both laugh
kunj sits;so what r u doing here???
twinki;ur lunch
kunj;oh thanks
kunj pa enters cabin
she is girl of about 22 years weaing small skirt
twinki sees her and gets angry
befor she could say something twinki says;who r u???/
kunj;she is my pa
twinnki;oh ye kia pehn rakha h tumne??/
kunj ;twinki???
twinki;tm chup karo,han tm bolo
pa;this is short skirt
twinki; i know that but are these office clothes???
pa;i m an independnt girl i can wear what i want
twinki;kunj fire her now???
kunj;twinki kia hogaya h tmhein??/
twinki;hey u listen if u cant wear office clothes u r fired
pa;but y i like my wearings
twinki;but i dnt lyk u r fired
kunj;twinki yar…..
rtwinki;dnt u listen u r fired get out now
she leaves
twinki drinks whole glass of water
kunj;ye kia kya tumne??/
twinki;kia kiya??/
kunj;ku fire kia tumne usse
twinki;didnt u see whuch type of clothjes she was wearing in front of u??
kunj;hold on the problem was in her wearing or she was was wearing that in front of mme was prob????
kunj;so u r insecure about me???
twinki;every wife is
kunj;twinki stop behaving lyk typical wives
twinki;what do u mean i m ur wife i can behave lyk that
kunj;so mrs kunj sarna is jealous of my pa
twinki;no no
kunj;yes yes
kunj;exactly u were jealous
twinki;ok fyn yeah i ere jealous so what??? im ur wife
kunj;but u r my friend
twinki;yeah im wife too
kunj;whatever stop ur childish behaviour i m not firing her
twinki;ku ku ku??
kunj;what do u mean by ku ku??/
twinki;agar wo wapis aye to main tmhein mar dalun gi
twinki;bsss wo nae aye gi i will select a male pa for u??
kunj;twinki tjhe ho kya gaya h???
kunj;nae bta mjhe what happened??twinki;nothiiinnnnnng
kunj;jhot bol rae h tu bol what happen
twinki;kuch nae
she was already very irritate
kunj;phr main use wapis bula lun ga
kunj;then tell me
twinki closes her eyes;ok fyn i m insecure about u
kunj;but y???
twinki shouts;cuz i love u and i cant afford ur female pa
kunj was shocked by her explanation
twinki opens her eyes
kunj;what u said??/
twinki; i said i love u and i really cant afford any girl in ur lyf understand
kunj was on cloud nine
kunj;u love me???
twinki; am i speaking in persian???
kunj;no still

twinki;listen i know u dnt love me but i love u thats y……
kunj hugs her tightly
kuj; i love u more than u love me from the day first we met
twinki;then y dnt u told me earlier
kunj;dar lagta h mjhe tere se

kunj;seriously yar
twinki pulls her cheeks;u r soo sweet kunj ilove u
kunj; i love u too
twinki; now i will select pa for u
kunj;achi khasi nokri thi us bechari ki
twinki;bechari my foot agar wo mjhe dobara nazar aye to mun noch lun gi uska
kunj;hahaha u r becoming wild
twinki;yeah i have too if i have to protect my husband
kunj;hahaha r8 so miss sayapa queen jidhar jati h kisi na kisi se lar jati h
twinki;tm se to nae larti naw

kunj;han wo to shukar h
twinki smiles and hugs him again
kunj;i love u twinki
twinki; i love u too
scene splits on twinj happy faces

hey my deary fatima yar this is also for u
happy birthday may u have 100 more in ur lyf
love u yar
there is the third shot also
find other one shots also
ur clue is [flying bird] guys dnt help her in finding
these r her b.d gifts which she have to fina
fatima noooooo cheating
ok sorry for typo errors
sorry for posting before 12 czn marriage naw sorrry
haye mere hath
love u
take care

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        nae oy cheating r me nevr .. toba toba nooo

      2. Ufaaq

        yup i m very much thank ful to u
        hahahaaha toba toba

  14. Loveleen

    Tht ws sweet one…

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooooo much

  15. Hey ufaaq sorry for late cmnt and os was soooooo sweet and nice plzzz do write some more os like this and would u like to tell me when is ur frnd fatima’s bday

    1. Ufaaq

      its ok no worries
      thank u sooooo much
      i will surely try
      it was yesterday 3 december

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