Hi friends… this is haritha again… This is a story of a journey… a journey to explode a treasure… a journey to find out some missing part of history.. its a mysterious journey which make us to see a new world… the things which we come across may exist or not… nobody knew it… this journey Will make us to knock some door… the door which is never been opened till now… nobody knew what is the after effect of it….. actually it’s a fictional story made upon the serial kumkumbhagya…

Character sketch….
Pragya arora
A girl of 24 year old… curious.. and excited girl.. who love to explore the world. Works in archeological department.. bestieee of abhi.. and had a crush on him… she is orphan.. knew abhi from college itself..
Abhishek Mehra…
A boy of 27 year old… crazy as well as lazy boy.. who have no perfect aim… who have craze on everything for a short period… always tries to flirt with girls… but not serious relationship anyone expect his pragya who is his crush.. Other characters will be shown while story…



An archeological office is shown… a girl is sitting in her cabin.. her cabin shows.. in which there is a board on table.. on which pragya arora (researcher ) written… she is reading something very interestingly…. curiosity is seen in her eyes…. suddenly someone touched at her shoulder.. she screams.. and turns sees abhi.. Pr; abhi tum bi na.. Ab; chashmish.. why are you always screaming whenever I touched your shoulder… Pr; you always touch while I am reading.. Ab; chashmish.. why are you always such idiot book which make you fear.. Pr; abhi.. actually this book is about a fantasy world.. Ab; chashmish.. do you wish to live in fantasy.. every time you read such books.. Pr; abhi.. to read something which is imaginary will bring some feelings to us.. do you knew when I read it.I feel like I am in such a world… k.. wait one minute.. where are you till now… with which girl.. Abhi smiles.. Ab; chashmish.. what I am with girl.. what are you speaking.. Pr:abhi.. don’t act to much.. I knew you are like lord Krishna.. Ab; lord Krishna.. Pr; ya.. you knew he has 10008 girlfriend… Ab; oh he is so great na… how Will he managing all this.. I am really much tried with 2-3 girls.. if I get a chance then I must get tips from him.. Pragya holds his ears.. what you need tips..

Ab; chashmish.. it’s SO painful.. please leave it… sweet chashmo hey na.. Pragya leave his ears.. Pr; don’t try to flirt with me.. Ab; how can I flirt with you.. the one who knew me well.. the one who loves me.. Pr; who told you.. I loves you.. I will get someone better than you.. Ab; are you sure.. Pr; haa.. Ab:k.. then it’s bad luck.. Pr; whose… Ab; someone’s.. Both knew they love each other.. but never tell it openly… Pr; abhi.. soon we need to go for a journey.. Ab; journey.. Pr; haa.. an important journey.. as a part of our research.. come I will show you.. Ends.. So guys… which journey they both are talking about… what is the destiny of it…

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  1. Fantastic ! And Happy New Year Greenie !

  2. Nice fantasy story yaar…keep going….

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  5. Hi this is nice
    By the way i too have the same name
    Best of luck and wishes to u.

  6. Superb start.keep rocking dear

  7. Nice sissy waiting for episode….

  8. Reshma_Pradeep

    Interestinggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!Montage is really Goodddd!!!!!!!!

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    Superb to the core loved it love u darlu?????

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    super super…i love this chechi… i’m ready to jump in a fantasy world…

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    Omg…….. Fantastic my dear baby doll chechi. Keep rocking….. Loved it. Love you a lottttttt…. ??? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……?????

  16. Awesome start ma loved it abhigya characters are awesome eagerly waiting for the next episode

  17. superb dii….really it is a different concept… post the next one soon….

  18. Awesomeeeeeeeee chechiiiii!!!!???Loved it alottttt…eagerly waiting for the next. . . Love you alottt chechi??

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    Fantastic di… I love this concept di.. it reminds me my life di… you di

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