My Knight in Shining Armour (Prologue)

My life was going smooth, protective family, caring Mom and Bro, supportive friends everything was going perfectly unless he entered her life to make it a great mess. SANSKAR MEHRA the one who lost the feel of being loved in a small age. He came like a flash in my life and made it to take a huge turn.
She is so naive and innocent doesn’t know who speak against anyone and her family is taking advantage of her good soul. But her one look makes feel good her touch which I carved for many days and her fresh morning dew fragrance which makes me crazy for her. But she is scared of me my gaze make her uncomfortable the question is why? Anything it maybe she is mine I am her Knight in the shining Armour.

It’s a night time and the rain is pouring heavily with thunder. In a ware house a girl and a boy are seeing. Seems like they are arguing.
“What is your problem Swara always distancing yourself from me I want an answer now dammit” Sanskar shouts shaking her.
“Plz leave me I am not the one for you My world is not like yours And more over it’s wrong” Swara pleaded with tears roiling down her cheeks.
“Swara look at me nothing is wrong Ok I am there for you we don’t need anyone it’s just us” Sanskar said.
But Swara shoved him.
“I am your weakness Sanskar why can’t you understand it You are Police man for God sake and I am a criminals daughter, a criminals sister you can’t love me and should not you are not my knight in Shining Armour” Swara bust out her life’s reality.
Sanskar just took her in his embrace and let her to pour it out.
“I was I am and I will always be your Knight in shining armour”

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