My Knight in Shining Armour (Chapter 3)


Hello friends I read your comments and you all are confused about the POV so I will look after it.

His POV……
Now I am inside a cafe which is also owned by the Grave gang. I am just sitting adjacent to my Dream girls table. Her way of eating makes me chuckle. The sauce from the sandwich is all over her mouth and licking it.
“Priya it’s too Good you know what I always wonder why this cafe doesn’t get our bills paid” She asked confused.
“Swara why are you worrying about this I always pay them via net okay now eat your food that Samruth made your mood off and see how puffy your cheeks are” Priya said.
So she is Swara but wait what is her connection with Sinha’s I don’t get that thing she is so important to them that they are protecting her. They got ready to leave and suddenly a car came and stopped beside them. A guy came down from the car I just hid myself behind a wall and watching them. Seeing that guy Swara shivered and hid behind Priya.
“Well Swara its nice to meet you outside and what do you think about my grand filmy love confession” that guy said. Hearing it my blood boiled thinking about him with her.
I didn’t care what hell they think and went to him straightly. I can feel their gazes on me but do I care.
“Hey man who are you” he asked.
“As if I care why are you troubling them” I asked him but he is just eye stripping Swara which made me mad.
“Man I tell you one thing she is a hot chick in my college and I want her for…” I know what he is going to tell but he fell in agony before those words come out from his mouth.

Her POV…….
Again that Samruth came and starts to trouble me when someone came and stood before us. I don’t know what they were speaking but suddenly Samruth fell down with blood oozing from his nose.
I urged Priya to go beside them and she complied. When we went closer the guy is punching Samruth mercilessly and he is begging him.
“Dare you look at her again you will see the worst and side of mine got it” he said and threw Samruth away and he ran from there. When he turned towards us our eyes met black to brown but the reason which shocked me is these eyes I have seen them in my dream these are the eyes which becomes soft for me and filled with love and red in anger when they meet the evils which troubles me.
“Who are you and why did you beat him” Priya asked which caused us to break our eye lock.
“Well I was searching for a job and settled in this café for lunch when I saw that guy troubling you so thought of humanity” He said and about to leave I said “Thank you for helping us” which caused him to turn and I hid behind Priya.

Precap: Sanskar and Dharun’s face off

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