My Knight in Shining Armour (Chapter 2)


Thank you friends for your lovely comments and about my ff a beautiful relationship and ss it’s all about US I need time to think about the story if you all want I will post old ff TTIR tell ur suggestions.
Bro dropped me to college and as always same lecture be with Priya always ask her to give your update every hour and got frustrated “Oh God if you both love each other means propose na always making me suffer” I blurted out.
“I think your tongue is becoming long because of Rita now get down don’t ever come out of the college before my arrival and that’s it he went.
Dharun entered the ware house which is far away from the city.
“Yes Dad we have to submit the records to Alessio Ivanshov……. I know Dad none knows about us even that IG is blackmailed us…….. Ok Sanskar Mehra I will get it Dad call Mom and ask Swara to be inside the house for three days I think Samruth….. Yeah that minister son is behind her I want sometime to think about him” and Dharun cuts the call.
This means he know about me I have to do something and called my official.
“Yes Sanskar”
“Sir I need you to delete my past histories immediately their shouldn’t be a name Sanskar Mehra in the police record”
“But Sanskar its”
“Plz Sir and make a fake id of mine in the techno thief list in the name Sanskarudeen”
“Ok it would be in few hours”
“Thank you sir” I said and cuts the call.

Again I heard Dharun speaking. Don’t be confused I have launched a chip near the building.
“Yeah Priya is Swara is alright”
“No Dharun the Samruth is again made Swara embarrassed from the time she is crying I tried calling you but”
“Ok in the lunch time take Swara out and be careful the guards would be following you” And he again cuts the call. I came out of the ware house just opposite to them. I have traced the other no which came just now. Strange it’s a college and I drive to the college.
Once that blo*dy Samruth got into my nerves. He thinks that I will be trapped in his charm and love him but he is not understanding. Today he proposed in front of the whole college and all are shouting to accept I don’t know what to do so tears made their way and I ran from there. I know Priya would have told Bro about him but now how will face everyone.
“Swara calm down girl it’s Ok nothing happened right come let’s go out for lunch” Priya said and took me. I feel that my nose has become red and my cheek puffy because of crying.
My waiting for that girl Priya who called Dharun few minutes ago both are worried about a girl named Swara I searched but shows none result regarding that name with Sinha’s. Suddenly my eyes fell on a beautiful face big eyes with tears, red nose, puffy cheeks the thing which strikes my mind is “DOLL” she is the same girl who disturbs my sleep every night. But wait how can a dream can be true. I always say these words to her holding her protectively in my arms.
“Dont worry Doll I am your Knight in Shining Armour” Just then my gaze shifted to Priya who is accompanying my Doll. Is she Swara? I asked myself.

A/N: So Swara and Sanskar dream about the same thing and now Sanskar met her but not Swara what will be His next step for that stay tuned.

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