My Knight in Shining Armour (Chapter 1)


It looks like the sun has come to invite me from my fantasy world where I was enjoying with my Prince Charming every girl after hearing Cinderella will make a wish to have a wedding like her. Even me but the sad part is every night I can see someone protecting me from evils by his smooth embrace I tried a lot to see his face but only his words echo is my ears.

“Don’t worry Doll I am your Knight in Shining Armour”
I got up lazily and went to shower myself. I am college going Oh sorry I forgot introduce myself My name is Swara Sinha and I am studying B.Com final years. My family consist of my loving father Suresh who doesn’t go against my wishes, My naughty Mom Meera who plays prank with me to disturb My Strict Bro Dharun who always order me. And I have two cute friends Priya and Rita. And I have secret Priya loves my Bro secretly but doesn’t have guts to say it. Hehe….. So this me and my history Oh my God I got late to college. And I ran down to meet my Mom who is waiting with my breakfast and started feeding me. Swara don’t go out unnecessarily be with your friends always and If anything happens call us immediately”Mom said while feeding. Dad is in business trip and Bro waiting outside for Uff again it’s going to be a tiring day.

“Sanskar this is an important assignment we have to destroy this mafia gang The Grave they head is Suresh Sinha and his second hand command his son Dharun Sinha both are in disguise of a businessmen and are working illegal business” My higher official said. My name is Sanskar Mehra I am a Special Force head. Now I have got an assignment on this Grave gang they are invisible to the world but very powerful they are like river flowing through all states. But now I have to destroy them.
“Yes Sir I will, I have to collect every details about them so it may take”
“I can understand Sanskar you can take how much time you want but we have to destroy them before their deal with the Russians you know what I mean” My Official said and I came out from the hall.

I went to my room straight to get myself prepared for the upcoming incidents.
But the destiny has its own way right well Swara doesn’t know about her family well and Sanskar is behind them how did Sanskar became her Knight.

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