He banged into her space that she never let someone to enter and within no time he was part her life, uninvited ,unpredicted just like a thunder storm. He was massive, impressive,magnetic, irresistible that she couldn’t step back.

She was completely unaware of the “SWEET TROUBLE” entering her life.His presence, proximity,deep and intense thoughts always made her to forget rest of the world.His incessant gaze would make her heart beat go all wild.He was making her to feel the way that she never felt before,her heart was desperate his love and care.She allowed him to intrude her space and now she s suffering a lot for letting him inside her.but how could she ever stoped him??
Not falling for him was an impossible thing to her.she let him too close and now she was preventing herself from the acute heart break thinking that all those moments she spent with him was just an act and nothing,she was just helping him but her attempts to crush the blooming feelings about him. It was impossible for her
she wanted his deep back charcoal eyes to stare only her.his warm lips to lie only on her red delicate one’s.His hand to spread warmly on his soft tender skin,only hers .Her heart would yank out of its place if he was hanging out wid some other girl.she wondered if he ever felt the same way as she felt about him??whenever she tried to look deep through him he gave away nothing.Her attempt would all go in vain.
He was tall,hot, handsome,striking sensation and heartthrob every beautiful girls of the college.He was a rich spoiled brat,womanizer, player, quite arrogant yet too deep as a blue ocean.He loved hangouts, parties,road ride,adventures travelling.Any girl could fell her heart skip a beat watching his light croocked smile and those inky black eyes,they are enough to make someone get lost in them.

And she was all plain and simple yet something special. Someone who is way far from attention,shy,fragile,lively,independent.she lost her parents when she was yong.she worked for extra hours in a designer cloth center to earn some money for her living and studies.she loved designing.

Her life was calm and serene till he entered in it but now she is extremely disturbed because of him. No she can never blame him for that cause she knew he was a TROUBLE.

Next part :memories.
This one is a love story not related to any serial and this is my first attempt to write.
So tell me guyzzzzzz you do u want me to continue this ???

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