I knew she would be a Trouble…amour#Raglak (Prologue)

I knew she would cause trouble..Amour#Raglak

Okay so..Hey..guys this is Ani of the ‘JIYA_ANI’ ..my username ..I know I’ve returned after a long long time and yeah ..am pretty sure you all have forgotten who I am…so I have written Two Raglak ff one of which was ‘IN LOVE’ which was a romantic horror book with just 10 not so very long chapters…and the second one is ‘INAMORATA’S SWEETHEART’ which was ac combined one for Twinj & Raglak for I have probably written 2-3 chapters ..Yeah I know that those who remember who this silly fellow writing all this is..must be feeling to bash and mash me like a potato…I am extremely sorry for not posting for so long long time…but I do have a valid reason for that..as per me..
Actually the reason is to get my story be near to reality..I went through a many spying cases and write ups and had a talk with the whom I know relating some way or the other to this field and realized that what I wanted to show were a complete Injustice to the lives of the bravehearts of our country..my ff would have given their lives Quite easygoing and light but that’s definitely a wrong perspective.
So I’ve stopped it and writing another one which is in my mind since a few months back.

So here’s the prologue..

Starting with the characters..

Ragini Bose- the female protagonist..a lovely, beautiful, pretty, lively, fun going, bubbly and chirpy Bengali girl who used to live in Kalimpong (West Bengal, India) till the age of 10 after that her family shifted to New York …which consists of
Her father- Shekhar Bose

And a Cousin Big brother- Arjun bose (Kushal tandon) of age 14

Ragini never saw her mother.. Arjun was orphaned at the age of 4 as his parents died in an accident..he used to live with his uncle (Shekhar) a really loving but quite strict person…The same year Ragini was born but her mother Janki Bose died after conceiving her..she knew that there would be completions and her life was at risk as well but her motherly love was rigid.

Ragini loves India and her mother but her father’s Business was in New York…she had always been a quite rich and pampered kid but never a spoiled one indeed Quite matured yest sprinkled with stupidity..she is a perfect resemblance of her mother’s qualities…
Its 2017 … Ragini had turned 24 and handling the Indian branch of her father’s company in Calcutta.
She is just a perfect example of a girl with Beauty and Brains.
She isn’t just handling business but is quite very active in running her NGO working for the ones in need…

Laksh Maheshwari- the youngest Prince of the Maheshwari’s business..He is someone sofisticated, intelligent, smart, business minded….this is just the face of Laksh for the world..but the real Laksh maheshwari is hidden somewhere in the corner of her heart…He is a business Tycoon..one of the biggest and richest in the country.. working with his Married brothers Adarsh and Sanskar and you guys know whom they are Married to of course Parineeta and Swara respectively…but remember both are Marwaris (the same community). Euations between Laksh and his father aren’t so well.
But his best friend is his 19 year old sweet and beautiful Sister Ashika (Tunisha Sharma…who played Ahenkara in Chakravarti Samrat Ashok and young Katrina in Fitoor).
The whole family is same as was in the show just its Ashika instead of Uttara.

So I feel I have left a few questions unanswered but you know ‘Good books never reveal their secrets All at once’.
Now my book would be good or bad .. that’s upon you.

My Story deals with 3 main things..
1- Love… obviously
2- Diffrences
3- Family

They seem common but are not so easy to get together always…

So I hope you guys will read.

Drop down your veiws , suggestions and comment.

Do share if you feel.

Love you…??

Take Care



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    waise coming to the story its FANTABULOUS and totally INTERESTING!!

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      Am gud iqruuuu…I knew sab bhule na bhule..you won’t forget me..you know..u were the candle in darkness…I am fine sweetie

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