I knew she would cause trouble..amour (Episode 2)

I knew she would cause trouble…amour#Raglak

[My Bengali is not very good.. please forgive my mistakes after telling me about them so that I improve..]

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Episode 2

Laksh is walking down the corridors of the beautiful venue of the ethnic bengali engagement. He is wearing this-(just the blazer is dark maroon kind of)
Looking so handsome that some girls in the party are checking out this guy busy with his mobile.
(So guys I am very bad with selection of clothes especially of boys…but am sure Laksh is the guys looking good in every attire).

From the opposite side came Ragini dressed beautifully in this
She’s looking damn gorgeous…just breathtaking..Gosh!!..she was walking decorating the thaal in her hands of the engagement rings with rose petals her silky open hair swirling softly in the airs.
A few little girls come running towards her giving her more flowers…and goes.. Ragini thanks them turning towards them…she smilingly turns back and Bang…collides with Laksh.Laksh holds her hand..the thaali falls spreading the petals falling over them.(Thoda aur instrumental plays from Ranchi Diaries the starting 20 seconds)

Laksh is just lost in strucked Ragini’s eyes..her beauty was kind of hypnotysing him.

He realizes something and pulles her up.

“You!!?…. Here???” Both says together.

~❤ Flashback❤~
A car was being driven down an empty street of Kolkata .. a girl comes running towards it. The driver is Laksh..he stops the car to prevent her from hitting. She was wearing a scarf over her mouth hiding her face.
The girl doesn’t looks at him as her eyes are to a guy running behind her he comes and catches her..she holds his hand on her shoulder andin the nick of time hits his head to the front glass of Laksh’s car breaking it into pieces. The man falls bleeding. Laksh stood dumbstruck. “What the hell was that?…blo*dy goon” he yelled over her and went to the man to help him.
The girl ..she runs and holds his hands..”I don’t think you’d like to give your finger prints and be the culprit…get into the car”..she orders.

“What!!?…are you out of your mind?…Vo marr rha hai (he’s dying)..”

“If you don’t move..we both will die..”..She makes him understand and asks him to drive off…he covers a km or two and stops the car.

“Now what happened?”..

“Utro…(get off)”

“Like seriously ..” the girl says removing her scarf in wrath…she is Ragini.

“Yeah..I amn’t joking Miss..get off..” he says just having a quick look at her.

“You are leaving an alone girl in the middle of nowhere!!!..are that ettiquates Mr.Whatever your name is”..she yells.

“Yes the same girl who just a few minutes ago probably killed an innocent man”..

“Excuse me…you..listen that man can never be innocent..but there’s no point of talking to a guy like you….See you never…’ she gets off the car .

“Ki dharanēra mānuṣa sē… Āmi kakhanō’i tākē ābāra dēkhā karaba nā(What kind of man is is he?..hope I never see him again..) she goes blabbering.

~❤ Flashback❤~

“Tumi ekhane ki karbo?” Ragini says irritated.

“What???” Perplexed

“Oh..I mean…what the hell are you doing here?”..

“Excuse me miss..this is my friends wedding and I think you are confused..Jail jana tha shadi main aa gyi…(You had to go to jail by mistake reached this marriage)”

“Whatever…You are none to me so why should I explain..I don’t care what you think I am…You may please go to hell”

“Well atleast its better than talking to goons..”..Laksh steps smirking.
“Hey”..she puts her arm in front of him in order to stop him and snaps twice..he turns to her.

“Ring khoayi h toh dhund ke hi jaana..ladke wale ho..khali hath mat jana (you made me lose the ring so help me find it..you’re from groom’s side.. please don’t go empty handed)” she says with tashan(attitude) but her acsent of trying to speak hindi was so cute that even Laksh’s conciousness smiled.

Both start searching for the ring on their all fours.

“Eta kothaye??(where is it??…” Ragini murmers searching for it..she feels a warm and continuos gaze on her…she turns and finds Laksh staring at her..his eyes were to her little visible.. perfectly shaped and soft belly..she straightens…”what are you looking at” he comes near to her (‘Thoda aur’ plays)…and nearer..so close that they were able to feel each other’s warm breathes…”wh….aat” Ragini breathes.

Laksh slides his hand beside her and holds the ring and shows it to Ragini. She takes it from him and turns..her silky hair hit his face ..so soft and the smell’s amazing!.

She goes taking the thaal (plate) with her same cute attitude. He gets up smiling….’why are you smiling?’ his instincts says making him realize that he’s being silly!

Precap~ ..”What’s happening..mujhe itna bura kyu lag rha h..jaise koi apna sad ho ..ro raha ho(why am I feeling bad as if someone is sad or unhappy.. Who’s close to me!)..its so wierd..but kind of connection!!” Laksh says to himself………..

Okay so..here I end up with another episode…thanks to all those who commented and silent readers please open up and give your views.
All kinds of views and suggestions accepted and I will implement them wherever possible.

‘Hi POLLY DI…thanks a ton for such love and appreciation..and I don’t mind if you didn’t knew that I am not a new Raglakian..And yeah.. getting hooked to my stories..I don’t know why people are really fond of doing that..I don’t know what’s so special in my work that readers love so much ..even in Tashan e ishq TU family my first ever ff is still favourite of many…all I do is pen down my imaginations in the best possible way… though its just my confusion..I hope I’d be sorted someday..thanks a ton for your warmth and stay blessed..?

And all those who commented… Thanks once again..I was glad reading each and every Comment..thank you sooooo much..

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Love you all ?


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