I knew she would cause trouble…amour #Raglak (Epi~1)

I knew she would cause trouble…amour#Raglak

Episode 1

Calcutta, West Bengal
5:00 a.m.

A girl is sleeping in her cozy , comforting Queen sized bet the room is decorated cutely with beautiful star shaped Wind-hangings at the wide glass door with leads to the balcony of the apartment at the 10th floor of the building.

That girl wakes up and takes her iPad as it was ringing for a Vedio call.
She received it .
Its her brother.
“Morning titli (Butterfly)” Arjun says

“Morning Bhai…aaaw(she yawns)” The girl replies.

“Ragu..you still didn’t got the habit of waking at 5..”..Arjun says.Yes it’s our cute beauty Ragini.

” My bigB..jab aap uthate ho roz subah toh accha lagta h(I like it when you wake me up )” She says.

“Acha (ooh!”..

“Hmm..and ye toh ab few no. Of aur mahine ki baat h( Yes and its matter of few months More)”..

“Bacche you mean to say ‘Kuch aur mahino ki baat h’..” Ragini bites her tongue..

“Am still working over my hindi..and yes of course ..Now get married Bhai..Bhabhi akhir kitna wait karengi?..aur kyu? (How much will bhabhi wait now and why?)”..

“Titli Abhi uske bhabhi banne m time h..(still there’s time for our marriage)”..

“But Haq toh biwiyon wale de rakhe h (But I’ve rights like a wife only)” Maya said coming in front of the screen…

“Morning Bhabhi”

“Morning..how are you ragu? Hope you are sleeping in time..”

“Ya bhabhi I try complete all the works on time ”

“Don’t stress and become like your brother..he slept late but is always awaken to wake you.”..Maya complaint
“Bhai now you stop ..plz..I am no more a kid and Moreover don’t you know how important you are to me?..Take Care of yourself.. please Dada”

“Okay Ragini..go get ready ..you need toxcatch your flight as well..”

.. making Ragu realize that she doesn’t have too much time..she went freshenup while the maid got the breakfast ready.

Arjun is shown sleeping in Maya’s Lap…
“Maya..tum ghar thodi der baad jaana plz..I really want to be with you..”(Maya plz stay back for a bit more)
“Shadi kyu nhi kar lete Arjun?..Kabhi chod ke nhi jana hoga mujhe..”(why don’t you marry me..I won’t have to go anywhere then)

“Bas ek zimmedari.. Ragini ki life m koi aisa aaye jo usse mujhse zyaada pyaar kare.. that’s it” (just one responsibility ..I want that the guy who could love Ragini more than me to come into her Life.. that’s it)

Maya kissed his forehead “I love you..” they smiled.


Kaohsing, Taiwan

“This is not fair ..he said he wouldn’t be able to come..what does he think?.
I won’t get married without him …” Says the pretty girl Arohi to her friends Karan ,Ravi ,Sargun and Ritwik and Ayush

“Aru.. don’t say as if you don’t know him..he is the Laksh Maheshwari..He won’t miss your wedding.. you go get ready..its your engagement today…”.. Sargun says. Arohi smiles and goes to her room.
Others were still standing in the launge of a 5star hotel of the city.

“Sargun..you said all that to console Aru but you know how he’s become?…Wo nhi ayega (he won’t come)”.. Karan says.

“No he’ll had to..your guys will be at my side (groom’s side) and Sargun will be at Arohi’s side okay…” ..Ayush says.

~❤Next Scene❤~

A guy is shown coming out of the kaohsing airport
His removed his shades….Ooo munda kukkad kamal da…
sat in his Black Maybach Mercedes.

~❤Next Scene❤~

“Tumi kothaya Aru??(where are you?)”.. Ragini entered into a room looking so beautiful in a white frock dress , pearl and diamond earrings dangling in her ears…less make up heels… looking like and Angel.

“Ami ekhane(I am here)”…Arohi came to her running chirpily and hugged Ragini tight.

“Khuba taratari na?? Amara yogadana matra 2 ghanta pare haya(Ain’tyou too early??…its just 2 hours left for my engagement and you’re here now..)”

“Had a meeting as well..But see I am not that late..”

“Haha ..wow..thank you haan..” Arohi shows her tantrums.

“Hey my tantrum queen…Bengali shadi in China…khub bhalo !!(Bengali marriage in china.. great!!)”

Come…lets get ready miss bride.

Precap~ Laksh and Ragini are walking down the corridor…..Bang!!!
Raglak~ You!!!!!!!!!!!


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    1. I will read ur story even if u don’t use bengali syllable…..coz ur story is that good sweetheart that everyone wud get hooked to it…..oh I am sorry , I ws not knowing abt u …..really I thought ur new……….anyways yaar count me in ur list of readers frm now onwards ………….I just loved the story update soon dear

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