I knew she would cause trouble..amour (Episode 3)

I knew she would cause trouble…amour#Raglak

[Guys I don’t know anything about Bengali weddings and other rituals ..I don’t know much even about the traditions of my region..I know its hell silly…so please forgive me..I’ll write Whatever I know..if you guys know plz tell in the comments so that I can add that.]

Episode 3
Engagement ceremony happened.

“Ragini”…”hi..”..says Sargun standing with her husband Ravi and friends Karan , Ritwik and Laksh.
“Hi Sargun…”..
“Sargun..you know her!!!”..Laksh was quite shocked..afterall his friend has connections with goons!!??????

“Of course I know her ..she is..”.. she’s interrupted by Ragini.

“Ragini Bose…Hi..” she forwards her hand .. mischief shines in her eyes.

“Ragini…bose!”…Laksh murmers thinking he’s heard this name before.

“Hi..this is Karan”..they shake hands. Karan was lost in her mesmerizing beauty.

“Guys.. excuse me….” She leaves to receive a call.

“Beautiful…”..Karan says and all look on to him. Laksh was looking at her and thinking something.

“Ya bhabhi..I am fine ..you take care okay..yeah..shotti!..I’ll talk to him later..Bye..” Ragini was talking on mobile when her attention goes to the stage with boys.

Music plays (Maine tujhko dekha)

Karan comes forward. He dances and and calls Ragini..she enjoys joining him as all were dancing..Ravi, Ayush and Karan dance while Sargun , Arohi and Ragini too…

[Maine tujhko dekha
Teri ore dil pheka
Pari tu heaven ki
Kehna hai nazron ka

Maine tujhko dekha
Teri ore dil pheka
Pari tu heaven ki

Kehna hai nazron ka

Chaand ko complex diya hai

Tere chehre ne
Teri beauty ka nasha hai
Dil ko laga hai chune

Neend churaye teri kisne o sanam

Tu ne, tu ne
Chain churaya tera kisne o sanam
Tu ne, tu ne o o]


Ragini sees Laksh standing and goes to call him..”why are you so angry at me?..leave..tumhare Friend ki engagement h..baar baar nhi hogi..” and goes.

Arohi dances~Sarphira hai tu

Sargun~Piche pada hai kyun
Ragini~Iss route ki saari line’n
Toh vyast padi hai

Laksh jumps into them..and dances joined by his buddies

[Lada lada nazrein

Udne de khabre

Control nahi ab hota
Tu mast badi hai]

Raglak come face to face.. Ragini goes back..The three dance behind them.

[Abhi toh teri zindagi mein

Na koi ghum hai
Iske chakkar me honge
Din raat tere sune]

They dance..

[Neend churayi meri kisne o sanam
Tu ne, tu ne


Chain churaya mera kisne o sanam

Tu ne, tu ne o o..]

Lets get together baby..X3

Laksh dances looking at Ragini

[Maine tujhko dekha

Teri ore dil pheka
Pari tu heaven ki
Kehna hai nazron ka

Chaand ko complex diya hai

Tere chehre ne
Teri beauty ka nasha hai
Dil ko laga hai chune

Neend churaye meri kisne o sanam

Tu ne, tu ne
Chain churaya tera kisne o sanam
Tu ne, tu ne o o

Lets get together baby…..]

Songs continues to play back to back and they danced..Arohi’s happiness had no bounds.

~❤Next Scene❤~

Night 1p.m.

Laksh is in his room. He isn’t able to sleep.

“What’s happening..mujhe itna bura kyu lag rha h..jaise koi apna sad ho ..ro raha ho(why am I feeling bad as if someone is sad or unhappy.. Who’s close to me!)..its so wierd..but kind of connection!!” Laksh says to himself. He’s wearing a plane grey t-shirt and lowers.

He gets off the bed. And calls Annapurna.

“Laksh itni raat ko ..kya hua?(What happened?..why are you me so late?)”

“Maa..aap sab theek ho??.(are you all fine?”..he asks anxiously.

“Haan..lekin..hua kya?..(yes..what happened?)

“Kuch nhi..Maa..good night”..HE lies not to make her stressed.

“Laksh..maa hu main tumhari..mujhse chah ke bhi jhoot nhi bol sakte..bolo kya hua?(I am your mother Laksh.. you can’t lie to me..tell me what happened)”

“Maa..vo..pata nhi kyu..bohot ajeeb sa lag rha h ..jaise koi apna dukhi ho..And main usse connect ho rha hu..socha ..ho sakta hai aap ya Aashi hogi ..toh call kar liya..mujhe samajh nhi aa rha..(Maa.. actually I am feeling quite wierd..as if someone close to me is unhappy..I thaught it may be you or Ashi so I called ..I am perplexed!)”…

“Hota h…if you’re feeling connected to someone..toh ye bhi ho sakta h ..vo bhi tumse connect kar rha ho/rhi ho.. agar tum better feel karo.. relaxed raho..toh uska kuch percent use bhi relaxation milega..(it happens..if you’re feeling connected to someone then its also possible that that person is also connecting with you…if you’ll feel better then I think it would help him/her)”…

“Hmmm…aap sab kaise samajh jaati ho..meri help tabhi hogi jab main uski help karu jise bhagwaan ne mujhe abhi jod diya…I love you maa..(hmm..how do u understand everything?..I’d b helped only when that person will be hepled whom God had connect me with now..I love you maa)..”..

“Maa hu teri..sab samajh ata h… Good night..”..she smiles and cuts the call.

towards the terrace of the house taken by Arohi’s and Ayush’s family for the relatives where he was staying…”I think I should take coffee as well..it’ll surely relieve tiredness” he thinks and makes coffee then goes back to the terrace.

He finds that the terrace had beautiful flowering plants all around..under the full moon. He hears some weeps and murmering..

He moves towards the direction of the sound and finds Ragini sitting wearing a loose pink tee and white shots

“Tum dons..bhoot bhi hote ho kya??(are you dons ghosts as well??)”..he sits beside her

“Nahi..humse darne wale bhi bhoot hote h..(No even those who are scared of us are ghosts)” she looks at him..

“raat ke 1 baj rhe h..what are you doing here?(its 1 pm)”

“Kena apani yatna na (Why do you care)” she hugs her knees turning her face at the other side.

“Yaar.. tumhara ye Bengali radio kyu on ho jata h baar baar..(Why does your Bengali radio starts every time?)”

“Jo language aati h..vahi bolungi na..(So?..I’ll speak the only languages that I know..)” she says.

“Acha… translation plz”..

“Why do you care?”..

“No ..may be I do..translate na”..he didn’t understand

“Duga!!!…this was the translation only..Boka ekdum (foolish)”..

“Ooh.. coffee??”..


“To drink..or ..are you planning to have a coffee bath??”..

“Whatever..!”..she turns her face..

“Try na..You won’t get this chance everytime..”

“Of course.. afterall you are THE LAKSH MAHESHWARI”.. Ragini says..

“And this is made by me.. enjoy .. coffee with Laksh..feel blessed..”..he forwards his cup..

Ragini arches her eyebrows..”Okay..have..” he insists…

“Perfect” she says after a sip.Laksh raised his collars up.

“By the way ..it was defied..”..

“What??”..she yells in shock..

“Just kidding..” he laughs while she smiles..



“Can I ask you a few things??”..

Precap~ What do you think Laksh wanna ask???…why was Ragini crying??… want answers???…stay tuned ?


So ..I hope you guys liked it…I am not giving too long updates for I’ve to study as well..just 4 months left for my class 10th board examinations… Sorry…also for if I get a bit irregular…I apologise but my future is more Important than anything…I can’t let my parents down..I’ll post whenever I get time..sorry

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL IN ADVANCE.. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post on that occasion or not..but will try my levels best..

Next post asap…

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Love you all.

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