KMYMH Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar Sequel: Shot 2 (Raglak attend Swara’s Party)

Hello Guys, Bela is back(too late I know, more than a month has passed). No excuses, I just felt so lazy, exams were over, college hadn’t started and well, I was SO free????

Right, about the new story poll, the readers’ verdicts were in the favour of the Swaragini SS. So yes, Swaragini SS won, plain and fair. It will be titled “Dehleez”. Look out for its prologue but don’t expect the chapters too soon???

Meanwhile, I know I was supposed to update Cocktail first but somehow, Banjaare Ko Ghar’s Lakshya called me and we reconnected. ????

A lot of you wished for Raglak scenes in the previous shot, so here are some for you here. And yes, the next two would be PURE RAGLAK.???

So here is for all of you, Shot 2……….


Yes! Yes! Just like that Lakshya! Harder! Harder! Faster! Yeah, just like that. NO NO! Don’t stop! I will kill you if you do. Just don’t stop. Yeah!

I smirked as I looked at my wife beside me, urging me to go on. We were in the kitchen, and Ragini was teaching me how to make an advanced level cake. Yes, the comments she was making were for me to whip the batter better. What did you all think? Cheap perverted people!

As Ragini finally put the batter in the oven, I knew I had fifteen minutes before I would be put to test by the lovely lady. Fifteen minutes. Enough for me to do my work. Who knows, if the cake comes out bad, I may not be able to do it………….

Smirking deeply, I walked towards where Ragini was standing, stretching my hands in front of me. I could see her back as I reached towards her. I grabbed the jar of homemade chocolate kept next to her and quickly ran away to our room, ignoring Ragini’s sharp shrieking. What did you all think I was about to do? Shameless peeps!

As I stuffed the chocolate pieces into my mouth like the savage I was, my mind drifted off to the conversation I had with Ragini last night.


DESPACITO blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah DESPACITO!!!!!

I danced happily as I did Salman Khan’s weird Sajan Radio steps to the song that was the rage, but unfortunately, was incomprehensible to me. Ragini was in the kitchen today, completing her weekly quota of cooking something for me. I could smell cheese and that was enough to drive me nuts.


I turned down the volume and looked at her as she stood with a plate in front of her. Smiling, I turned off the music system and came closer. With great anticipation, I removed the lid to find a very interesting looking dish.

“What is this?”

“Parmesan Eggplant in Pesto and Tomato sauce with Thymes and Rosemary”

“Bole toh?”

“Baingan mein pyaaz tamatar ki chutney aur ek pesto sauce banake thode exotic herbs daalkar upar se dedh kilo cheese daal diya!”

“Sounds great!”

We looked at each other, expressionlessly, and then smiled creepily. I sat on the sofa and pulled my wife onto my lap as she cut a serving and fed me lovingly. It tasted superb! Thus, we started eating together, cuddling each other and making small talk, all the while she sitting on my lap. What she didn’t know was that I was wiping the sauce from my hand on her hair!


There, there. She just said my name. She is in a dilemma. A problem. Some pareshani. But what? Did she do an accident? I can easily handle it. I will pay for any damages. Did she break something? I will bring a replacement easily. Did she crash the new Audi I gifted her? No worries, I anyways wanted to gift a Porsche to her, I will buy that. Or wait, did she go………bankrupt? I shuddered.


Snapping out of my thoughts, I murmured a “Hmm?”

“I wanted a favour.”

Now now. When your wife is sitting on your lap, looking so gorgeous and umm…..well fed, and says that she wants favours, what would you think it would be? I smirked in anticipation.

“In ten minutes Ragini. Right now, I am full. After 10 minutes, when I feel comfortable, then we shall proceed!” I said with a wink. I didn’t foresee the sharp elbow that came in contact with my ribs. I howled and dropped Ragini on the ground as I cursed like a sailor, clutching my chest.

“Pervert! I am not talking about s*x here! I need your help!”

“Yeah, sure. Go on, I am listening.”

She pulled me back to the couch and snuggled close to me. Suddenly, the pain seemed less, as she breathed slowly. My stomach started its flip and flop and its ballet while my heart again started beating faster. I smiled as I smelled her freshly shampooed hair.

“Actually, Swara is graduating.”

“Great, that kid had to grow up some day! What was she doing anyways? Something about hotel management, if I remember right……………”

“Interior Decorating.”

“Yeah. But what is its use? She is a model, isn’t she? Maybe Gadodia had some extra money so he decided to spend it on his brat. Bad investment, no wonder he is sinking……………”

“Umm……you said you would listen to me.”

“Yeah, yeah. I am listening. So Swara has graduated……”

“She is hosting a small party in its celebration and has invited us. Personally. She called me up a few hours ago.”

I looked at my wife in surprise. She was looking at me pleadingly with her huge brown intoxicating eyes shining brighter than the diamonds I was thinking to buy for her. I lost all my sense of thought as those eyes pulled me deeper into them……………………..

“Lakshya? Can we go?”

Gaining my sense of thought and speech, I reacted just like how a normal man in my situation would- “Hain?”

Ragini huffed in irritation. “Can we go to her party?”

“But why is she celebrating graduating in INTERIOR DECORATION? I would have understood her excitement had it been law or medicine or engineering or even fashion designing! Why would she want to celebrate her completion of a degree in decorating people’s houses?”

“Because she is a good hostess, as you told her once.”

“When did I say that?”

“At Sanskaar’s birthday party? You complimented her hosting skills……..”

“Maybe I did. Who remembers such useless stuff? Anyways, so you want to go?”

Ragini chewed her lower lip and while it was a very cute and innocent action, somehow, I was strangely aroused. I looked at the luscious pink lips and then at her eyes which were now shining even brighter, if possible.

“She has been so sweet in personally calling me and requesting me to come. The official invite would be sent after I confirm our presence. Please Lucky?”

“It could be a trap. Like, I don’t trust Swara a bit. She may try some trick to hurt or humiliate you and then I will break her long Shekhar Gadodia-like nose and then there will be blood and my shirt and my reputation will get stained and you know na, how much I HATE stained shirts? And umm, reputation too!”

Ragini looked at me as if I was crazy and worthless. I smiled uneasily. She smiled softly and hugged me tighter.

“I know you can’t see me hurt. But I am not scared of that. I will handle it and I know that you will handle me. You won’t let anything happen to me.” she said as she kissed my nose sweetly. Her words, along with her action, were full of so much love and trust that I could feel my eyes sting with happy tears.

“Okay. We will go.”

Ragini clapped her hands happily as she gave me a full blown kiss on my lips. It turned into a makeout session and we hogged each other’s faces for a long time, before the need for oxygen finally seperated us. I joined my forehead with hers contentedly and looked in her eyes.

“What should we gift her?” she asked me breathlessly.

“A few contracts? Home decoration ones?” I replied instantly.

“I didn’t find it funny.”

“Cause your sense of humour is dead and rotten. But yes, perhaps, something which she can use. How about wine? I would recommend it to her, living with that gold ki saudagar Sujata Singhania………”

“Focus baby, focus! Umm, some wall art or antique furniture?”

“Nah, why spend so much on her? Did she top her batch? Probably didn’t!”


“Did she? Okay, okay……..I am sorry. But we decided mutually that we should be gifting her something useful. That antique piece would have no value in her already overfurnished house. How about a personalized card case? You know, with her name and her designation and her photo……..something like that?”

“That’s why I love you! It is a nice idea! But, wouldn’t it be rather…… And well, redundant? Because she doesn’t have a fixed plan of her career till now.”

“Right. But the idea is good and so we will definitely give this to her, let us just add something else to it too.”

“Yes, do you have an idea?”

“Let us give her a book on IQ growth…….”

“Not again Lakshya…….”

“Umm, I have suggested a gift already. Your turn now!”

“I don’t know……..maybe a watch? A limited edition one?”

“Hmm, not a bad idea. Anyways, there is going to be an auction for timeless pieces next week by the Othman Enterprises………….you want one too?”

“No. And please don’t buy her one from there. They are antique and I don’t think she has a taste for those things. A new limited edition watch would be better.”

I pulled back and looked at her carefully. She raised an eyebrow and I smiled in a sardonic manner. “It is interesting to note how well you have started understanding her, Mrs. Maheshwari.” I said to her. She rolled her eyes and pulled me back into a hug.

“She isn’t really a puzzle. She is exactly what she looks like when it comes to her likes and taste, it is only her inner persona which is deeper than what comes to the eye.”

“Cool. So, when shall we go and buy the watch?”


Ragini and I had gone and bought a rose gold Calvin Klein watch for her which was as classy as that woman had a reputation for being. Tomorrow was the party and I wondered what was going to happen. I swear, if anything wrong happens to Ragini, I will destroy everyone, and by everyone, I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

“LAKSHYA! OPEN THE DOOR, YOU BABOON!” Ragini screamed, breaking my chain of thoughts. I jumped in fear and quickly stuffed the remaining chocolate into my mouth, before opening the door to find my currently furious but otherwise lovely wife, hands on her hips.

God save me today!


I rolled down the window of the car nervously as I looked at the large mansion where I had been so many times before. Today, however, it was different. Today I wasn’t my best friend Sanskaar’s guest but his wife’s, who also happens to be my half sister. My heart was beating erratically as we waited outside while the driver got our invitation confirmed.

Beside me, Lakshya clutched my hand and pressed it comfortingly. I looked at him, dressed in his best white two piece suit with a sky blue pocket square, white sneakers in place. His jacket had irregular black patterns, giving his look an edge. Hair well made, stubble well trimmed, he looked just like how Lakshya Maheshwari looks. What made him my Lucky to me was the twinkle in his eyes. He flashed his flirtatious smile with a wink and made me blush, thus killing my nervousness easily.

“Ready to enter the lion’s cave?” Lakshya asked teasingly as the car entered the gates of the Singhania Mansion. I pinched him as the car stopped before the huge doors of the house. Lakshya went out and opened the door for me, as I carefully stepped out in my metallic silver strapped stilettos. I was wearing a sky blue maxi dress, easy, breezy and made up of crepe, matching Lakshya’s pocket square. It had thin straps, a square neckline and was backless, giving it a s*xy look. My hair was freely falling down my back in waves and Lakshya had been kind enough in accessorizing my look with large silver hoop earrings as well as a ring-chain silver bracelet in one hand. And even kinder in NOT giving me a love bite????

“Your pink lips seem to be calling my attention. Shall I pay them some?” his husky voice lingered above my ear as he wrapped a protective arm around my waist. I laughed at him and shook my head as we walked towards the venue of the party- the lawns.

Swara had been out of the box in arranging for the party in the green lawns of her residence. The weather was very pleasant today, hardly any sun. A cool breeze was blowing and we could be sure that it wouldn’t rain today. I easily spotted her, surprisingly, in a similar dress as mine, except that it was yellow. She had styled it by adorning her glossy hair with a single white lily tucked behind her ear gracefully. She was looking radiant, smiling politely at something Dad was saying.

“Why is she giving such a fake look to Shekhar Gadodia? Feku Swara!” Lakshya asked me as we walked towards her. I punched him, making sure no one noticed and he screeched softly, then glared at me. I signed him to keep the hell quiet for God’s sake.

Swara spotted us coming and gave a wide smile. Following her gaze, Dad turned and stood rooted to the spot in shock. Taking advantage of his condition, Swara excused herself and skipped towards us happily. She stopped a few metres away and looked at us uncertainly. Lakshya cocked his head towards his side, snootily, I might add. I wriggled out of his hold and reached for Swara, hugging her. “Congratulations on your graduation!” I whispered as she replied a thanks.

I turned to Lakshya who was looking at a direction and seemed to be suspiciously happy. I followed his gaze and narrowed my eyes when I saw a beautiful lady sitting near him, sipping some cocktail. Lakshya turned to me with a wide smile and exclaimed excitedly, “They are serving chilli chicken here!”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and looked again in the direction Lakshya was looking. True enough, the lady’s table had two plates of chilly chicken on it. Behind me, Swara giggled while I tried to control my amusement. Lakshya handed Swara her gifts, while I gave to her the bouquet I had ordered for her.

We were led to a table where my dearest husband lost no time in ordering “all the appetizers and two bottles of chilled fruit beer” for us. Swara took me to meet Dad, who had now recovered enough to compliment my look for the party.

“I didn’t expect to see you here today. I…….never knew Swara could invite you.” Dad muttered as he looked at Swara. She simply shrugged in response.

“I know it is kinda tough seeing your two daughters together in a place when you clearly have issues handling even one alone!” Sharmishtha Aunty chimed in as she joined us. Dad rolled his eyes in a rather cute way. “I can’t handle women. Period.” he replied as he patted me on my head and walked away.

“Shona told me that she invited you. Thanks for your help with Shekhar.” Sharmishtha Aunty said as she turned to me. I nodded briefly. “It was my duty, as a doctor and as his daughter.” I replied.

“Eeeks, Mamma, look at this card case! Sorry, I couldn’t resist opening this. See, my name is embossed here. So pretty!” Swara shrieked as she showed it to her mother.

While both mother-daughter bonded, I felt a strange sense of loneliness engulf me. I wish my mother has been here, I had had too less time with her. A hand on my shoulder made me turn and I saw Lakshya standing there, with a bottle of fruit beer in his hand. He smiled comfortingly and gave it to me. Of course, I could never be alone now. Not when he is with me.

“We have given people so much to gossip. Our appearance alone has created such a stir, I wonder what would happen if you give Swara a kiss on her cheek!” Lakshya said as he motioned towards a group of ladies who were openly gawking at us. I shook my head at him while he turned to them, frosty glare in place, and raised his eyebrow. A look people fear. Suddenly, no one seemed to be looking at us, even though we could hear hushed whispers from everywhere. A man came and started clinging to Lakshya, and I identified him as his old business associate.

“Come Ragini, I will introduce you to my friends and my teacher. We can talk about your idea regarding my project?” Swara said as she came to us. I nodded and took her hand, as we walked towards a table where a group of glittery females were sitting and sipping their lemon tea.

“Hello guys, I hope you are enjoying. This is Ragini, my elder sister, and Ragini, these are my friends. This is Shayla, and they are Vidushi, Nikita, Samaira and Kunal.” Swara said as she introduced to me to them. I smiled and shook hands with them turn by turn, taking time to observe them all.

“You had a sister? We never knew!” a girl, with part red hair said. Swara smiled sweetly. “You don’t know half of the things happening in the world, there’s nothing new in that!” she replied. I stifled my laughter. Kunal gave me a wink.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Maheshwari, aren’t you?” another one said. She looked kind of likeable. I nodded in reply and she smiled back. Swara sat on a seat and pulled out another one for me and I sat down too, wondering what the day had in store for me.


I watched testily as a slick jerk tried to engage my Ragini in a conversation, albeit unsuccessfully. Humph! I can say from HERE that he must be boring AF, no wonder Ragini is rebuking his attempts. As if that pesky Sanskaar Singhania wasn’t enough, I now have to deal with the entire male population’s attention on my lovely wife.

“Stop stalking her!” a shrill voice reached me. I groaned inwardly and turned to find her “sister” Swara, who had now joined me in the bar.

“Good day to you too Mrs. Singhania.”

“Typical you, always trying to avoid conversation on important topics.”

The memory of my attempts to thwart any conversation between Ragini and Sanskaar when I came here previously, and my own refusal to come clean to Ragini about the truth came rushing to me. I stiffened instantly.

“I am not stalking her. I am just looking out for her. She is my wife.”

“You are creeping on her. You are constantly following her with your eyes and making disapproved faces whenever a man is approaching her.”

“It isn’t my fault that you have invited all sorts of jerks to this boring party of yours.”

“Boring? Didn’t you claim the last time that I was a perfect hostess?”

“So says Ragini. Frankly, I don’t remember. I could be insincere, I usually am. But see, you are a good hostess. The idea of an outdoor gathering is good, the decor is beautiful, the food is awesome and the bar is pure love but the company here is boring.”

“So what sort of people would you suggest I invited?”

“For one, I wish you had kept your father away. Shekhar Gadodia has been looking so offended with me, as if I stole his precious cargo!”

“I can’t NOT invite my father to my graduation party, even if I want to. And by the way, you did steal his precious daughter.”

“Please, Ragini ain’t cargo, she is a person. And I don’t think she was that precious to him, he didn’t even remember her birthday!”

“He doesn’t remember anyone’s birthday except his own. We have to start pestering him a month before the day in order to get things done.”

“That is weird. How come this man had two wives? If I was a woman, I would never marry a man who has a nose as horrible as his and was so stingy that he counted even 0.00001 rupee to the point!”

“I don’t know. My mother thinks she was high.”

“And Ragini’s Mom had an arranged marriage. Yeah, figures.”

“Can we stop b*t*hing about my father? And come to the point, what else is so boring about the company here?”

“The guy sitting below the Ashoka tree looks Boring with his brown tie. It is an eyesore.”

“He is into new money. Will take him time before he understands dressing for the occasion. What else?”

“Have you heard the phrase ‘Digging your own grave’? You did it by inviting that gossip reporter Maithili Nair. She hates me and I reciprocate it with equal passion.”

“Wait a minute, what is she doing here? I didn’t invite her, how did she come inside? ROSY! ROSY! Get that woman in that horrible green sari out of here, as silently as possible. NOW!”

I smirked as I saw Rosy and a few others escort Maithili Nair out. Good riddance, she is a pain in all the wrong places of my beautiful body. I sipped my drink again.

“I wish you had included some celebrity in the guest list. At least my attention would have been diverted now and then.” I said, watching another guy hit on my wife. In a few seconds, the flirtatious expression on his face turned into one of dismay, as I smirked in satisfaction. My Ragini ain’t got no appetite for f**kbois!

“If we go by coverage, everyone here is a celebrity. We all have graced newspaper front pages now and then. Especially you, most recently. I am glad for Ragini, that you managed to come out of the mess.”

“And it was all because of her too, that I managed to get out. She has done a lot for me, bless her!”

“I know. Though she didn’t deserve to have to go through it. But you are double the rich now, so yeah, when are YOU throwing a party?”

“Parties…………poop! I still think there was no need to have a party to celebrate graduation in Interior Decorating.”

“Stop talking like my Dad. Even he said the same thing, albeit he was talking about finances.”

“This party idea was the most amazing ever! I am glad you came up with such a great idea! But why is he worried, as if he is paying for the party?”

“He has to give me a big gift. He could have avoided like he did with Ragini had it been a hushed affair.”

“What did he give?”

“I wanted him to give me the ring you have given to Ragini, but that isn’t an option now. So I made him buy me a month long trip to Europe with Sanskaar. Sort of a second honeymoon.”

I sniggered as I imagined a tearful Shekhar Gadodia tear a cheque and give it to a cackling Swara. Then, as her words registered, I realised that I had never been on a honeymoon with Ragini myself! Damn!

“When are you guys leaving?”

“Not for a few weeks. Sanskaar is working on the Mehra tender.”

“Tell him, he is wasting his time. I am going to win it!”

“Overconfident much? I don’t get how Ragini lives with you!”

“The same way you live with your hideous Shekhar Gadodia-like nose.”

“Shut up!”


“You are a jerk.”

“And your elder brother in law, kiddo!”

“Stop calling me a kid! You were ready to marry me once!”

“I was under the influence of the same substance that your mother was affected with when she married your father!”


“I know. I am glad I didn’t marry you, I would have been on the streets by now. Remembering which, why is Sanskaar bidding for Mehra’s tender? He doesn’t even have experience in half of the work Mehra’s companies deal in.”

“One of the companies he owns is a goldmining one. And, my mother in law……….”

“Not a word more, I understood.”

“But why are YOU bidding for it?”

“Expanding business.”


“Why did you invite Ragini? Is there a hidden agenda?”

“Yes. Of having a healthy friendship with her. I like her, I realise that our past and our relations made me misjudge her too much. I have always wanted a sister.”

“Then stop chipkofying to Ragini, ask your Dad to give you another one!”

“Are you crazy? He has enough on his plate already, with us. He needs to learn to handle us first!”

“Hmm, right. Being in Ragini’s presence for just an hour has improved your thinking power, I can see. Have you thanked her yet?”

“You really are a jerk! I have coined a name for you: Jerkshya!”

“WTF? So it was YOU, who taught Ragini this stupidity? I had been wondering where she got this name from. You shut up, you Baawra!”

“What the hell, they don’t even match.”

“They do, your brain, which is inversely proportional to your nose, is just unable to comprehend it.”

“You are crossing your limits!”

“I am not doing anything. Your presence is aggravating my sinister self!”

Before I could comprehend anything, she threw a glass of wine at me. I was aghast to find my white suit stained maroon. In a fit of rage, I splashed my drink on her too. I noticed with great satisfaction, how her hair became all sticky. It was too shiny, she must have gone to a salon. I smirked in successful revenge.


We both turned around to find Ragini and Sanskaar behind us, looking completely freaked out. I sighed thankfully and grabbed Ragini’s hand, glaring at her sister who had the guts to give me my look back!

“What was that?” Sanskaar asked as he helped wash Swara’s hair with some water. Thankfully, we didn’t attract too much attention.

“We were having a conversation ” I replied. Ragini looked at me in disbelief. “Conversation? Are you serious? This is how people converse?”

“She started it. I was being civil.” I complained. Swara snorted so hard that her nose started leaking. Sanskaar immediately dabbed her big nose with a tissue.

“He was being an a*sh*le!” Swara replied. Sanskaar and Ragini rolled their eyes and proceeded to take us to different places, in order to restore the peace and tranquility in this world.


“She loved the two gifts, especially the card case. When I told her it was your idea, she told me that it wasn’t THAT great. But the watch, she loved it.” I said as I plopped down beside Lakshya on the bed.

“I should have given her a tape to keep her mouth shut!” Lakshya grumbled, as he continued mourning his now spoiled suit. He had arranged for a proper funeral for his suit, which had cost him some $38,000. I had passed out on hearing the price and woke up only an hour ago.

I respectfully remained silent as he kissed his suit and muttered something inaudible. I swear, I could figure out words like b*t*h, revenge, grief and destruction by some lip reading. I rolled my eyes at his theatrics while he finally packed it in a black plastic wrap and gave it to the staff member, who was standing nearby.

“Feeling better?” I asked him as I rubbed his back soothingly.

“Sorta.” he replied quietly.

“See, at least you won’t have to bother about repeating the costume!”


“I had a fun time today. I didn’t expect I would enjoy the party so much.”

“It didn’t go too well for me. I spent TEN minutes talking to that woman! I can already feel the cobwebs on my brain!”

I laughed and hugged him tightly, kissing the top of his head in extreme love. He was upset at what happened but wasn’t overreacting, because he knew I had a good time and was in a good mood. Whoever says that Lakshya doesn’t care for others just doesn’t know him well. He snuggled close to me and kept his head on my shoulder.



“Do you have a fortnight to spare?”


“I….. I realised that we hadn’t really gone for our………h….hon…… honeymoon. I wish to see the world with you.”

A very warm feeling rose in my chest as I looked at him. He was looking at me cutely, earnest in his request. I smiled at him shyly and nodded. He squealed in happiness as he hugged me tightly.

“We could go wherever you want to. Tell me, where do you want to go?” he asked in excitement.

“I don’t know. Maybe……Paris?”

“Okay. Two weeks in Paris? Or somewhere else too?”

“I also wanted to see Switzerland.”

“Great! We will do Yash Chopra and Karan Johar style romance in the mountains!”


“Arrey what? I have seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 50 times!”


“Yes. Actually, I loved the film. I had such romantic notions of love then. I had a female friend in the orphanage, her name was Tia, and I fantasized that I would marry her.”

I felt extreme jealousy as I imagined a faceless beautiful girl along with Lakshya. Tia? Lakshya and Tia. Humph! Sounds so bland! Lakshya and Ragini. Sounds SO amazing!

“Well, I didn’t really like her, it’s just that she was my friend and due to overdose of KKHH, I thought that maybe even we would end up marrying.”

He didn’t like her? Huh, thank God!

“What happened to her?” I asked him gently, glad that there was no history with Tia.

“She eloped with the son of the orphanage’s caretaker!”

His poker face, and the way he said it made me look at him in surprise. We looked at each other for a few seconds and then, burst out laughing. I clutched his shirt for support, smelling his manly scent, truly happy with my situation.

When I married Lakshya, I had no expectations from him or this marriage. Fate played ace in bringing us together, testing our relationship with hurdles like bankruptcy, insecurity, misunderstandings and no understanding of each other. We passed all the tests and came out with flying colours, emerging out stronger and most importantly, together in love.

“Okay, so you tell me when you can apply for leave from the hospital. I will make sure to schedule no meetings during that time and then we will go. Okay?” he asked.

Seeing him, dressed in his satin black pajamas and a green T-shirt, hair in disarray, smiling brightly with his eyes shining with love for me, I knew that I had found the life I had dreamt of.



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