hello friends I’m poojha ,this a analysis between kalyanam mudhal kadhal varai and yeh hai mohabbatein . Even though I’m a tamilian I feel that yhm is better than kmkv the reasons are below ;

characters name in yhm ; kmkv

raman -Arjun
ishita – priya
romi – manoj
mrs bhalla – dhanam
mr bhalla – swaminathan
sarika – anu
mani – biju
mihika – vaishali
mihir – jai
ruhi – pooja
mrs Iyer – manjula
mr Iyer – unnikrishnan
bala – bala
vandita – kavitha
shravan – shravan
adi – adi
shagun – vandana
ashok – ashok
suraj – aravind

1.Arjun don’t know to give expression as raman did while ishita kidnapping sequence raman showed his emotions perfectly but Arjun don’t even know to cry and that shocked reaction in kidnapping sequence was fantastic in yhm
2.even though raman [karan patel] was short he looks like a good ceo becoz his speech , his walk and looks are majestic but Arjun [ amit bhargav ] looks does not match a ceo
his speech is funny..
3. now priya [priya bhavani shankar] she does match to Malayali character her dressing style and her speech don’t look like a Malayali but ishita [ divyanka tripathi] but she exactly match to a Brahmin tamilian her style and speech was exact
4. priya sometimes she’s overacting but ishita’s was correct

this is my opinion I don’t know about others please comment and give your reviews about this thanks for reading

Credit to: poojha

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  1. nic you right ishra best??

  2. Yeah…u r ryt n d case of priya…she wont even talk a single word n malayalam…she calls her mom,dad nd sis n tamil only…bt ishita calls amma,appa nd akka…nd arjun…he acts somewat only n comedy scenes nd while teasing priya…except dat his acting s not at al gud….

  3. u copy cat varsha had done diss before

    1. Riya if I also do the same it does not mean that I’m copying varsha her reasons are different and my reasons are different that was her reasons did I copy any of her reasons so think before u comment

  4. I’m a tamilan as well and I watch kmkv also but ur right poojha! Kmkv actors don’t match with any yhm characters…I really love yhm more than kmkv!!

  5. Absolutely … ishra are the best Karan and divyanka’s acting their chemistry every single thing they did is awesome I can’t even imagine anyone in the place of ishra except divan
    And kmkv is also some what ok but the Malayalam version of yhm “pranayam” it’s seriously terrible the actors sucks!!! At least in tamil the actors looks are some what good but Malayalam version actors are terrible and thankfully in Telugu instead of remake they are telecasting the dubbed version of yhm that’s a big relief so watching yhm in Telugu “maa tv.. show name – manasu palike mouna geetam ” is like watching yhm in star utsav though voices and language differ I love it…… even in tamil and Malayalam they could have dubbed instead of remake ….. ‘coz they can’t recreate the magic of ishra as divan did!!!!

  6. Poojha…I absolutely agree with u..Really I got irritated in Priya’s kidnap scene..I think its better they stop this stupidity in Tamil..And exactly u r correct,Priya is not like a malayali..Her costumes and speech doesn’t show her like malayali..And arjun,really very bad comparing to our cute Raman…Ishra is “THE BEST”?????

  7. I’m not copying varsha that was her opinion and this is mine her reasons was different and my reasons are different she may have done this before but this does not mean that I’m copying her

  8. Ur reasons are good… I did not use these reasons… And ur analysis is perfectly right..
    And I am the Varsha who already wrote kmkv yhm analysis…
    I completely agree that ur reasons are different.. But are really valuable reasons..
    So don’t feel bad poojha.. Its ur thoughts and opinions.. U can freely express it… And way to go…

    1. Thanks varsha for ur support

  9. Dr.N.R. Lalithamba

    pl Z girls why don’t you analyse the multiculturalism, empowerment of women, etc,. in T.V. serials it will help others to do some research

  10. jasmine Rahul

    i feel malayalam actors look better than the tamil actors

  11. jasmine Rahul

    i feel mal actors look better than the tamil actors

  12. jasmine Rahul

    i feel mal actors look better than tamil actors

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