#Kleptomaniac- kanchi two shots by Yaashi ( part 2)

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Recap: kabir comes to know about sanchi’s claustrophobia and decide to treat her .. here sanchi too come to know about kabir being kleptomaniac and decide to find out the truth..
In the dorm room,
Sanchi wakes up with a decision of helping kabir but without letting him know anything i.e. secretely.
SaShaGya discuss their plans and decide to observe kabir for several days and then start the mission ‘KABIR KO BACHAO’.
Pragya suggests to take help of kartik, kabirs cousin bro in their mission.
So they decide that sanchi will secretely keep eye on kabir and ishagya will try to take karthik’s help..
They shakes their hands together and start their mission.
Scene : kapoor mansion
Kabir and kusum were having breakfast ,but kabir was concentrated on something else rather than the food.this was not gone unnoticed by kusum.
“Is everything ok?” She asked with concerned voice which shook kabir’s chain of thoughts..
“Huhh,u said something?” He asked still Bewildered.
“Golu,does something happen in hospital?” She asked again..
“”” if i told mom about sanchi’s claustrophobia,then she will start her ‘hey bhagwan ,yeh tune kya kia.tune aisa q kia .meri sanchi ne tera kya bigada tha and all drama.””” he thought.
” nahi to ,kuch bhi nahi and dont call me golu!” He simply changed the topic.
He decided to start his mission today only ,but then realise that he has to do announcement regarding the exams today ,so he changed his mind for short time.
In hospital,
Sanchi entered in hospital in full on exitement,afterall she is going to keep eye on khadus kapoor.
” pata nahi aur kitne secrets pata chalenge hitler k .phir full badla lungi sari punishments ka” she thought ethusiastically.. and remember how he keep punishing her for small small mistakes.
Few hours skipped
Surprisingly,kanchi havent seen each other sincr morning.
Kabir was heading toward his office and sanchi was coming from opposite direction.
She was observing him very keenly but kabir was unaware of this.
But soon he noticed her gaze on him and saw that she was constantly looking at him from top to toe. ..
For the first time in life he felt uncomfortable( he he he) and he left in hurry..
“What the hell kabir,tu ek ladki se darr gaya,but why she was looking at me like this… like main koi mental hospital se bhaga hua patient hoon?” Thought kabir Bewildered..
Time skips to lecture hall,
Kabir announce an exam a week after and left giving cold stares to sanchi who was still busy in observing him.
“O teri,ab mission ka kya?” Pragya raised a question..
” its just a one week guys,u keep studying and manaofying karthik.i will continue with my secret observation sessions.” Said sanchi winking at them.
Students were busy in studies for hitlers test Burying their heads in books and files except sanchi..
Kabir too was planning to start sanchi’s treatment after her exam ends ,as he didnt wanted to affect her exam and studies .
Here,sanchi was full on concentrated on her mission.
She used to peep inside his office,to observe him for whole day,spy him and so on.
But surprisingly,she found nothing suspicious about him..
“May be he stole things in night” she thought..

Exam day,
Finally exam was done,
And there was tension of result seen on face of every intern except sanchi ( padha hi nai to tension kaisa .haha)
Kabir announced results and as expected sanchi scored worse of her entire life..
Kabir was not surprised at all.neither sanchi was regretting anything..
Kabir thougth it is due to her phobia and now he seriously decided to do something fast.
Here sanchi was relieved that finally this so called exam has an end and now she can fully conventrate on mission.
Ishagya was behind karthik and was trying to find anything about kabir through him.

Sanchi decided to go inside kabir’s office and search there .
Kabir also decided something..” everything will be fine today ” he thought…
Sanchi was in the hostel and waiting for ishagya’s call.
Ishagya was spying kabir now and they inform sanchi that kabir is not in his office
“Perfect time” thought sanchi and left for hospital..
She was taking baby steps toward his office ,but suddenly her heart start pumping with faster rate than normal..that means he was there in office !but dumb sanchi didnt understood!!!
But finally she reached to his office and started searching ..
even After 10 min of searching,she was unable to find anything .
‘Click’ door was opened with a sound….
Kabir entered his office……
Thanks to the curtains in his office,she hide behind them before he entered..
He took something from table and left ..he didnt locked the door.she again thanked her stars..
She followed him slowly slowly and saw him going to record room.

“why he is going to record room “she thought..
Isha and pragya found karthik talking to someone… they followed him and stared recording the scenario.
Here ,sanchi entered the room slowly and her eyes searched for him.she wanted to ask him about his disease right now,but he was not there…
‘THUD’ record room door get closed and lights went off very next moment…

Sanchi started shivering due to her claustrophobia and her body start sweating badly.she wanted to go outside asap,but she was unable to walk upto the door even..she was on verge of crying when,
She felt someone holding her from behind from her shoulders. She felt a familiar touch and shivered even more at his touch.
He hold her possessively and turned her around .
“Why u were following me?” Kabir asked in slow voice..
Sanchi was shocked to listen this .
“Follow? Nai to.i was just wandering in hospital” she said protesting..
“Really??” He raised his eyebrows.
She didnt replied on this.
“Ok .then what were u doing in my office this late night?” He was not ready to leave the topic so easily..
” how did u know??” She wondered.
“Ur choice of perfum is very nice” he said looking straight into her eyes.
“Haan,thanx” she replied without realising what he said..and then bite her tounge in nervousness..
“But u didnt answered my question!” He asked straight.
“Wo..wo i go there…to.to steal the question paper” she replied stammering..
“Exam is over” he again caught her.
She finally give up ,
“Ok, i was following u .but what is all this?? Why u locked us here.dekhiye main aisi waisi ladki nahi hu” she said in single breath .

He let out little laugh at her statement while she was shocked to see him laughing for first time..
“Drama queen,leave ur drama and come here” he dragged her toward window and she silently followed him.
He made her stand near window and himself stood behind her..
Cool breeze of wind was adoring her face and she was able to see clear view of full moon in the sky..
‘See,u completely forgot about ur phobia ” he remarked..
“Becoz i m not alone here ,u r with me.thats why.”sanchi replied.
He turned her toward him and ask her to look into his eyes .
She lift her hazel toward him and saw so much care in his eyes.
“Ok.tell me names of 5 persons whom u trust like nothing .” Kabir
“Umm, 1st ganesh ji,2nd my mom,then my two besties and 5th person varies as per situation” she said while thinking..
“Ok,to aaj k baad whenever u are alone just remeber beeutiful memories u have with them.this nay help u! By the who is that 5th person in current situation?” He asked her.
She just smiled at him in reply..
They left the room after sometime.
She directly goes to bed ..her besties were sleeping peacefully.
She smiled seeing them and joint her hands and thank ganesh ji for giving her such nice besties.

Next morning,ishagya woke up before sanchi and left in jiffy.
Sanchi dressed up in her best and applied little makeup .afterall she has to look best .someone have changed her. She saw herself in mirror for 30th time and then left for hospital.
Sanchi was standing near pillar where she find him giving some instructions to new interns. Unknowinlgly she was drooling over him.
Isha and pragya came running toward her.
“Are Are,sun sanchi .siyappa ho gaya. Maine na uss karthik ko din me taare dikha diye. Ab bas kuch raayta na phail jaaye bas” pragya said worrying .
Sanchi was too blended with ‘his’ thought to notice pragya.. she was looking at him like idiot.
” haan sanchi, actually karthik used to steal things and kept in kabir sir’s cabin,becoz he was jeleaous of him since childhood.see we made video in which he himself confessed that” said isha in happiness.
Sanchi didnt listened anything.
Pragya shook her holding her shoulders
“Kaan bech k aayi ho kya? Listen kabir is not kleptomaniac”
” no guys,kabir is a big kleptomaniac,he stole very precious thing of mine” she saud stil looking at him like idiot.
Poor isha and pragya!!! They stood with confused looks on their face.
Becoz they didnt know that precious thing was nothing but A Thing Which Used To Pump inside Upper Left side Of Her Body before Last Night.
“Kleptomaniac” she said to herself…


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    Wow yashi…. Bilkul khidkitod performance.. Majaa hi aa gaya.. Loved it from the core of my heart… A song only for u
    “dil laga liya Maine yashi k os padh k, yashi k os padh k ” (this song is from Dil hai Tumhara)

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