HI, GUYS..I’M so sry for not able to reply to ur sweet and energetic comments…sry for that friends…! Thank u so much for ur all love and support which u r showing on me….Now, Let’s go back to story..!


After telling so many lies I finally make My Aatharv sleep..I slowly leans to head board and lost in thought…Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder..I know It’s Maa..! I hugged and pours my heart out..she too had tears and starts consoling me..!

I wake up with a call and see’s “ABHISHEK” Name flashing on my phone screen..I get’s Angry and doesn’t attend his call..But he keeps on calling me again and again..! Finally I Lost my coolness and attends the call..I shouts” What’s ur problem? Why ur calling me morning itself ha?”Abhi say’s”Oh..I’m..i’m so sorry miss pragya! It’s an emergency and I have no other option left…that’s why I called u..! Oh Actually, Adhya is admitted in hospital and she keeps on crying for u..So, could u plz come here..plz”He said in a very requesting manner..I get’s shocked listening about Adhya’s state and get’s worried for her..I ask’s about hospital address.. Soon I get’s ready and tries to leave but, Atharv is not at all leaving me and Keeps on demanding he want to meet Adhya..! Finally I left to hospital along with Atharv..

I reached Hospital worriedly with Atharv…!

I Saw Abhi is waiting for me restlessly…I runs towards him and call’s Abhishek! Abhishek turns towards me..I can find some relaxation by seeing me in his eyes..! He say’s” Thank u so much…Pragya! Thank u..plz this way..! He hurriedly shows me path and walks in front of me..We reached her Room..I see’s her through window and get’s teared eye..! I looked at Atharv and say’s”Atharv bacha! Stay here kk? I will go inside..u will be kk?” Abhi notices Atharv and see’s me..I ignored him and goes to see Adhya..! Adhya is lying on bed..She looks very weak and pale..Her hands r having silain tubes..! I slowly go to her and sits beside her and starts caring her hairs..I really don’t know why I felt very much hurt seeing that li’ll child in this state.. May be I connected to her? I slowly looked at window glass and saw Atharv is in Abhi’s Arms..!I get’s surprise and looks at them.. Atharv sees me and signs not to cry..! I smiles and wipes my tears and lastly placed a kiss on Adhya’s forehead..

AFTER SOME TIME: Abhi enters the room with Atharv…I stood up and say’s”He’s Atharv..! My son!”Abhi smiles and say’s hi to Atharv…they talk for some time while I get’s busy in admiring them…
Abhi: hi champ, so … u came here for?
Atharv: To meet my smhall[small] friend[friend]!!
Abhi: Friend ? who?
Atharv smiles and points towards Adhya..! Abhi smiles and say’s”U meet her before?”
Atharv nodes No…!

Abhi confusingly ask’s”Then, hw she had become ur friend?”

Atharv stares him and say’s”Mamma ney bataya mujhey Baby ki bareymei..! so, she’s my friend..!” and turns his head other side with pout….Abhi smiles and say’s”So u just came to see her only? Not me?” Atharv turns to him with a smile and say’s”u will become my friend?” Abhi say’s”Of course..! “Both smiles and shake hands with each other
Adhya wakes up and see’s me ..She call’s me ”Ma..! Mam…ma!”I really don’t know why my heart felt so much happy by listening that word from that Angel..! I hugs her and kisses her..!and I felt very relaxed..The feeling which I can’t able to describe in words..My happiness is limit less!! I came back to senses and finds Abhi and Doctor. Kundra r admiring us.. I and Abhishek meets Doctor…!
Abhi introduced me to doctor…I came to know he’s their family doctor..Doc told about Adhya’s condition..! He ask’s Abhi to wait here for some time..!and call’s me to talk


Doc comes to me and say’s ”Pragya beta..! Today I’m Most happiest person in this world..! becoz, For the first time I saw Happiness In Adhya’s face..! That too after seeing U..! U know pragya?…I’m the one who bought her in to this world from her mother’s womb..! Adhya is very sensitive..! Like all children..she too want that affection , care and love from her parents..! But, Unfortunately, She didn’t receive it in full way..! Adhya’s mom is very greedy..! her first priority used To be always Money rather than her daughter..! To be frank..Adhya ko kabhi apni maa ka mehusus nehi huva tha..![ she didn’t had any affection towards her Mom!] Abhi ney usey pyaar diyatha..phar Ek bachi ki gindagi mei Koiebhi Maa kaa replace nehi kijathi hey Pragya..![ Abhi had given her that love and affection but, In a child’s life no one can replace a mother’s position..!] U know the best thing…Adhya ney tujhey Maa bola..! oh bhi pehali bhar..! I looks at him with surprise..he say’s”Ha pehilibhar bhar uski muuh sey Maa..shabh nikli jab oh tujhey dekhata..!

Now, I’m so happy for her…After seeing ur care towards her Mujhey yakin hogayatha..ki Tum Adhya ko Maa ka pyaar dehsakthi hu..! Adhya ko tumhari alava koiebhi Maa ka pyaar nehi dehsakthi beta..! I’m very sure about it..!”[ yes..! she say’s it for the first time when she saw u..! after seeing ur care towards her I’m sure U will give her Mother’s Love…And Pragya! No one can giver her that love rather than U..Just U!!] He blesses me and left the room…

I came outside the room.. Doctor’s words r still echoing in my ears….I slowly reaches to Adhya’s room and finds Abhi, Atharv are playing with Adhya..! I admire their smiling faces…And Hopes this time stops at this scene..! I felt very happy seeing them happily..But, my heart knows it’s just for some time only..! I seated at nearby chair and cursing my Destiny for playing this horrible, painful play with me..! I know it’s not right place/ time to think about this…I enters Room and feeds soup to Adhya. While Abhi and Atharv r talking with her…

After some time, doctor came and checks Adhya ..he said she is fine now and can take to home.. I makes everything set while Abhi went to meet doctor…Adhya is sleeping..Atharv comes to me and sit’s beside me..He call’s”Mamma!” I say’s”Ha..bacha! bolo”still busy in work…Atharv slowly ask’s”Yeh PAPA kya hothey hai Mamma?”I turns to him with a surprise…Atharv ask’s”Adhya ka papa uncle hai..mera papa koun Mamma?” I didn’t have any answer for this question rather than tears…I turns towards him and say’s”Atharv I will say it later..Now, Adhya is sleeping na? we have to take her home..kk?”.I get’s Atharv busy in some work..

AT MEHTA MANSION: We reached MM..Adhya is sleeping in my lap ..Abhi helps me and I took her in Arms…We reached his room and I lays Adhya on bed..She tightly gripped my chunni..I cares her face and kissed her…
Soon, I came out MM with Atharv in hands..He’s sleeping…Abhi calls me and offers lift..I’m really not in a gud mood..so, I tries to resist..but, Abhi took his car..I had no other option so, I seated in car…There’s just silence in our journey..! Abhi broked silence and say’s”Thank u so much once again.! U has been with Adhya…She’s very happy …Thank u so much pragya..!”I just smiles…

We reached our home…Abhi lifts Atharv in Arms and helps me to get out of car..He comes inside and lay’s him on Bed..I just stood at door…Abhi greets my mom and left from there…

I closed door and fell down on my knees and starts crying..The pain which I’m trying to resist from past few hours..Maa runs to him and hugs me…
I say’s”Ma..esa kyu horahi hey mera saath? Kyu? Mei Adhya ko Maa ka pyaar dehneyko tayaar hu..! Phar Uskehliyeh mujhey Apni Atharv ko chodna padrahahai..! Kya karu mei Ma? Kya karu?? App kehtey hu na..ki Ek Maa ko unki sarey bachey bara bhar hothey hai…Phir mei keysey…? Adhya ko pyaar dehney keliyeh..mujhey apni Atharv ko apney appsey duur karnipadrahi hey..Ma..kyu?? Kya karu Maa? [ Why this is happening to me? Why maa? Ma..i’m ready to become Adhya’s mother and to give my love…but, for this I have to leave my Atharv? What I have to do? Maa..u used to say na..for a Mother, her all children will be same..then, hw can I leave my Atharv for Adhya?] Mom ask’s “what happen? “ I starts to tell….
Fb sarts..

IN MM: I lay’s Adhya on bed and start leaving the room..Suddenly I saw Abhi’s choti Dadi and greets her…She talks with me some time and say’s”Beta! meiney suna hai ki..tummey ek beta bhi hai![ Beta! I have heard that U have a son too!]!”I nodes yes…She say’s”Otho teri behan ka beta na…Ha phar tunney usko sambala hai..phar beta kya karey hamarey parampara hai..Ek ladki shadi karkar apni parivar ko, apni sari rishtey ko chodkar aathi hai..![ He’s ur sister’s son right? But what can we do…our tradition and customs states A girl has to leave her parents and her every relation after marriage] I tries to say something but she stops me and say’s”Beta! mei jantaahu tummy kitni takliff hotihey..phar oh Abhi ka bacha nehi..hai na…tho oh bacha iss ghar mei kysey rehengi? Issliyeh kehrihu..Shaadi key pehleysey Atharv ko ek achi boarding school mei join karo..Unki jindagi secure hojayeyga..! teekey”[ I know beta it’s not easy for u..! but, Atharv is not Abhi’s son..then hw can he stays in this house…It’s better u joins him in a gud boarding school…his future will be secure..!] she left from there…..Fb ends!!

We both cried for some time..Finally Mom say’s”Pragya!Tum eh sab iss najareysey khu dekrahiho? Adhya key liye Tummey Atharv ko chodnapadarahahey? Pragya, Tum ek MAA…ho! Aur ek Maaki dil sey koiebhi unki bachey ko duur nehi karsakthaa..!! Atharv tera saath nehi rehneywala hai..phar oh..Terahi beta rahengi…!!Pragya, Meibhi Ek Maa..hu! mujhey bhi dhoo betiyaa hai..! Jab tujhey meri jarurath thi tab mei tumhari behan ki jimmeydari tumhari papa ko sopdehtithi…aur tumhari behen ki jarurath kehliyeh tum kho…Beta Ek Maa ko esaa balance karnipadthi hai..phar isko eh matlab nehi hai ki..mei tujhey pyaar nehi karthihu..!! Abb Adhya ko tumhari sabhsey jyaada zarurath hai…isliyeh Atharv ka jimmeydar kuch din kehliyeh mujhey sopdhoo..! Agar Sab kuch teek hogai na..phir hum Abhi sey baath karrengi…! Pragya Tum apni Maa phar yakin karo..! Mei bhi Ek Maa hu…Mei tujey wadaa karthihu..mei Atharv ko kuch rakungi..!”[Pragya! Why r seeing all this in this point of view? U r feeling that, For Adhya u have to leave Atharv??.but, Pragya, Ur A Mother! No one can take way a child from his Mother’s heart..Ur not going to stay with Atharv!! But, Atharv will be always ur son only…Pragya, I’m too A Mother! Even I had 2 daughters..But when u needs me , I used to give ur sister’s responsibility to ur dad..when she need me, Ur responsibility will be ur dad’s… but, it really don’t mean I Love ur sister more than u.. Beta! A mother has to balance her duties like this..!Now, Adhya needs u more than all..so, just give me Atharv responsibility for some time..When ADHYA get’s fine..we will discuss with Abhi about this matter…So, Now Trust ur Mother Pragya! I’m promise u Atharv will be happy with me..!]

I hugs her with tears and she finally convinced me…becoz, I too didn’t have any better option!!

It’s been 1 week..I started to spend my all time with Atharv..We used to talk a lot..play a lot..but, when I remembers it’s just for few days…I couldn’t able to control my tears….

IT’S MARRIAGE DAY, I get’s ready in a red color lehenga..! I know , I have to leave Atharv and have to go to other home…! I rarely saw Atharv becoz, If I saw him, then I will losses myself for sure…! Atharv eyes will question me.!.they will ask me”MAMMA! WHY R U LEAVING ME?” but UNFORTUNATELY, I DIDN’T HAVE Any ANSWER WHICH PROVES I’M RIGHT…

Abhi and his family reaches venue and Finally, We both exchange garlands, We took seven vows and Abhi fills my hairline with KUMKUM..and tie Mangalsutra around my neck..! I feel complete..but still having tears reminding Atharv..!

Now, it’s the toughest time in my life…My Bidhayi is going on…I’m crying hard..I didn’t saw Atharv anywhere…Finally, I was taken towards Car..I saw Abhi is waiting for me with Adhya in hands…Adhya see’s me and runs towards me calling ”Ma..!!”I picked her in Arms and kissed her…Finally when I’m about to sit in car..Abhi stops me..Dadi, choti dadi and Mom all r asking him why..Abhi say’s”Wait for some time..I have to meet someone..!”Dadi and choti dadi keeps on insisting him..I’m still crying hard..While Adhya sees me innocently and wiping my tears…Abhishek turns to me and ask’s” Pragya! Is Atharv not coming with us?”

THAT’S IT FOR TOADY…Tomorrow’s EPILOGUE Will definitely Entertain u all…I promise..still then Stay tune and Keep Smiling..!!

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