KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 9, Part 2


So here goes the actual epi…

Abhi is stunned. He is having no words. He shouts Fuggi…but Pragya cannot hear.

Abhi runs to her and hugs her. Words refuse to leave his mouth. He sheds lots of happy tears. “i missed you so much FUGGI…” Abhi says in btw…
Pragya is first uninterested. Later she too hugs abhi. They both get carried to their world of love…

O Allah Waariyan
O main to haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye………

Waapas to aaja yaar
Seene se laga ja yaar
Dil to hue hain zaar-zaar

Someone drags Abhi away from Pragya. Just then abhi realises that he was still surrounded.

*poor me, i don’t know how much you will curse me after giving a lot of dream sequences…ha ha…but rather, someone else is so poorer than me…i mean Abhi… 😀 😀 😀 poor Abhi…dont scold me man. I will reunite u both soon…*

Ishani comes to her.

Ab, this girl??? She was the one hosting the show right. Cha…i dont even remember her name. Is…ish…haa!!! Ishani.

They (Prani) both hug and speak sth. Abhi still cant hear them. He slowly with a lot of difficulty moves bit by bit to her. Then he sees a fair man coming to her. Now Pragya hugs him…finally Abhi is a bit able to hear them. Pragya receives a call. She speaks sth and goes away with that fair man.
Ab, i still didn’t hear prop. He recalls what he heard. “Have…address…Hi-style…Adyar……i will be there…fine…order…payment details…bye”
He went near his car and was suddenly stopped by Arvind.
Ar, eppo ppathaalum concert paadhilaye oda vendiyadhu. Engadaa pora? (always running in btw of concerts. Where are u gng man?)
Ab, her…i want to meet her.
Ar, whom?
Ab, i am gng to perform…

He ran…

Ar, this boy is surely out of mind…i mean…cha, ivana enga irundhudhaan pudichchuttu vandhaangalo??? (from where did they bring him??)

Bu, jiju. That was di, naa? I saw her. She is here. (She sobs a little)
Ab, Yes bulbul. I will complete the show soon. And we can meet her.
Abhi completed the show in a hurry. The show that must have finished by seven in the evg, got over by 4 itself. But there was not even a single place to find a mistake.

As soon as the concert was over…Abhi flew to some place in his car.

He goes to Adyar. *May be Google maps guided him!* he goes to hi-style. He goes in to find the same fair man entering a room. He goes and slightly opens the door. He finds Ishani and the fair man kissing passionately.
He closes the door irritated. This girl is shameless. But how come she reached here sooner than me? Kaadhal manishana ennallam seiya vaikkudhu…jet vegathula inga vandhutta!!!! (He thinks) (Love is making a man do whatever it wants…she came her in jet speed???)

As he closes the door and it makes a sound. Abhi gives a oops reactions and starts cat walking…but ishveer who were disturbed, came out and see a man walking like a thief and that too hurriedly.
Is, stop…
Abhi raises his hands and stands like a thief who had been caught. He turns.
Is, sir…aap. Aap…idhar…kya hua? Any thing imp?
Ab, nai…nai…me ek kaam se is tharaf aayiye. I want my dress designed, that’s why.
Is, kiske liye?
Ab, mere liye!!!

Is, oh…muje maaf kijiye sir… designer chala gaya…kya aap kal aa sakte hei?
Ab, its k…i want to meet (thinks: no it wont be right to say so)…i mean i want to see the designs atleast. And you speak Hindi so well…
Is, i knew it well sir…i mean we are all from Mumbai…but settled here.
Ab, oh… (in mind: may be thats why fuggi is so close to you all.)
Is, Ranveer, take him with you.
Ranveer, aap aayiye sir.
Ab, haan.
Ranveer takes him to a room. Its an office.
Ab, (doesn’t want to wait, comes st to the point) i want to talk to fuggi…i mean Pragya.
Ra, but sir, she is at home. She has taken a day off…a little tired. You cant meet her today.
Ab, look Mr. Ranveer…i want to meet her…NOW. Tell me the address. I will meet her there.
Ra, mind your words Mr. What do you think? I say right, she is tired…she is not here today and u will not meet her. Not only now…forever. I won’t allow you to meet her.
Ab, who are you to say that? (he holds Ranveer’s collars)

Just then Ishani enters. She sees the situation and gets stunned. Arvind also enters and is shocked.

Ar and Is, what is happening here?
Ranveer narrates everything that happened and arni are pissed off.
Is, is this a matter?
Ar, do you fight for silly things Abhi? You want to meet her, thats it, right? I said abt my company’s silver jubilee, remember? You can meet her there. Now leave.
Abhi is restless. “when is it. Tmrw right? I will come surely. I want to meet her at any cost. Tell her also. She made me wait for a long time. I will see her…” Ranhi stares at each other.
Abhi leaves. The three didn’t understand anything.
Ra, what was that idiot bluffing?
Ar, stop it veer. He is my frnd…dont talk like that. In anxiety he spoke so. Thats all. Now lets go home. Dont tell prags abt this. I too wont tell. Let them meet in the event.
R, i dont want him to meet her…
Ar, chup…we will talk later…now lets go.

The event…it is an open space. Like a large yard…green everywhere. In the mid lies the main stage at the centre. The screen slowly moves to show Abhi.

His eyes are searching Pragya. but he doesn’t show his anxiousness outside. Alrabul all also present. They are also in the same situation.

Abhi is sitting in a chair. A small boy runs to him.
Boy, hullo.
Ab, hello…who are you? What is your name?
Boy, i am Ayush.
Ab, OH…you are that cutie pie, haan?? You are Arvind’s son…am i right?
Ay, no…Arvind is my papa.
Ab, oh (laughs)…how are old are you dear?

Ay, (remembers Pragya telling him abt his age) two and a half.
Ab, OK…what does my darlu want?
Ay, nothing. You were looking so handsome. Thats why thought to give you a chance to be my friend.
Ab, aah…ivvlo pechaa?? (this much talks) who teaches you all this? Your papa he naa? He is a dumbo. Doesn’t even know what to teach a child. Doesn’t your mum scold him?
Ay, hmmm…this much (shows with his hands)…she always scolds papa but papa only laughs…he he he…like this.
Abhi laughs at his antics…at that time Ishani comes there.
Is, hear you are champ. Unna engellaam theduradhu? Sorry sir. Ivan ippidi thaan…yaara paathaalum easiya ottikkuvaan…ivanga amma maadhiriye. Wait pannunga sir. I will bring you sth. (haa, in how many places i have to search for you, Ayush? (turns to Abhi) Sorry sir. He is always like this. He gets easily ttached to any one…just like his mom. Ok sir, pls wait…i will bring you sth…)
Ab, no..no. tis k…u take him wid u.

Ishani takes Ayush in her arms. She holds him in her shoulders and walks off. Ayush smiles and waves at Abhi. Abhi forgets all his sorrows at his smile and smiles back at Ayush.

The screen freezes on Abhi and Ayush waving at each other…smilingly.

Precap: “This much big dramebazz…go to hellaa? Periya idhunnu nenappu. Modhalla ayusha thedittu appuram unkitta varen”

Sorry guys… I was not able to complete the epi.
Surely…next epi or the next after that will be a mystery revealing one….OK, it is not a big mystery…many might guess it right. Hope my story doesn’t bore you all guys. also i have a bad news. i will tell it at the end…

Time to thank…

Minu, thanks dear…keep supporting…love u loads…
Priyanka, i posted it soon…i think. How was this one? Actually they must have met today…but i am too tired. That why their meeting delayed. It will be in the next one.
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Di, thanks di…keep reading and supporting. Love you loads.
shabana, hey hi. I think i know you. You cmnted in my teaser yaar. Thanks for that lovely cmnt you made today. Thank you so much.

And guys…my hindi is so worst i know. ican understand it very well…but to weak in framing sentences. So pls help me to improve my hindi. Sorry if it had so many mistakes. Feel free to correct it dears.
Bye bye…take care. Love u all…
and i will tell you all one more thing…the news…actually i went crazy few days ago…this is its effect.
…try to guess this…

when thoughts overflow…they take shape of writings. when positives overflow…they take shape of good deeds. when negatives overflow…they take shape of crime. so whats that crime that is gng to take shape??? By whom and how is it gng to be handled???

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